Tuesday, September 27, 2011


You don't get it.
I feel sad when I see my friends bring their packed lunches to school because no one would make me any at home.
I feel sad when I go to school and I feel hungry cos no one made breakfast for me.
I feel sad that I wouldn't be able to eat lunch unless Papa buys em or unless I make them myself.
I feel sad everytime you tell me to jaga Muaz and then tell me to study.
I feel sad when you ask me to follow you out when I have so many things to study for.
I feel sad that you want me to get straight As but you never help.
I feel sad that I don't get as much attention as I used to get.
I feel sad when you canceled our holiday without thinking about when's our next chance to have the holiday.
I feel sad everytime you marah me just because I'm angry.
You don't know how lonely I feel when I'm at home.

You just don't get it.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


I miss everyone. I miss my sisters. I miss my homies. I miss my mates.

So today, my cousins came.
Papa: Tak boleh tunggu kita orang ajak ke?
Not in a rude way. It's cos we do this buka puasa thing for the everyone from my mum's side of the family and pak ngah from my dad's side of the family (cos everyone else is in Johor except for pan ngah) every year.
But yeah, they came. At 2 somin? we went to Tesco to get stuff. I bought a BB Cream, gonna try it out tomorrow. But even if it works. If I go to hong kong, which I hope i will, I'll buy Dr Jart's.
So anyway.. on the way home, Iman called me while i was sleeping. So I obviously had to answer. :P and I did.
Then I arrived home and it was raining. I wanted to play in the rain but I had no friends. After a few, I went to buy food. So I did. Came back home and helped me mum up in the kitchen.

My aunts, uncles and cousins came. (2 families) Kak Iqa helped out so I didn't have to do that much. Tee Hee. Then we broke our fast. Well, I didn't. But you know. So when I was eating, my cousins bothered me. As always.
"Diet eh?"
"Makan lah lagi, jangan nak diet sangat"
"Makan sikit, badan besar"
Yano, those stuff. The thing is tho, it's always me that gets insulted. I mean, they never insult Kak Aisyah or Hakim. They're actually so nice to them. But all they do when they see me is insult me. Which isn't fair. But in the end, they're my cousins and they're the only reason why I'll be going to Kuala Selangor for this year's raya. Eh lol. Not really, I'm actually going for my mum. Cos she needs to see her cousins.

So anyway, everyone then went to take their wudhu. Unfortunately, they had to come to my room to take their wudhu. They could use Hakim's door but noooo, they had to go through mine. Then they couldn't switch on the light and they marahed me. Well not really marah but you kno. then they actually went into my room and they checked my room out. Mwohya. -.-' Nasib baik I cleaned up.

I went to mandikan Muaz then everyone went home. So everyone walked towards the car except one of my cousin cos he wanted to tell me not to diet during Ramadhan. -.-' I cleaned up and here i am now. About to sleep. Muaz demam. boo hoo.

Thursday, August 4, 2011



Why do you like to kacau me? Huh? What did I do to you? Huh? Macam cacat je marah blog. LOL. So you see, today was fun. School was fun. I don't know if it's because of Sejarah, Breaktime >< or English. But something today made it fun. I wish everyday in the future would be like today. Life would be nice.

I think I'm going to Penang this weekend. I'm always going on last minute planned trips. Oh. I applied for PRS. I have to go for an interview but I dont know when. Have I posted this already? Sorry if I did. lol.

Fact #9

Hakim looks like a monk.

Honestly, I'm tired of having our weekly walks at the park. Where's the challenge? I want to go hiking. (Missing the old days)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011



Baru tiga hari, I lost 2kg. Lulz. For buka, I only eat kuih. I only eat rice when I sahur in the morning. It's good for me. Tomorrow, I'll go on the treadmill.

Tomorrow, I have a presentation. T.T .15% of my end of year history marks. O0. And I still can't get the right feelings from Septic. Otteokaji?

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Ramadhan came quick this year, didn't it? I'll be fasting for a whole month. Eh wait, no. Not a whole month. Nearly a whole month tho. Every time I think of Ramadhan, the fact that the year is coming to an end pops up. That's probably cos Ramadhan is on the second half of the year.


Thursday, July 28, 2011


M: (goes to the chair next to A)
B: Jap, jangan duduk sini, duduk sana.
M: Oh? (moves)
B: Now, aku nak duduk sebelah kau.
M: (raises an eyebrow)
I just wished it was CHC.

Fact #9

I'm sharpening my creativity

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fact #8

I miss my sister.

She would forgive me if I do something nasty to her. She's always telling her friends how good I am. She buys me stuff even though I never asked her to. We fight a lot but then I'd never replace her with anyone else.

Fact #7

I listen to KPOP, I fangirl on KPOP idols, I spend my money on KPOP (?) but I can live without it. As long as there's Dream Street.

Monday, July 25, 2011



That up there is Kim Kibum. I would marry him if he's a muslim and if he will stop wearing real thick make up. People tend to ignore his voice because of his dancing skills. Truth is, his voice is really nice.

So yesterday, I went to Kuala Selangor cos there was a kenduri and so... I brought all my homework with me. I did it from 12 til' 4 and I didn't have to help in the kitchen even once. That is what you call life. Lulz.
KI: Fuzah tengah buat apa tu?
Me: Sejarah
A: Sejjarrah
Me: -.-'
KI: Suka sejarah ke?
Me: Haha, tak. ni homework.
KI: Oh
A: An pun tak suka sejjarrah.
I thought I would for once meet my cousin(s) without them making fun of me cos he didn't talk me from when I came until KI asked me what I was doing. I thought wrong. But I've gone really quite now. I mean, when I balik kampung. Iunno why. Long time ago, I used to at least go around and mess about, I don't anymore. I think it's cos KAisyah and Hakim aren't around anymore.
Puasa tahun ni. T.T

Friday, July 22, 2011



Dumdidum. My bracelets dah sampai. I'm like celebrating. Well not really. I have like 25 things to do on my to-do-list like what the. I'm getting tired of life. Seriously. Eh wait, I'm getting tired of myself. Yeah, so tired of myself.

Ramadhan is coming soon. I can't wait to be honest. I don't even like Eid... cos I have never had fun during Eid. Cos then memories on how I used to celebrate in Manchester comes rushing back. Cos Eid over there beats Eid in Malaysia except for the fact that we don't have our families (Mak, Mak Tok, Pak Tok, Pak Ngah, Busu and etc). England isn't even a muslim country and we had an Eid party in school. Jangan harap nak ada dekat Malaysia. Stuff like that.

Plus, my brother and my sister would only be home for a bit. My best friends would only be home for a while. I'll be some kind of loner but then I'll have my mum, my dad and Muaz. But nothing will ever be complete again.

And then there are fireworks. There's a strict law on fireworks in England and nearly everyone follows it. We were only allowed to put off garden fireworks but then you wouldn't see all these people with no hands on the newspaper.

People will read this post and tell the whole school that I don't like Malaysia. lololololo. Yu do dat.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


but you're not even mine. mwohya. -.-'

yu. why yu so gedik with him lah? yu perasan perasan all like sheet. piss me off. im angry liao. yu like him, meh? so obvious, dun make not obvious can ah? but yu so manja with every1. i wan say i jealous. but yu wuld noe im jealous d. he so nice to yu. but i tink bcoz yu manja-manja wit him. but he nice. he so mean to me, he can not not be min to me ah?


Nicklaus insulted me today. He said ''Asma, don't be defend next time, you suck at defending.'' like what the. Kay fine, I'm not good but then I didn't have any help. Macam sedih gila. I don't even know how I actually played tadi during koko. Gila terasa kot.

tadi B (the team im in) won the netball competition. macamawesome.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


"AWAK, AWAK... first first awak nak abang tu, lepas abang tu pergi, awak cari abang lain. OMG awak ni. tak baik lah. LOL."

(During zaman suka AQ. LOLO.)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Fact #6

I cry every time I go through the pictures taken 4-9 years ago.
My happiness were legit, then.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Friday, July 8, 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fact #3

Making wallpapers releases my stress and I feel proud when they're on my desktop because I made them myself.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011



Today was aite. There's a new kid, not in my class tho. Thank God. I slept every time I could, during PJ, after PJ, during rehat and BM. I jaga-ed late. Tee Hee. So yeah, life. I went for koko, lama tak pergi. Yeh.. that's about it.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011



Today was fun. but tiring. but fun. PJK gets fun-er every week. I'm not lazing around anymore, I'm actually joining it. It's fun. Kacau-ed Nadia with #mikienadia for like, the whole time before rehat. I'm cool yowz. Sent the letters. So expensive lol. 80 sen. Can I marry some rich guy or somin?

K. Aisyah and Hakim are back. No one wants to know. Junhyung and Hara are dating. No one wants to know that either.


Monday, June 27, 2011



Today was alright. But it was indeed very boring? Hana's sleeping over like yeaaaahhh. She's a forum maniac. LOLO. I sealed all the letters that needs to be sent and hopefully, I'll go to the post office tomorrow and if not, I'll just get Syaza to send them.

We're gonna clay around. not play, clay. clay around tonight while watching some movie. I ate sushi. and Hana did too. Not proper sushi, seaweed wrap. Yeah, I didn't eat sushi, I ate seaweed wrap cos yano, it wasn't sushi. And then before, we ate potato waffles and pizza. Frozen food. :D

Hana's in the shower. lalala. Kay that's it. Oh, I know have a new wave. peace out.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fact #2

I cry every time I'm stressed out, pissed off, angry or feeling awkward.

Friday, June 24, 2011



Today was fun. I was pissed off most of the time. But it was fun. Thank you to everyone who made today fun.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011



So I like this one guy. I mean, I just like him. But then he doesn't even know that I exist. Literally. I see him all the time but I'm pretty sure he doesn't even know my name. I think it's because I've never shown myself? Probably cos I'm hiding? I seriously like him. I don't even know why. To say that he's handsome, he really is but it's more than that? I don't have a crush on him or anything, it's just that I like him. Yeah, that's it.

But yeah, since he doesn't even know that I exist. I'm just gonna move on. Cos what's the point of waiting for someone who doesn't even know who you are. Who doesn't even know your name. Fate hasn't brought us together yet and I don't think it ever will. But I hope he'll live a great life. Have a great wife and cute little kids in the future. Because all I want is the best for him even though he doesn't even know I exist.



LOL. this post is funny.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011





lol sorry wrong asma


i've two asmas on my fb..


I handle situations like a pro. As if I wanted to chat to the guy anyway. LOL. I didn't fail my addmaths. I feel so cool. Neither did I fail my Physics. Awesomeness. But my As are all A- like mwohya. Oh well.

And i've done a B2ST one. I mean wallpaper :D

Monday, June 13, 2011



This guy likes to like every status that I post about this one same person. Mwohya?

Another wallpaper. ^^ I'm working on one of B2ST but that's going to be hard for me cos I'm not a fan.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

CANTIK KAN MY WALLPAPERS? LOL sumpah perasan gila nak mampus. Saya suka perasan, MAAF. But seriously, lawa kan? I made them myself like yeaaaahh. I mean they're not as nice as the ones from graphic designers and all cos I ain't creative. Iz juz dat, yu noe.

I've done my midterms which I am happy for but I haven't gotten my results which is... annoying. But imma have fun yano. Hav fun wiv muh laif, cuz yu noe, laif iz amaezin'. Teacher said I got 99 for Mod Maths but I haven't seen my paper so I can't say anything about that. Wouldn't it be embarrassing if suddenly ada correction and you know, you've told people that you got a 99. Something like that is in my mind.

Iunno why I'm not asleep yet. Esok kena pergi sekolah, bawa blazer. OH shit. belum pack baju. kay sumpah malas. Iman's coming over tomorrow. I miss her.

Saturday, May 21, 2011



I have Chem next week on Monday. When I say 'Chem' people think that I said 'Kem' because the pronunciation is basically the same. What should I say then? Chemist? Chemist are people who are in the Chemistry stream. Cos you know, Chemistry has its on stream that we can dip our feet in. Get it get it get it get it get it on.

I'm sleepy. I'm gonna make a ringtone from a BLOHCK B (korean tongue) . WANNA B. WANNA B. WE DO IT DO IT DO IT NOW. this is bbom bom bom.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


You wanna be gorgeous?

I'm so rajin these days. Rajin do shits like the picture above and the picture below (or on the next page)... basically the previous post.

I studied bio like gila. Made me hungry like gila. Kay bye. nak makan.

Saturday, May 14, 2011



FFFF. lama gila tak update. like gila lama. SEBAB EXAM KAY, SEBAB EXAM.

I hentam-ed my BM. I didn't even know was I was writing. I hentam-ed my english. I wanted to do better than Kak Aisyah but that didn't work out. I didn't have enough time to check anyway. I actually thought I did alright in maths but teacher kept saying that our class' maths were teruk. So yeah. Agama, I was glad that Syaza and Hana came over the day before cos me and Syaza studied like mad and yeah. Sejarah was... MEEEEHHHH.

Oh and there's this one guy, kan. He deleted me. And then he added me again. Well atleast I think he did cos I can't remember deleting him. Plus, I don't delete people. I'm not gonna approve until habis exam. Jual mahal.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011



This is Danya.
Long time ago, it has always been me, her, Morgan and Manisha.
I miss them. So bad.

Who's the prettiest?
Who's the cleverest?
Who's the cutest?
Who's the sportiest?
Everyone's about the same

Who's the prettiest?
Who's the cleverest?
Aisyah and Hakim
Who's the cutest?
Who's the sportiest?
Aisyah and Hakim

OMG. Sedih. Aku tak pandai dah. OTL



YC Yeechern' likes this. Life complete. The other day, someone tried to annoy me by staring and when I stared back I was saying how his eyes are small. He replied saying that he's korean. He said that he's a mix. That he's korean, american and chinese. Pfth. So today, I went up to him and said 'mata sepet' and so he replied by asking me back if my eyes are so big, asking if they are as big as golf balls. So yeah.

My freestyle for the pengawas picture was one hand up, shaping half of a heart, while farah hani's was shaping the other half with Mas in the middle. Awesome, no?
Me: You guys look the same
CW: We're asians, chinese, ofcourse look the same.
Me: LOL.
CW: But wait
Me: What?
CW: Who's more handsome?
Me: (points to HM)
CW: What?
HM: I'm more handsome
Me: CW, you're cute though
CW: You know cute means ugly but adorable?
Me: You're not ugly, you're cute.
CW: So, you wanna date me?
Me: No (shakes head)
CW: Why?
Me: Iunno. (walks away)

Saturday, April 30, 2011



Ai misz dis fagh andd 'er sistuh.

I'm bored. Blogging in school. Life is boring. I'm using my mum's iPad waiting for my turn. Their speeches are too long. Derek went home to get his iPad but then when he got back, there's no seat for him... Which is funny. Not really. I feel sorry for him. I'm tired lol. Cos I am like typing with one hand. Iza's next to me covering her camera cos we're not allowed bringing cameras. And on the other side of me is Sheridah. She's half listening, half studying. I respect her.

Afiq came with his MTD uniform which looks cool. Farhana's not here yet. Iman balik today but then I wouldn't be able to meet her. I miss my last year's BM teacher. Iunno why. How can people talk so much. The tetamu terhormats still hasn't finished talking. I'm tired of listening. Yxy's sleeping. Lol. Oh oh! They're going out now. Wowowowow. I better stop. But then my turn lama lagi. Boo hoo.

My tummy hurts. I think I'm crapping right now. Tee hee. I'm going. Annyeong.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011



I don't know which is sadder. The fact that people don't listen to me or the fact that people don't appreciate what I do.

This year, I'm going to be selfish, I'm not gonna spend money or time on any of you.
This year, I'm gonna get everything I've started, done.

I feel like saying, ''one person's not joining, lets not do this." But then, I'm like, I have to finish everything or anything that I've started. But then I also told myself that I'm not going to spend money or time on any of you but I'm using my precious time to do all these stuff. They thing that being in front of the camera is the hardest thing to do. Do you guys know what I have to do?

Thank God that Syaza's coming tomorrow to teman me. ^^ I miss having friends over for a long time. Hana and Q usually stay for like 1 hour, the time between school and koko. So yeah. Iman's coming back home but I wouldn't get to see her. T.T I miss Iman, Susu and Ana. I miss hanging out with them. :'(

I'm hungry. LOL. I'm sleepy. LOL. I got told off before cos I'm always late. But then when I'm early, I always go out of the house at the same time I would go out of the house when I late. I can't see any relevant argument. Or that may just be me. I mean, I get ready at 7 o'clock, I'll go out at 7 o'clock. I get ready at 6.45, I'll still go out at 7. So it's basically the same. I mean I'm not dissing anyone. Well I probably am because I'm not a lazy malaysian. Cos I don't like the labels you'll get of being a Malaysian. I'm a warganegara tho. lol.

Monday, April 25, 2011



I mizz my sister and my brother. O0. I can't wait for the exams to finish.. even though it hasn't started. And since we're not going to Saudi Arabia. Can we please go somewhere overseas? Like like... Hong Kong! I wanna go to Sino centre and buy all the cheap stuff they have there... or or somewhere where it is winter. That'd be so fun. JEBAL? JEBAL? JEBAL? nemind.

I can't wait for the project I'm doing to be finished so that I wouldn't have to worry about it anymore. I mean, all people know is that they have to sit in front of the camera and talk. What they don't know is that I have to watch video by video and take out unnecessary stuff and then I have to edit it. I also have to compile and combine them together. That's what they don't know. I mean, all they do is go in front of the camera and go ''OMG, malu lahhh, I'll do it later lah'' and they're like ''Nevermind, I'll do on Wednesday, we can do the class one on Wednesday.'' What they don't know is that when we do it on Wednesday, I will only have 2 days to edit everything. All they know is what they don't know won't hurt them. Does that even make sense?

Am I pissed off? No. I'm trying to enjoy this. I'm trying to have fun. In the end, if they don't wanna do this, they don't wanna cooperate, Imma pull Syaza and we'll make a 1 hour whole movie just with both of our faces. LIKE WOOOOOOT.

Kay bye.

So I went on someone's facebook by accident and the guy goes to our school. Anyway, the guy has like this really small face so I was all ''How can so many people like him when he has such a small face and a lanky body''. So then I saw his facebook and he's cute like gila. O0. But then he doesn't look like Hyun Joong like what everybody says. (makes a pissed off face) You do not undergrade my oppa like that. I miss my unnie, who is married to my oppa even though she's younger than me.

Friday, April 22, 2011



Looking back at what you guys just did, I feel like laughing. I did the same thing to somebody else 2 years back. Sorry but I don't get jealous of people that have things that I don't want. You guys failed. Think about it and feel embarrassed, think about it and feel ashamed, I'll just sit here and watch. I'm not mad or anything but it's kind of annoying that you guys actually would think that I would be bothered.

And you! You piss me off. So bad. Don't take my peepz man, it ain't cool. I mean, you came, dropping by and you steal the spotlight. I'll be honest, I never had the 'spotlight' on me but people appreciated me and all but since you came, everything got all messed up. They're suppose to talk to me, not you. You're an unthankful something aswell. A pain in my ass. You want somin, you get it, then you ignore it. It's called jual mahal. I'm gonna laugh at you when you lose that something. It's gonna bite you in the butt. BTW, stop trying to replace my friend. Stop acting like a bitch. Stop being cheap. Stop being annoying. Stop being rude.
What am I even saying? Mianhe. Chongmal mianhe, I didn't mean to rant like this, it just came out. Btw, I don't think you read my blog but if you do, go back to where you were from, unthankful person.

I'm currently blogging in the car, at a rest stop and on mum's iPad. Honestly, it's so annoying. I'm not used to the keyboard, I have to type in the html section, the car is vibrating and the radio is so annoying but I don't feel like unfastening mynseatbelt just to turn the volume down.

Thursday, April 21, 2011



LOL. Form 2. Fun times. We camwhored like crazy... I think it was the last day of school? I can't remember but I hung out in the discipline room half the day. Zaman kegemilangan.

HAHA. ottoke? I don't feel like going to school tomorrow and I don't feel like going to tuition tomorrow. I don't feel like cleaning up the house. I don't feel like using the computer. I don't feel like sleeping. I don't feel like running. I don't feel like eating. I don't feel like showering. I'm not ill but I feel ill. Post-ill.

Oh korang, I can't tell you stuff. I can't share with you stuff cos you guys are friends with everyone. I will have insecurities if I do. :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011



I miss Nurul. I wanna see her. Celebrate our birthdays together.

I'm ill. o0. But I think I'm going to school tomorrow, unless I really couldn't stand it. OO. I'm hungry. DC's a B. So, DO YOU WANNA B? Or not...

Aaa. Demam. Aaa. Demam. Macam bangga pula demam. ^^ Rasa sejuk, rasa panas. Rasa macam nak masuk bawah selimut. Rasa macam nak buka aircond. Demam aku tak teruk. I have to go the doctors to get.. ANTIBIOTICS. like omg, i don't need drugs like that.

Someone called me 'Azma' instead of 'Asma'. I miss home.

I feel emo. And when people ask me why, I deny. I think I've gone a lil bit crazy. Sedihnya. Menyedihkan.

Nan speak hanguk. (OTL fail)