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Resting Weekend

Finally - a weekend to myself which usually means that most of it was spent catching up with people in Malaysia. I wouldn't have minded going out to be fair. It was good to just catch up with my family and friends online. I stayed in Maidenhead, and because the weather was nice, I had obviously felt guilty being inside the house so I brought my book to the river and instead of reading it, I had a nap. But it was a very good nap.  Obviously, I'm only picking this back up after 2 weeks of laziness. Last week, I was in London for a potluck picnic. I made chicken pie for it which took forever to thicken because I had too much in the pot - it turned out ok in the end... I think. I hadn't tasted it so I hope it was alright. It was nice just hanging out with friends, but it made me realise that I'm no longer who I used to be. I used to take those opportunities to really get to know people but I'm no longer that anymore - making new friends is a lot of effort!  So that brin