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What's up?

After years of not posting anything (what's new, Asma?), here's a post.  My schedule has actually been packed with studying, watching dramas and exams! I've gone through 3 papers and I have another one left next Tuesday which I am mega excited about but I have yet to study for it. Honestly, I personally don't think that the papers were easy but I did manage to not skip out any questions for all of them (even though I do know that some of them were wrong while actually doing it). I left the exam hall with no regrets and that's what matters.  Last Friday, I got a call from a company because of a summer programme that I applied for but because of my Dynamics paper (which I was very serabut about), I decided to postpone the phone interview (I'm guessing) to another day. The day came and I didn't get a phone call from them. So, every morning, I would wake up very early (8am early) just to make sure that if they do call, I would be fully awake. But I'