Thursday, July 25, 2013


So many things had happened this week but I've just been too busy with staying up late because of MPP, my homework and to study. Rajin Asma is rajin. It's all because of Hannah, though... seriously. It's like she's always studying so I feel like studying too because if I don't, I'd feel guilty. And so, I study too. People here are all so smart that I feel dumb. 

I have a few assignments and I'm stuck with Amar for most of my assignments. Death, come at me bro. He talks too much for his own good and he has a Kedah accent that he couldn't get rid off. He just texted me in his loghat. "We ahad ni dateline utk antaq tajuk and dpa kta sekali dgn buku log." And he said that I'm only in his group cos he feels sorry for me... Sigh.. loner memang macam ni. 

During physics tutorial, cikgu was like...
"Asma Mahfuzah..." 
"Asma ke Mahfuzah?" 
"You are the translator?"
"The subtitles."
"Ohh... a'ah o_o"
While I was at the door on my phone (because it was bloody warm inside the class), Amir was there aswell.
"Zaf, tengok Amir dengan Asma tengah dating."
"Zaf, kau jaga-jaga tau, aku tunggu je nak bagi bunga."
It's mad at how close we got in such a short time that we (eh no, they) can mess about like that. 

Yesterday, Acap came up to me before class.

"Asma, how many hours per day do you spend on your phone?"
"... o_o"
"12 hours?"
"No... I sleep too you know.
"But I think you spend 12 hours on it."
I'll just keep on thinking that he's just jealous that I spend more time interacting with my phone than with him. And then Aiman came up to me.
"Asma, you're from the UK right?"
"Then why don't you speak like them, why do you speak like the americans?"
"I do?"
"You don't speak like Harry Potter."
And then I teringat Acap calling people outside of London, "kampung". ... ... ... He'll be living in the 'kampung' area soon. Syed then came up to me.
"Asma, where did you live while you were in the UK?"
"United or City?"
The people who heard laughed their heads off. Syed's another funny guy. He's in my English class and he'd be the reason why everyone would laugh.
"Have you done number 17 a?"
"Bagi aku tengok..."
"Yang ni... *stopped explaining* sorry tau aku tak cakap BI."
A few kids from FiST UK chat to me in English, wanting to practice their English. It's fun honestly but I sometimes feel offended when they're already half way through their sentence (in Malay) and then they suddenly restart their sentence in English. They make it as if I couldn't understand Malay.  Padahal my English is not even good. However, with the effort that they put in to improve and learn makes me respect them, why can't I be like them? And the fact that they're willing to help me out with stuff I don't understand makes me appreciate them. 

Moving along... lulz. I had to read out the conclusion of Ayat 12-18 from Surah Luqman during Majlis Hari Guru and after I was done, this kid came up to me and Mar and asked me where I was from. Mar said that I was from the UK and that I couldn't speak Malay fluently. I got an A for BM though. And talking about BM, I want to go to Pn Sharifah's house during raya to beraya, if she'll let me in that is. 

Yesterday was our Majlis Buka Puasa with mentor-mentee. And like everyday I didn't get rice. It was like everyone felt sorry for me so they all offered me their kuihs... even Cikgu. And then I told Cikgu that I was on a diet and then he was like oh okay, jangan makan. He then said that if I hardly makan, then my life in the UK would be easy. LOLOLOLOLO. 

It may seem as if I'm having fun here. Honestly, I'm not. But I'm getting used to this place and the so so so so many smart people. As long as there is the internet, I'd be able to live. Another few months left... until I get to stay near home. I can do this. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

And so today...

Amar, Zafran and Amir during discussion.
It was a typical day; with me waking up for sahur (popia that Hannah got me) and a bottle of water. I didn't have enough energy to finish off the water in my water bottle which got me hungry half way through the day. It wasn't an excuse for me to eat rice though, so I didn't. When Wani saw me in class, she told me that my mata was 'sembab', I am still not sure what it means but it has got something to do with my eyes and a panda. 

Had to pick a club for cocu and I registered myself in EMC (English Motivational something), I was the only one from SPC July... which was a bit sad. Tried to get my classmates to join but it didn't work. Oh well. Atleast FiST UK has a wakil as it's a badan college. I was sitting at my desk and then I heard the PRD teacher go "Tahun ni first time tak ada budak UK join PRD..." in a sad tone. Which made me sad aswell. Had to go to a kursus MPP and after that, I went back to my room and started getting all rajin... which was mad weird but I washed my clothes, read some physics, did my chemistry and I was just plainly amazed at myself. 

I as always, am the loner of the class during English but I wasn't alone today. This other guy was sitting by himself in front of me so Amirul was all "Asma, duduk lah sebelah dia." and I was like O_O and then the guy went "Come and sit here!" and I was like O_O but I went to sit there anyway. We then had to draw something and then explain the drawing to the other person and they had to draw our picture based on our description. I told the guy that I was crappy at drawing and he had to go around drawing some race car. -.-' People compared both of our cars... his was a race car and mine was a Beetle. Fair enough. I miss how back in school, we could chat and have fun during class and all but we couldn't do that during lectures so English is making it possible. 

After tarawih, just then actually, I went down to discuss with my group mates about the name of our project and for supper they HAD to serve Nasi Impit... and I was all staring at the food. Unfortunately, I was staring at Zafran's food.

"Zafran, tengok, kan aku dah cakap dia suka kau."
*starts laughing*
"Amar, tengok, dia suka Zaf, dia tengok je Zaf makan."
"Asma, malulah sikit. Esok turun subuh aku bagi ceramah kat kau, Zaf kau pun turun sekali."
"Macamlah kau turun Subuh" 
"Kau tak payah lah cakap."
"Aku ambil gambar kau lepastu post dekat Instagram."
"Esok aku akan turun untuk bagi ceramah"

The conversation went on like that... and all I could do was laugh because I was just plain speechless. Amar and Amir then left and it just got awkward but then they came back with a name for the project. And thus, we've got a name for our project!

And then I told Dzaf to call on Skype cos 3 of them were on my laptop and when they answered, they were mad shy at first but then they got all crazy. IDEK. I felt embarrassed for them. Luckily, it was just Dzaf... I couldn't even imagine how I'd feel if it was some other guy. 

And now I shall get on with my English homework... sleep sounds nicer though.  

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I cried... in front of people. It was embarrassing fullstop. There were a few people who didn't have a group yet including me. However, they wanted to put me in a group with someone that I prefer not to be in a group with. When I gave in, Mami called and with the emotions overload, I cried. It was pretty embarrassing. 

A little bit after my little crying session, Sop and Aiman came up to me saying that they got me a different group. Bless them and thank Allah for that. Was glad that my group mates accepted me into the group. I wanted someone who was from Selangor before so it'd be easier for me and for us to meet up during sem break but two of my group mates are from Kedah. I really couldn't be bothered anymore. I was just glad that I wasn't grouped with people who couldn't stand me. 

And I'm super glad that Amar, Zafran and Amir are my group mates. All of us have one goal and that is to get gold except for Amar... he wants platinum but he's a bit weird like that. While discussing, we chatted and chatted and idea after idea, the response was "Farid dah buat tu dah." Okay. Thank you Farid. But anyway, I like how all of us have the same objective and how our brains function the same way. 

We played this one board game today during English. It was fun. So many of them were stressed out saying how it isn't fair and all. I want to play more games! I don't think I've been getting enough sleep. I can't wait for the weekends cos I'd be able to sleep all day. 

About the interview with the Pengarah, it was nothing really. It was just for formality but like how can a Pengarah be so cool. She was all laid back. Everyone would honestly love a Pengarah or a Pengetua like her. I'm now the Exco Hubungan Luar in the MPP SPC URVFiB (July 13/14). Watikah Pelantikan went well, atleast I think it did. 

Majlis Berbuka Puasa MPP's tonight. Food provided by the DS but cikgu got some currypuffs and ice cream. YEAYZ. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013


And so... MPP. Okay. Tak perlu manifesto pun. Esok interview dengan Pengarah and HEP I think. I'm praying for the best. Before becoming MPP, Cikgu went around saying how we need to be like Farid. I think I picked the right person to be my role model. Claps for Asma.

And after the whole thing, I approached Hakimi and asked him if he has a group for the project/research or whatever we needed to do and he said that he did. And that's it... okay. I was all upset. And so I went to Amirul.

"Amirul, kamu ada group tak?""Weh, kitaorg dah ada group ke?""Dah en""Dah kot, kenapa?""Sebab cam, I tak ada group and nak cari the ones in Selangor kan..." "Ermm, group yang tu tak confirm lagi, nanti esok jumpa kat class tengok macam mana."


or nanti I'll have to beg people. 

Friday, July 12, 2013


I hope I wouldn't end up title-ing my posts with KMKN # from now on. That'd just be plain retarded. 

Went to see Ustaz in the morning for the translation thing. And as I was typing my script, he was saying how I can be a typist. -.-' Printed it out and got really nervous and all innit. Went to the hall, listened to what we have to do for our 15% project. Gotta find people from Selangor/KL since we'll be doing it during the sem break. Sem break. :( Also listened to our advisor talk, well I think she is...

Then came the moment... to go up on stage for the closing ceremony. Scawy okay. But I wasn't shaking. Went up on stage and had to sit on a raised platform. You know how girls would sit like nicely with their legs folded up in a weird way, I sat crosslegged like a boss. Got me feeling insecure. HAHAHA. I bet people were judging me. Wasn't that nervous at first, but the girl reciting the Quran was like shaking and so I started getting nervous. 

When it was my turn, I read my script and at one point I couldn't see some of the words right cos it was too far... should've worn me glasses but oh well. Completed it without missing any words.. just a few letters. After that, Pn Shaariah gave a speech and commented on how the way I speak English can beat the Queen of England or something like that. Got everyone laughing. Malu jap. Saying that KMKN's English teachers wouldn't have a problem teaching my batch. And she believes that there are many people in my batch that are good enough to teach and that some can even teach the teachers. Urr... Urr...

There was this one faci who made a montage of our week here. Is that what it's called. And I just google checked it and it is. I'm so pro sometimes... at googling. Masalah. The guy could join the MedTech team if he wanted to. I have to let go of UTP. Hahaha. 

Afterwards, it was time to bersurai. Was expecting something official from the facis but there weren't any. Was going all emo, "Diorang takkan ingat kitaorg pun nanti," and stuff like that. Wanted to take a picture with my groupmates and Farid but most of them went so the ones left did. Farid then told me that he gave my name to the debate teacher... dot dot dot... he told me to be the next Dell... but Dell is so terer I swear and I can't even debate that well but then he said that the teachers are gonna train us. 

Anyway, we then left to the co-op (?) and then to the PPKK to ambil Adani and Aida's surat. Stayed there for a while... ada WI-FI.
"Asma nak balik ke?"

"Tak... jauh sangat."
"Kat mana? Selangor?"
"Selangor dekat je."
"Pinjam kereta."
"Eh, mana boleh."
"Ana nak balik KL dah ni."
Okay tak perlu lah nak rub it in my face that you're going back home and I'm stuck here. Bukan nak ajak ikut balik... I wanna go home. 

And that was my orientation week. Better than UTP's but was expecting more group bonding. Oh well. Facis worked hard and I'm super grateful that they didn't go around marah-ing us, gave us enough rest and didn't give us a packed schedule. I hope to see them in the UK in two years. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I had fun today during orientation. Lots of fun to be honest. And I also felt a bit betrayed... by Bro (because Abang would sound a little too awkward) Farid.

Started today's activity with a session about our success... or something like that. I couldn't really remember. Through the session I found out that I look like a medic student, I drive fast, I'd be able to fit in well later on in the UK and that my parents don't have to sign anything when I pick which engineering course to take.

We then had to 'discuss' on which is important out of these four: entertainment, rest, study and finance. We somehow were able to make the conclusion like this: Study, Finance, Rest, Entertainment. Farid told us a lot about himself and I began to look up to him. He's like my role model now. I want to be like him. I want to be someone here, someone who will be remembered, someone the teachers would talk about. I was told to dream big, Farid told us to dream big and so I told myself, when else am I going to step up if I don't do so now.
"Bagus lah ada accent sana. Nanti ana pergi Sheffield cakap macam ni, cakap Manglish." (ana as in 'I')
Anyway, at the end of our discussion, we had to pick a person to represent the team. Everyone pointed at me. Thanks... because getting flour thrown at me isn't enough.

"Asma, Asma lah buat"
"Tak apa lah, nanti ana suruh faci in charge pilih siapa yang dia nak jadi wakil, Asma tak perlu" 
Later on in the hall, the faci called my name to represent my group... the name was in his phone and how else would he have known my name but through Farid. Judging Farid. I was downright nervous. Not even messing. Was shivering and everything, didn't have anything in my head either. After I got over that nervewrecking moment, I realised that Farid helped me become known. People know my name now... hur hur. I was going out of the toilet and this one girl was like "Asma kan?" So I shall stop judging him.

We had to make a tower, ours wasn't tall but it was stable enough. Later on we played a game... a weird one. And I was caught, I was a prisoner with so many other people. In the end, we had to conclude what we got from the game and so I put my hands up when it was time for the last conclusion.

"Bagus! Oh, Asma."
Was later called to stay in the hall because of an audition to become the MC for the closing ceremony... and no I didn't become the MC.
"You talk too fast, you have to slow down a bit."
"I was rapping"
"You rap?"
"What song?"
"I was only messing, I don't rap."
And so after that, everyone asked me why I had to stay and so I told them that the faci nak cari gaduh. Because Asma is Asma and Asma will forever be Asma. We then went to the bazaar in Kuala Nerang by bus to get food for the group. Farid said that he used to jog to the bandar (pekan?) when he was here... Ain't no one got time for that. Bought murtabak and popiah cos I wanted popiah. Later on while I was breaking my fast with the group, I realised that it's a one in a lifetime thing. I wouldn't be able to break my fast with random people from random programs. And to rub salt into my wound, Farid confirmed it. And so I started getting all sad, not emo, sad.

And right after that, thinking that I was done for the day, someone knocked on the door at around 1, asking for Asma. And I was like omg, how'd she know my room. :o And so she called me telling me that I have to read the translation of As-Surah Al-Baqarah 183-186.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Walking towards Dewan Badlishah (in KMKN), I was greeted with a stretched arm asking for a handshake. I was shocked and it just felt awkward but okay. Settled in and got Adani, Asmaq and Aida as my roommates. It has been 3 days and we basically go everywhere together. However, we'll soon be changing roommates and all because they want us to room with people from our own program. I am currently wondering why they didn't do that from the start. It's tough. Like, you've found your own mates and suddenly, you have to hang out with a group of different people. 

Was waiting for the worst for orientation (MSR) but, it's all laid back and chill. Bless the facis. Sunday was pretty much boring but then 'Faqil' was there and he was funny. No, he wasn't actually there but there's this one faci that reminded me too much of Faqil. We had time to go back to our dorm for every waktu solat and activities would usually start at 8.30am and end at 10.30pm. Sang the MARA song and the UniKL song... and still couldn't get the Petronas and UTP songs out of my head. 

Had an explorace yesterday and today. It was fun. Like yesterday, we had to sing Negaraku at the basketball court and as if that isn't enough, our face was drawn on. Today, we had to splash ourselves with water and I got flour all over myself thanks to my teammates. We had to play chinese whispers and I was the last one. They weren't able to deliver the message to me. Thus, they were given the chance to throw flour on me. Bet they had fun. Bet they weren't even sorry. That's what I said to make them feel guilty.

Also met my 'KMKN family' today. There are only 2 girls including me, engineering kan... what to do?  I honestly hope we'll get close and that we'd get to go to Genting Highlands or somewhere together. Do activities together, join them engineering projects together, study together and all. Life here would be fun that way, because everyone wants to feel as if they belong somewhere. I'm going to search for a club to join so I can get closer and chill with more people. And I'm thinking about running for the MPP.

It's already Ramadhan and we'll start fasting tomorrow. Have a meaningful Ramadhan, imaginary readers.