Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Down Memory Lane

I left Cheetwood 8 years ago and yesterday, I went back and it felt surreal. When I left 8 years ago, I never thought that I'd ever step foot in that place again but I did. 

I was greeted by who I'm sure is Ms Louis (but I couldn't find her on the staff list) with a hug. She registered me in 13 years ago and she's still there now. It's amazing. I remember how I used to mind the phone whenever she had to go out for something during break time. Tina then came and she hasn't changed at all! I felt as if I was the only one who grew up. I entered the hall where we had our assemblies, lunches and P.E. classes in and it looked tiny compared to how I used to remember it. The artwork we did as a class back in Year 4 (or something) were still up on the walls and everything was just how it used to be. Just that they all seemed smaller. At the hall, I met Ms Fleet who is also Morgan's mum (my best friend back in primary). It took her quite awhile to remember me but she did in the end. I passed by Ms Clarke but I don't think she remembers me.The kitchen staff all looked familiar but I found out that Sue (who makes the best biscuits in the world) has retired. 

We then headed to the Nursery. I remembered the days when I was a buddy there. We went around that part of the school and I met Ms Mayer! Honestly, nothing has changed. Felt as if I time travelled back to 8 years ago. I went through to the Phase 2 section where the Year 3-6 classes are. Met Ms Sadiq and Ms Khan, Ms Khan was my teacher in Year 2. Went to my class in Year 5 and memories started flooding in. I still remember where I sat back then. Then went to my Year 4 class and the decals on the windows are still there. It was honestly just amazing. Going around school, there were teachers who said how Tina must've been a very good teacher for me to get to where I am today and I can't deny it, it's very true.

Went to Tina's office which was once Mr Kellet's office and there I found out that I was apparently the first set of students that Tina taught. Caught up with her just talking about her travels (she took a year off to travel) and how it was for me back in Malaysia. Ms Spooner then popped in and it was just really nice seeing her again. She said how when we were about to leave for Malaysia, they were saying how I'd come back here again in the future to study just like my Mum and who would've guessed that it'd come true. I however didn't get to meet Ms Beaumont which I'm pretty sure was because she was out at the pitches. 

But all in all, it was just amazing being able to go back to the place I learnt how to count. I mean, if it wasn't for Cheetwood, I reckon I wouldn't be here right now. Yesterday holds a very special place in my heart. Wanting to go back to Cheetwood was the thing that kept me motivated throughout school, college and university and I now feel as if I've accomplished one thing in life. 

I didn't record anything in school because I didn't feel as if it was appropriate to but I did go around Manchester and took videos of that. The next time I go back, I'll go to the houses that I used to live in, maybe go up to Crumpsall. But that'd be next time. 

I now have to pack for tomorrow morning.

Friday, March 11, 2016


The first lab of the semester.
My whole body is still aching from snowboarding.
And I can't figure out how to get Facebook to display a proper photo when sharing a link.

Despite the fact that I can't move any parts of my body without saying ouch, I had a really good day today! I woke up quite early but got up late, skipping my tutorial session in the morning but went for my lecture at noon and saw how only half of the whole cohort turned up. Had rice and curry for lunch which was good because I feel as if I haven't had anything proper lately. Did my model in the computer lab (which was pretty packed) but figured how to improve my design which was wonderful! Every cloud has a silver lining, my design vanished yesterday but I came up with something better today.

Also met my tutor today to discuss my results. He called us in one by one. Loving the system, honestly. I remember how our results were posted up on a noticeboard back in college and only the ones who didn't do well had to see someone. But here, you have your own tutor that would see you whether you've done good or bad. Plus, they won't show your results to anyone else so you wouldn't even get the chance to feel insecure about it. 

However, when I did go in for my personal session, I was told that I did well and there was nothing to discuss. I left heading to the EEE department to book a feedback session for my EEE218 module (tak puas hati dengan results ke apa idek). Apparently, they don't do official ones mainly because people usually wouldn't want to have a feedback on that certain module so I now would have to personally email my module leader to set up an appointment. 

Leaving the Mappin Building, I was greeted by two people who started preaching (claiming that I looked a bit lost - but don't I always). One of them asked how my day was and what made me feel thankful today. I gave it a thought and realised that I wouldn't be able to even feel thankful if I didn't wake up this morning. So that was my answer, waking up. After telling them that, I realised how my positivity level is at its peak today. I'm not sure whether it's because of my results or because I got to exercise yesterday but I honestly did feel as if my mood was a bit off (in a good way).

By the expressions on their faces, they seemed pretty shocked by my answer. They proceeded to talk about how they believe that God sent us a new prophet to guide us in the messed up world we're living in today and how they've prayed to God to ask Him whether it's true that there's a new prophet, claiming that they've received the answer from God. I was then asked if I had time to pray together with them to ask God and get an answer on that. I rejected the offer and then went off happily, still thinking about how optimistic I feel.  

I would love to feel how I've been feeling today, everyday. 
Everyone would be so happy!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Results + Winter Trip Video

A week and a half until my Spring break and I just uploaded my Winter trip video.
The video wasn't properly planned so it didn't turn out as good as I wanted it to.
To conclude, I'm not satisfied with it.

Being here taught me to be thankful. My results just came out and I knew that the Asma I once knew would have probably cried. She wouldn't have been satisfied with it. She would've complained to the whole world on how bad she did. She would whine and whine and go on and on about it. But I learnt to be thankful. It's either that or I learnt to lower down my expectations. I didn't do bad and I didn't do good but I have no regrets and I'm glad that I don't have to book a flight home for this Easter (so that I wouldn't have to go back during my summer break). As expected, I got the lowest for the paper that got me crying but it didn't turn out that bad. So I'm really thankful for that. I'm generally satisfied with my results just that I hope I could somehow increase my average in the future.

I personally know that my results would disappoint a few people and it has been confirmed that I have disappointed my crew because apparently they now think their "Ayam Tambatan" (heard it for the first time today) needs to be slaughtered. With how tough it is, I really couldn't promise that the future would be brighter in terms of my grades but I'll work hard up to the point that I won't have any regrets. A senior told me not to push myself too hard and I'm going to hold on to that because I'm not here to be upset with myself all the time, instead I'm here to learn.

I had a celebratory dinner in my room by myself of mi kari and I went snowboarding! Fell a lot of times, my bottom hurts and so does my knees but it was hella fun! Honestly can't wait for the next trip. However, the bridge model I made on Solidworks somehow vanished and I guess I just have to accept that and do another one again. Two assignments to submit next week and I'm not even a quarter way done with either of them. I foresee myself being stuck in the IC like the end of last semester. Just that I'm starting early this semester. May this bring improvements.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

SKY 2016

"SKY mana?"

Spending a Sunday in the Information Commons is not what anyone would think I'd do. 

Before I even arrived in Sheffield, I knew that I wanted to be a part of an event committee. I ended up joining SKY under the Media unit. Initially, I felt very burdened by it because it was something I've never done before but now, I'm thankful that I was given the chance to get out of my comfort zone. However, honestly speaking, I wouldn't want to be under the Media unit anymore after this. It's not really because of what I had to go through for SKY but designing is hard!

I still remember the first SKY meeting that I went to. I was the first one to arrive and I was there, waiting for everyone whilst complaining on twitter on how it's just so typical. People then started coming and I got nervous. I didn't know anyone! I just felt awkward. But then we sat in our units and I was with Arif. I think everyone introduced themselves but knowing me, I had already forgotten half of their names by the time the meeting ended.

Within 5 months, we had only a few meetings and for every meeting, I felt myself being the first one to leave once it's done. I didn't enjoy it at first. I didn't have anyone that I was particularly close to, everyone knew each other and I didn't. I didn't feel myself opening up to anyone. I felt distant, I didn't feel what I would've felt if they were my GEL fam. But then I thought about how long it took for GEL to actually feel that way for me.

However, now that the main part of SKY is over, I've realised how the people who were once just my acquaintances are now my friends. It saddens me every time I think about how after this, I wouldn't be seeing all these people anymore (unless I bump into them) because there's no longer a reason to. Part of me wishes that SKY could be extended just so that I could hang out with them. And I should really thank everyone for being able to be patient with how blur I can get sometimes.

I'm glad that I picked SKY over the other two events. And now I hope that the SKY committee would join the SG committee next year.

I should now get back to my FEA assignment. 
Hidup Mech Eng.