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Japan: Osaka I

Going back to Malaysia was a choice I made based on the reason that the whole family was planning on a trip abroad and I did not want to miss something that big because of my own selfish reasons (of wanting to experience the summer in the UK). But I also didn't want to go back just because of one week. So I decided to extend a week of the trip to nearly a month to really experience the country. Since I went to Slovenia, I had realised how much I enjoy trips that aren't overfilled with activities and places to go. From then on, my trips to Poland, Paris and now, Japan are exactly like that.   Our trip was of a week in Osaka, a week in Kyoto and a week in Tokyo. I'm two weeks into this trip and in all honesty, I enjoyed Kyoto so much more than Osaka just because I've discovered that I'm not into that city life. I'll share what I liked and disliked about Osaka then I'll get on with the itinerary and how much my brother and I spent.  Osaka, was ba