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Ljubljana Day 1 & 2

Summary Transportation: Got to Luton a night ahead, the train ticket from Sheffield was around £12. Flew on WizzAir, tickets were £45+ booked a month ahead (WizzAir isn't as bad as it seems). Transfer from the Airport to the city was €9 on a shuttle that you can catch just as you exit the arrival hall. Accommodation: Currently staying at DIC for €18 per night. Link: Halal food: There's one or two around the city. Around 15 minutes walk from the hostel Day 1 I headed to Luton Airport at 8pm, arrived around 11pm. Went into Luton and searched for a place to sit but there weren't any so I sat on the floor by the wall. I wanted to go through security but I had to get my visa checked so I had to stay out until the counter opened. Around 3, I was already lined up to get my visa checked and straight headed through security.  Went to the prayer room which was really nice, bigger than Stansted's and very comfy. Waited a while and boarded

What's up?

After years of not posting anything (what's new, Asma?), here's a post.  My schedule has actually been packed with studying, watching dramas and exams! I've gone through 3 papers and I have another one left next Tuesday which I am mega excited about but I have yet to study for it. Honestly, I personally don't think that the papers were easy but I did manage to not skip out any questions for all of them (even though I do know that some of them were wrong while actually doing it). I left the exam hall with no regrets and that's what matters.  Last Friday, I got a call from a company because of a summer programme that I applied for but because of my Dynamics paper (which I was very serabut about), I decided to postpone the phone interview (I'm guessing) to another day. The day came and I didn't get a phone call from them. So, every morning, I would wake up very early (8am early) just to make sure that if they do call, I would be fully awake. But I'

Pak Tok

I was never really close to my Pak Tok growing up, that may be because I only spent a little part of my childhood with him. But I've always looked up to him, I admired him from afar. I never told anyone but I used to get jealous when I see my cousins have conversations with him and mess about with him because it's something that I wasn't capable of doing. However, I did have random small chats with him sometimes but they were never really proper deep conversations... because of how uncomfortable I was at speaking in Malay. But I still remember them so that's nice. Bet you didn't know that I started wearing my scarf properly because of him. This one time, I drank too much and too fast, he said that my cup was leaking because my drink was gone too quick. He used to also playfully hit me for fun because I'm mengada and would overreact. Bet he wished that we were proper close too.  To make up for all the time that I didn't get to spend with my grandpar


Coming here, I knew that I would miss birthdays, weddings and celebrations. I expected them and I came to accept them. What I recently only came to realise is that I would also miss being there for my family and friends when they need me. Recently, Mak was admitted to the hospital and the fact that I couldn't be there to visit her and support her pained me so much. My grandaunt also just passed away but I was unable to at least go to her funeral. And just a few days back, my best friend had to go through something unimaginable. Through all these events that happened in the past month, I realised that the most I could do was text those people. And that was it. It pains me so much that I know how much they're hurting and I know how much I'm needed but there's nothing that I could do about it. J, I don't know how it feels. But I know that you're strong. The fact that you're keeping yourself together through those fake smiles, fake laughs and fake happi

Down Memory Lane

I left Cheetwood 8 years ago and yesterday, I went back and it felt surreal. When I left 8 years ago, I never thought that I'd ever step foot in that place again but I did.  I was greeted by who I'm sure is Ms Louis (but I couldn't find her on the staff list) with a hug. She registered me in 13 years ago and she's still there now. It's amazing. I remember how I used to mind the phone whenever she had to go out for something during break time. Tina then came and she hasn't changed at all! I felt as if I was the only one who grew up. I entered the hall where we had our assemblies, lunches and P.E. classes in and it looked tiny compared to how I used to remember it. The artwork we did as a class back in Year 4 (or something) were still up on the walls and everything was just how it used to be. Just that they all seemed smaller. At the hall, I met Ms Fleet who is also Morgan's mum (my best friend back in primary). It took her quite awhile to remem


The first lab of the semester. My whole body is still aching from snowboarding. And I can't figure out how to get Facebook to display a proper photo when sharing a link. Despite the fact that I can't move any parts of my body without saying ouch, I had a really good day today! I woke up quite early but got up late, skipping my tutorial session in the morning but went for my lecture at noon and saw how only half of the whole cohort turned up. Had rice and curry for lunch which was good because I feel as if I haven't had anything proper lately. Did my model in the computer lab (which was pretty packed) but figured how to improve my design which was wonderful! Every cloud has a silver lining, my design vanished yesterday but I came up with something better today. Also met my tutor today to discuss my results. He called us in one by one. Loving the system, honestly. I remember how our results were posted up on a noticeboard back in college and only the ones who di

Results + Winter Trip Video

A week and a half until my Spring break and I just uploaded my Winter trip video. The video wasn't properly planned so it didn't turn out as good as I wanted it to. To conclude, I'm not satisfied with it. Being here taught me to be thankful. My results just came out and I knew that the Asma I once knew would have probably cried. She wouldn't have been satisfied with it. She would've complained to the whole world on how bad she did. She would whine and whine and go on and on about it. But I learnt to be thankful. It's either that or I learnt to lower down my expectations. I didn't do bad and I didn't do good but I have no regrets and I'm glad that I don't have to book a flight home for this Easter (so that I wouldn't have to go back during my summer break). As expected, I got the lowest for the paper that got me crying but it didn't turn out that bad. So I'm really thankful for that. I'm generally satisfied with my resul

SKY 2016

"SKY mana?" Spending a Sunday in the Information Commons is not what anyone would think I'd do.  Before I even arrived in Sheffield, I knew that I wanted to be a part of an event committee. I ended up joining SKY under the Media unit. Initially, I felt very burdened by it because it was something I've never done before but now, I'm thankful that I was given the chance to get out of my comfort zone. However, honestly speaking, I wouldn't want to be under the Media unit anymore after this. It's not really because of what I had to go through for SKY but designing is hard! I still remember the first SKY meeting that I went to. I was the first one to arrive and I was there, waiting for everyone whilst complaining on twitter on how it's just so typical. People then started coming and I got nervous. I didn't know anyone! I just felt awkward. But then we sat in our units and I was with Arif. I think everyone introduced themselves but knowing m


The plan was to go on a picnic but everyone woke up around midday. Initially, we had food for the picnic but then the guys ate it all up. Ended up buying fast food from Medina and then headed to the Botanical Gardens where we ate and played something like dodge ball but not. The weather was wonderful, it wasn't too cold and it only drizzled for a while. I enjoyed my weekend and I wish that every weekend would be as fun but you can't get everything that you wish for. I don't know whether it's just me but I feel as if my daily interactions with people really isn't enough. But last weekend made up for all of it. Therefore, thank you for coming, homies. Lets have more meet ups soon!

Sheffield Malaysian Games 2016

Today was fun. So fun that I'm writing about it right before I end the day so I don't forget. We headed to King Edward VII Lower School for SMG. I became a ball magnet. A basketball bounced off my head caused by a guy who sings really well! He even held out his hand to rub my head but then retracted it. (insert sad face) I then went around the venue where I saw a frozen Hannah and Azri who thought I came to support him. I proceeded to cheer for Sani because who is Azri again? It was in the football pitch that I was then hit in the shin with a football. Some time during the day, a ping pong ball just somehow decided to fly at me.  As I was walking back to the main venue, Zubair called me from the court and I told him that I would meet him at the food place. Only problem was that his phone died so we ended up not being able to meet up at all! I had lunch with Fauzan and found a guy who seemed interested in SKY. Knowing that I wouldn't be able to attract him well

Baked Tuna Pasta

Have you ever written a post and then deleted it by accident? Because I just did. Part of me hates myself but I have a lot of time in my hands. At least, I'm convinced that I do. Whilst everybody here is studying, thinking, searching for inspiration on what to write in their essay and thesis. I'm here trying to recall the post that I deleted. I usually wouldn't stay in the diamond for more than half a day (excluding the EYH week) but I got out of my house very early this morning for a tutorial class which I could've just gone for a bit a later. I managed to convince my lazy ass that the earlier I leave the house, the more productive I'll be. Summing up today, I can say that it's partly true. Instead of sleeping, I actually did my tutorial during tutorial which is an improvement. Plus, I also managed to not sleep during the day.  Yesterday was Amir's birthday. We held a birthday party that wasn't very much like a birthday party. Nobody wanted to


It feels as if 'Week 2' was just last week. It isn't, however. Where did Week 3, Week 4, Week 5, ..., Week n go? Because now I'm back in Week 2. Week 2 of my second semester here in the University of Sheffield.  My first semester was amazingly crazy. I praised this place so much but in the end, I realised how much I miss being back in Malaysia. Maybe I was so used to how easy my life was. I had my family around me. I had a home to go back to every time I got tired of studying. I had car rides to just complain about life to my parents. I had home cooked food to indulge in when I felt like it. I was surrounded by love and attention. I had GEL to ensure that I'm always productive.  But it's no longer that easy here. The only home I could go back to is the room that I live alone in. The complaining sessions are short and only happens once a week (and that is only if both my parents and I are not occupied with events). Home cooked food involves frozen fo