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USHA KIRI, USHA KANAN, TERNAMPAK SATU BENDA, TERNAMPAK SATU BENDA, APA TU? WOW. Sneeze didn't come today, I don't think. I DON'T LIKE HIM OR ANYTHING. I'm just saying. In a minute, my phone's alarm is going to go off and then I have to do my chores. I was all 'wow hebat, wow wow hebat'. Life's fun when you're having fun. I was actually down right tired. Still am. I slept in the car before, on the way back from PJ. Then I couldn't sleep cos of My Princess. :) :) :) I've finished, watching it. I'm a happy person. I have exams next week. Lame. Why do we even have them? Why couldn't they grade us with our achievement in class. Why are there exams? It's useless really. I mean, with exams, if you get straight As, you're usually just clever while you're in the exam hall. Why am I blabbing? I need to ask for school's koko funding to buy tongkats for us scouts. MORE KERTAS KERJA. boo. Dere


WOW HEBAT, WOW WOW HEBAT HEBAT, WOW HEBAT, WOW WOW HEBAT HEBAT I went camping. I took Maju but I didn't complete it so I have to complete it in school and complete all my log books. Then I have to go to SV and give all of them to Cikgu Syam so I could get Maju then I'll do my Jaya. (Buat muka gedik) Anyway. I was patrol leader but I didn't denda anyone. I just kicked in front of someone's face. I would've told them to ketuk ketampi or something but I didn't. Lucky shits. Malam kebudayaan was boring. Seriously. Semua benda macam bangang bangang including my patrol. I had to ketuk ketampi for something I did right. Cos it's all for one and one for all. I had to run almost once every hour. I didn't have a nice sleep cos I kept waking up when I heard something that sounded like a whistle cos the pemimpins will blow a whistle if they want to see us and we couldn't be late. But in the end everything paid of cos AQ taught me ika

The Market

WE'LL GO TO THE MARKET AND SELL IT, IT'S WORTH MORE TO THEM THAN IT IS TO YOU I hate growing up. It makes me lazier. I used to be so rajin, I mean, I used to update my blog everyday. That was how rajin I was. Last two years. Pff. Pff. Pff. The guy.. the scout guy.. he's short. Like seriously. As in he's short for a guy. But he's cute. CHC CHC CHC CHC CHC CHC CHC CHC CHC CHC CHC CHC CHC CHC CHC CHC CHC CHC People thought that sneeze and the scout guy are the same people. LOLOLO. Godai. "Kau nak DM or DC?" LOL soz. I just felt like typing that out. Civics was funny. I laughed. kept laughing. and yeah. lalalalalalala. The teacher likes to say 'kan' after everything he says. I counted for a bit and he said 10 'kan's in less that 2 minutes. I'm not exaggerating. I don't exaggerate. I have to pack for the weekend. MA.LAS.NYA. I fell asleep during Maths. I'm wicked. I'll go pack at 4 or somin. :D


RING DING DONG RING DING DONG RING DING DING DING DING Kay, korang faham je lah. I don't know why I was typing in Malay. O_O Anyway, yesterday, my sister called me at 1, I think... crying. And then I started crying aswell cos I was scared? for her. Yeah, probably that. But my dad, mum, mak and brother are going to langkawi tomorrow night... They're leaving me behind in Wangsa Maju for the camp. I wanna go to Langkawi tho. O0. Merengek je reti, I know. Went to McD before... it was aite. For Dayah's leaving party. It wasn't much of a party. The manager came and took our order. It was a pain in the butt hole but they didn't charge extra so yeah. Camwhored for like a few minutes. So yeah. Life. I'm suppose to mandi now cos I'm still in my uniform. o0. Oh tadi makan McD rasa cam nak muntah. And I also skyped masa dekat McD. But it was draining my battery + McD was noisy. So yeah. OH and I was stalking that cute chinese guy. ^^ I d


HAI. HAI. HAI. HAI. HAI. HAI. HAI. HAI. HAI. HAI. HAI. HAI. HAI. Mesti korang ingat korang terer kan? I only made this blog so that my classmates wouldn't ask what my blog is. No, I won't post up my true feelings. Imma be a hypocrite, a bitch and imma diss everyone. LOL JOKE. I'm nice. SO-HAI. There's this cute new scout kid. ^^ He's in the same class as Yu Xi Yu and Hana (I just checked with her) Well, he's kinda cute. A bit. Yeah, but macam, boleh tahanlah. No, he's not a Malay. ;) Heh. Heh. Heh. OMG... sumpah tak sabar for next perjumpaan... he is actually really cute. O.O LOL. *Sneeze* demam. Remember sneeze? He hasn't been in my blog for a long time. Yeah sedih. :'( Anyway yeah, dia demam. But then *sneeze* is kind of a penyakit as well so it's not that surprising. LOL JOKE. kay jahatnya. Syaza's leaving for Europe tomorrow. OMO OMO OMO. I'm so excited... and I just can't hide it. I can't wait for her to