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Ljubljana Day 1 & 2

Summary Transportation: Got to Luton a night ahead, the train ticket from Sheffield was around £12. Flew on WizzAir, tickets were £45+ booked a month ahead (WizzAir isn't as bad as it seems). Transfer from the Airport to the city was €9 on a shuttle that you can catch just as you exit the arrival hall. Accommodation: Currently staying at DIC for €18 per night. Link: Halal food: There's one or two around the city. Around 15 minutes walk from the hostel Day 1 I headed to Luton Airport at 8pm, arrived around 11pm. Went into Luton and searched for a place to sit but there weren't any so I sat on the floor by the wall. I wanted to go through security but I had to get my visa checked so I had to stay out until the counter opened. Around 3, I was already lined up to get my visa checked and straight headed through security.  Went to the prayer room which was really nice, bigger than Stansted's and very comfy. Waited a while and boarded