Saturday, April 30, 2011



Ai misz dis fagh andd 'er sistuh.

I'm bored. Blogging in school. Life is boring. I'm using my mum's iPad waiting for my turn. Their speeches are too long. Derek went home to get his iPad but then when he got back, there's no seat for him... Which is funny. Not really. I feel sorry for him. I'm tired lol. Cos I am like typing with one hand. Iza's next to me covering her camera cos we're not allowed bringing cameras. And on the other side of me is Sheridah. She's half listening, half studying. I respect her.

Afiq came with his MTD uniform which looks cool. Farhana's not here yet. Iman balik today but then I wouldn't be able to meet her. I miss my last year's BM teacher. Iunno why. How can people talk so much. The tetamu terhormats still hasn't finished talking. I'm tired of listening. Yxy's sleeping. Lol. Oh oh! They're going out now. Wowowowow. I better stop. But then my turn lama lagi. Boo hoo.

My tummy hurts. I think I'm crapping right now. Tee hee. I'm going. Annyeong.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011



I don't know which is sadder. The fact that people don't listen to me or the fact that people don't appreciate what I do.

This year, I'm going to be selfish, I'm not gonna spend money or time on any of you.
This year, I'm gonna get everything I've started, done.

I feel like saying, ''one person's not joining, lets not do this." But then, I'm like, I have to finish everything or anything that I've started. But then I also told myself that I'm not going to spend money or time on any of you but I'm using my precious time to do all these stuff. They thing that being in front of the camera is the hardest thing to do. Do you guys know what I have to do?

Thank God that Syaza's coming tomorrow to teman me. ^^ I miss having friends over for a long time. Hana and Q usually stay for like 1 hour, the time between school and koko. So yeah. Iman's coming back home but I wouldn't get to see her. T.T I miss Iman, Susu and Ana. I miss hanging out with them. :'(

I'm hungry. LOL. I'm sleepy. LOL. I got told off before cos I'm always late. But then when I'm early, I always go out of the house at the same time I would go out of the house when I late. I can't see any relevant argument. Or that may just be me. I mean, I get ready at 7 o'clock, I'll go out at 7 o'clock. I get ready at 6.45, I'll still go out at 7. So it's basically the same. I mean I'm not dissing anyone. Well I probably am because I'm not a lazy malaysian. Cos I don't like the labels you'll get of being a Malaysian. I'm a warganegara tho. lol.

Monday, April 25, 2011



I mizz my sister and my brother. O0. I can't wait for the exams to finish.. even though it hasn't started. And since we're not going to Saudi Arabia. Can we please go somewhere overseas? Like like... Hong Kong! I wanna go to Sino centre and buy all the cheap stuff they have there... or or somewhere where it is winter. That'd be so fun. JEBAL? JEBAL? JEBAL? nemind.

I can't wait for the project I'm doing to be finished so that I wouldn't have to worry about it anymore. I mean, all people know is that they have to sit in front of the camera and talk. What they don't know is that I have to watch video by video and take out unnecessary stuff and then I have to edit it. I also have to compile and combine them together. That's what they don't know. I mean, all they do is go in front of the camera and go ''OMG, malu lahhh, I'll do it later lah'' and they're like ''Nevermind, I'll do on Wednesday, we can do the class one on Wednesday.'' What they don't know is that when we do it on Wednesday, I will only have 2 days to edit everything. All they know is what they don't know won't hurt them. Does that even make sense?

Am I pissed off? No. I'm trying to enjoy this. I'm trying to have fun. In the end, if they don't wanna do this, they don't wanna cooperate, Imma pull Syaza and we'll make a 1 hour whole movie just with both of our faces. LIKE WOOOOOOT.

Kay bye.

So I went on someone's facebook by accident and the guy goes to our school. Anyway, the guy has like this really small face so I was all ''How can so many people like him when he has such a small face and a lanky body''. So then I saw his facebook and he's cute like gila. O0. But then he doesn't look like Hyun Joong like what everybody says. (makes a pissed off face) You do not undergrade my oppa like that. I miss my unnie, who is married to my oppa even though she's younger than me.

Friday, April 22, 2011



Looking back at what you guys just did, I feel like laughing. I did the same thing to somebody else 2 years back. Sorry but I don't get jealous of people that have things that I don't want. You guys failed. Think about it and feel embarrassed, think about it and feel ashamed, I'll just sit here and watch. I'm not mad or anything but it's kind of annoying that you guys actually would think that I would be bothered.

And you! You piss me off. So bad. Don't take my peepz man, it ain't cool. I mean, you came, dropping by and you steal the spotlight. I'll be honest, I never had the 'spotlight' on me but people appreciated me and all but since you came, everything got all messed up. They're suppose to talk to me, not you. You're an unthankful something aswell. A pain in my ass. You want somin, you get it, then you ignore it. It's called jual mahal. I'm gonna laugh at you when you lose that something. It's gonna bite you in the butt. BTW, stop trying to replace my friend. Stop acting like a bitch. Stop being cheap. Stop being annoying. Stop being rude.
What am I even saying? Mianhe. Chongmal mianhe, I didn't mean to rant like this, it just came out. Btw, I don't think you read my blog but if you do, go back to where you were from, unthankful person.

I'm currently blogging in the car, at a rest stop and on mum's iPad. Honestly, it's so annoying. I'm not used to the keyboard, I have to type in the html section, the car is vibrating and the radio is so annoying but I don't feel like unfastening mynseatbelt just to turn the volume down.

Thursday, April 21, 2011



LOL. Form 2. Fun times. We camwhored like crazy... I think it was the last day of school? I can't remember but I hung out in the discipline room half the day. Zaman kegemilangan.

HAHA. ottoke? I don't feel like going to school tomorrow and I don't feel like going to tuition tomorrow. I don't feel like cleaning up the house. I don't feel like using the computer. I don't feel like sleeping. I don't feel like running. I don't feel like eating. I don't feel like showering. I'm not ill but I feel ill. Post-ill.

Oh korang, I can't tell you stuff. I can't share with you stuff cos you guys are friends with everyone. I will have insecurities if I do. :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011



I miss Nurul. I wanna see her. Celebrate our birthdays together.

I'm ill. o0. But I think I'm going to school tomorrow, unless I really couldn't stand it. OO. I'm hungry. DC's a B. So, DO YOU WANNA B? Or not...

Aaa. Demam. Aaa. Demam. Macam bangga pula demam. ^^ Rasa sejuk, rasa panas. Rasa macam nak masuk bawah selimut. Rasa macam nak buka aircond. Demam aku tak teruk. I have to go the doctors to get.. ANTIBIOTICS. like omg, i don't need drugs like that.

Someone called me 'Azma' instead of 'Asma'. I miss home.

I feel emo. And when people ask me why, I deny. I think I've gone a lil bit crazy. Sedihnya. Menyedihkan.

Nan speak hanguk. (OTL fail)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011



Saya ngantuk. Every day I SLEEP SLEEP, every night I SLEEP SLEEP. Hehe. Banyak homework. 1 whole karangan for BM and 5 different essays for English. Every weekend filled with something. School every day.

Today, I got told off by the Ketua Pengawas. :D Somebody told on me. Have a nice life. I was always nice to you and that's because I felt sorry for you. I won't anymore... what a dog.

... Hung out with the juniors during panorama. Joe, A and Bieber. HAHAHAHA. Kay maaf. Their nicknames are too cute, especially Bieber's. They took my ipod out without telling me. T.T And then Bieber was like ''Tell your dad to buy more lens so we can use it.'' Bieber has talent. Joe and A are still learning but I think they're better than me. T.T

Monday, April 18, 2011






。◕ ‿ ◕。


Saya sedih. My classmates aren't my friends (they're my classmates), I feel lonely in class cos Qamaryna's always with Zarith. Lately, I have nothing to talk about and people kept thinking that it's their fault. And so, to solve everything, I would like to say that if you think that it's your fault then it shall be your fault.
"Fine, I don't wanna talk to you anymore"
Haven't heard that for a long time.

Oh BTW, you're such a pain in the ass. You do shits. You feel guilty. You don't apologize. You wait until I forget about it. Ain't happenin nymore.


Friday, April 15, 2011



I miss living without caring about anything. I like it when I don't have homework to think about. I miss locking myself in the store room after getting told off. I like it when I could do anything and everything without thinking what would happen afterwards. I miss being young.

Tipu best kan? Nak jaga hati orang kan? Kena lah tipu kan? Heh. Heh. Heh.

I'm going for Koko tomorrow and I'm going to McD straight after that and then I'm going back to Johor. So I have to pack tonight.

I'm tired
I'm tired
I'm tired
I'm tired
I'm tired
I'm tired
I'm tired
I'm tired
I'm tired

Kenapa perlu jerit-jerit? Kalau sehari tak jerit tak sah ke? Macam annoying kot. Sakit telinga. I might even get high blood pressure.

I'm tired of people taking me for granted. Tired of thinking that people are talking about me behind my back. Tired of people acting so nice to me for a second and really mean a second after. Tired of people asking me if I have a problem. Tired of people looking at me as if I'm weird. Tired of people who comes late during break time not mark my name because they didn't see me. Beaches.

I need to study. I need to go on the treadmill. I need to do my homework. I need my entertainments. I need to sleep. I NEED FOOD. But you can't have everything that you need.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011



I miss Autumn and Winter, when we had to wear coats. I miss Spring, when we only wore our jumper. I miss Summer, when we would go to the beach even though the wind will hurt our skin and the warmth is dry.

I don't like you. It's kind of obvious that I don't but you're too... something to realise. When are you going to start realising? I'm getting tired of your act. Quit it. Go back to where you came from. Are you going to leave? I'll feel sorry for your friend if you leave but then I'll be glad. No one else to be bothered by. I think I feel threatened by you. You have disturbed my life enough. You can leave now.

''This year, I wanna be a bit snobbish to people and when they're going to confront me, I'm gonna be all nice so they couldn't say anything.''

That was what I said I was gonna do. I don't think it's working out. Boo me. Boo you. I got 34 for lisan. I'm nodding my head like yeah. But it's not 'sangat baik', it's just 'baik'. But it's aite... I mean for me. Heh. Heh. Heh.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011



I get emotionally tired easily recently. Well, since yesterday. And people kept thinking that it's because I'm angry at them. I'm not angry at them. I just get so tired and then I won't have any energy to do anything. I'm not on my period if any of you are wondering. I think I miss my friends. T.T Someone's coming back this weekend. I wanna see her. Dumdidum. Imma go to her house. Or not. o0.

Mid year's exams are coming. I'm so scared but I don't feel like studying, at all. Siapa mahu pergi perpustakaan negeri dengan saya?

Saya rindu dua tahun lepas. Saya rindu kawan saya. Saya rindu classmates saya. Saya rindu cikgu saya. Saya rindu saya.

Monday, April 11, 2011



You're a smiling machine. You're a shoe. You're a recorder. You're a photocopy machine. You're a double sided tape. You're a diary. You're a radio. You're an insult generator. You're an open book. You're a punch bag. You're a boxer. You're a pendrive. You're a ...
That's what my classmates are. You figure who you are, you figure what I mean. I don't dislike them or anything but that's what I see them as. No, I'm not that great to be judging people. Boo me.

I like AJ's voice. I'm glad that he joined U-KISS. Him and Eli, when they rap together, it's so good. Have you seen him rapping? OH and btw, I don't rap, I don't even like rapping, I just like listening to raps. So you (points), straighten it out.

HAI friend, I used to like you. Then I hated you. And now, I wish you would just move school because telling you to go die is just too harsh. But once you do, I'm gonna miss you but that'll only be for 1 week or something. We went through a lot, me more than you. You're a male bitch. I hope you understand.

Friday, April 8, 2011



The moment when no one's on your side and you start crying. The moment when no one would cover your wrongs just to protect you and you start crying. The moment when everyone disses you and there's nobody there standing up for and you start crying. The moment when everyone wish that you would die, there's nobody there saying that they want you to stay alive and you start crying. The moment when you wish you could say sorry but there's no use and you start crying. That is the worst moment in everyone's life. But then there will always be that one person that stands by the side and doesn't do anything and at times like this, you just wish that they would speak up and stick up for you. But they won't, ever. I just went through it, a second ago and I started crying.

I miss Nina, I miss Munirah, I miss Nurul, I miss Iman, I miss Farhana, I miss Hana, I miss Ana, I miss Kak Atin.

No one's ever there for me anymore. I mean, in school, I have no one at all to talk to. Sure, there's Hana and Ana. But honestly, I hardly see them. Why am I even typing this out here?

I learnt something new today, when you admit that you did something wrong, there will always be someone that will be by your side. Thank you.

Pergi sekolah esok mata bengkak. My alasan would be that I didn't have enough sleep. K bye.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just Things.


OMGGG. I suka gila my tumblr layout. >< Hahaaa. Buat sendiri, kena puji sendiri (Mum's words and all my bestfriends knows it). I miss my friends. :'( Munirah's retaking her driving test next week.

I trashed my BM. They said I talked to fast. They said that it was as if I didn't even take a breath. I said sorry which is an English word so basically, it was really hard for me.

Treadmill dah sampai. I don't have shoes that could be used indoors and now I can use the treadmill as a speaker. Haha. Habis semua orang dalam rumah. :D

Friday, April 1, 2011



So came into school and was real upset cos the ST3s were coming in. Got to class and they were saying how we had to go to ST3. Which made everyone mad. But then we had to go to the lab so we did, I ended up hanging out in ST2 cos I wasn't bothered to wait. Then they told us that we're moving back to ST2 which was a pain in the butthole.

But after all of those craps, today turned out fun. :) But I'm so upset right now cos I can't download new songs and update my ipod. :'(

I wanna buy stuff online. can i have a bank account... And then I realised that only people that are 18+ can do their own transactions. dis sacckkksssss.