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Summer already?

I was having trouble trying to get onto EA so I thought it might be a bit more beneficial or productive for me to get onto this. IT IS NOW SUMMER! Can you believe it. It feels like it was just two weeks ago when I was wearing my jumper to work and now I need the fan on all the time and even that feels like it isn't enough. The seasons are changing and it definitely feels like time flew by just like that. It's either that or I'm having so much fun that I've lost track of time or I've been so busy. I'll be happy to settle with both. Workwise, I've been pretty occupied.  I sleep and dream about it.  I wake up and have to deal with it. I try to sleep and think about it.  But I enjoy it. I'm going through a steep learning curve again which is why this is happening but at the same time, because I like it, I do it willingly - which is always a good thing. What is even better is the fact that I have people guiding me. It feels a bit like back when I did SKY, I r

Back in the UK

It has been so long hasn't it - nearly 3 months! I was lying in bed, knowing that I couldn't stand not doing anything but at the same time, no one's awake for me to text so I thought I might as well get on this. It's a way for me to procrastinate (or resist) from doing work over the weekends.  A lot has happened over the past 3 months, I'm now back in the UK. My new room here feels like my own and I start going to the office tomorrow, so that's a one hour walk (return) every day to look forward to. Being back here feels a lot different than it was last year. I don't hate it neither do I cry every morning wanting to leave anymore. I think the whole Malaysia trip, the length of it and the things I did there had definitely allowed me to feel content and I hope it stays like this for a while.  I quarantined for 10 days when I got back, did a swab test twice and then was able to carry out what still feels like a very restricted life. We essentially still wouldn&#

Pre-lockdown Trip to PD

We knew it was coming but it was Monday last week when they had announced that Selangor will be in full lockdown for two weeks - and I was gutted. I had planned for Jared's birthday staycation and Kee Zhen's birthday day out. Fortunately enough, I hadn't booked anything for both.  We had gone for a trip to PD the previous weekend. Mainly because we wanted to go to the beach and kayak. It was meant to be a complete family trip but Aisyah and Syameem had decided to stay home last minute because they became close contact.  I've seen a pattern when it comes to weekend trips and it's the fact that I would only start packing in the morning because of work. So, it gets a bit hectic especially because we tend to leave right after Subuh and would end up with everyone waiting for me. Because I had stayed up the night before to finish up a thermal model for work, I was extremely hungry throughout the journey. Luckily, the two hour drive didn't feel too long and I had a goo