Thursday, December 13, 2012




apasal kau lain?

mana ada aku lain?

aku bukan baru kenal kau selama

tak eh?

kau anti budak2 dlm kelas
kau anti aku

mana ada.


mana ada


apakah ini?

kau x payah lah
nuddy kata pun kau mcm anti dgn dia

Oh, she told me that d. but mana ada.

This was unpublished. What is this.

Single eye lid?

I'm half 'Korean' (if you ignore my skin colour) and half Malay right now. Hair has been cut and now I have a fringe. An uneven one at that and no, I did not cut it myself. I think my hairdresser can only 'layer' people's hair and not... you know.

An unfortunately, I have a single eye lid on my left eye and a double eyelid on my right eye. Covering the right side of my face, I'd look like a total tanned korean... not really HAHA. Went to the doctors and it was...
Doctor: Kenapa?
Me: My mata
Doctor: Bengkak?
Me: Kot
Doctor: Sakit tak?
Me: Sakit
Doctor: *writes me a prescription*
Me: Dah ke?
Doctor: *nods*
Me: Thank you *leaves the room*
I don't know how many grams I lost but I am now starting to control my food intake again after totally ignoring it for half a year. It's tough to be honest. Wanting to eat more but you know that you can't. Being hungry at night but couldn't go downstairs for some maggi and cheese. Drinking water when the tummy's grumbling. Hard but if I can stand it before, I can do it now. Wishes needed from my imaginary readers. <3

Monday, December 10, 2012

122 DAYS

How do you go from zero to hero? No. How do you go from 16 to zero? That's the question. I am out on a mission to get my size 1x to a size way less.

In 122 days, my mission will be a success and I will be getting a free spa trip. However, my ultimate goal is to lead a healthy life style, carry only the needed fat and have an ideal BMI. But we all know that there is no point of trying to lose weight if there is no will. And this is where some competition comes in.



122 DAYS

(just to make it more interesting)

Do I have confidence in myself? Definitely. Am I going to win? Definitely. Our judge is Susu to make sure that we're playing fair. Updates on THE BIGGEST LOSER will be posted every Sunday with the updates of what I'm doing to win this game. I'm looking forward to it, Cik Minah Sayang is looking forward to it and I'm sure my imaginary readers are looking forward to it. 


"Hungry? Drink water. Still Hungry? Drink water. Still Hungry? Drink water."
"Awake? Exercise. Sleepy? Exercise."

Friday, November 30, 2012



Michelle, she came this year. She moved here from Kedah. I didn't like her at first, I didn't know her and I didn't like her. And that was because everyone started talking about her. Being in 5ST1, all I heard about her was from the mouth of others... it was all "She's more pro than you Asma." "Her chemistry's better than you." and all of that. How can I like her when the way people described her was by comparing her to me.. if you know what I mean. But then, she started going to our tuition AND I SWEAR, SHE'S LIKE THE (INSERT EVERYTHING NICE) GIRL EVER. She was a sweetheart. She's well nice, friendly and she just fit perfectly. I really can't imagine the whole group without her in it anymore. It would've been better if she was with us in 4ST2 and the years before that, we could've had waaaaaaay more fun. Plus, she keeps the guys controlled (random slaps and all). She was like the missing piece that we didn't know about before this.

Keeve, he's a bytche. He swears too much. He bitches around too much. He gets mad at people when they're racist to him unless those people are his friends. But Keeve, when we're stuck or anything, he'd be the one who would tell us what we should do. He'd be there for you if you're bored and lonely... probably cos he's a loner himself, I'M KIDDING! Me and Keeve, we would chat and mess about during the break time (while jaga-ing the blocks) and this one time, Keeve or was it me, had to like move floors so we would jaga properly. (tongue out to whoever suruh to do that)

People keep thinking that me and Dzaf are tight. We're really not. I hardly talk to him. Hobos probably know him better than I do. I seriously have nothing to write about Dzaf, I'll come back to this when I think of something. (I've thought of something) Dzaf, he'll come and chat to you at the time when you're not expecting anyone. He pops out randomly and you'd be surprised. I am actually surprised with myself because I've never fancied him cos honestly, he's good looking and he's alright, I guess? And when Dzaf speaks, he has this really weird accent that's annoying but at the same time really funny. But I don't like it when he gets annoyed or pissed off cos I'll go all wary. It's not scary or anything but you know, I don't want him going home, telltale-ing to his mum and sister. And when he's annoyed he has this tone while talking that tells me to stay away. I don't think Dzaf talks much when everyone's together, I'm not sure.
And in case anyone goes back to this post just to read it, me and Dzaf, we're tight now.

Derek shows off too much. Derek also likes to annoy people. Back in Form 2, me and Derek used to kacau Sahera. I feel guilty because of that, he doesn't. I guess he doesn't have feelings too? Derek can be so random at times, he can come to you and he'll tell you that he doesn't want to talk to you but then he'll start the conversation. Logic, where is it? I actually have friends who thought that I fancied him because I talk about him so much but it's actually because he keeps annoying me, up to the part that I can't stand him anymore. But without Derek, a school day wouldn't have been complete. There were times when I'd be looking around the class searching for him when I felt as if everything was so quiet and then to realise that he didn't come, then I'd be upset a bit. We're not close, me and Derek but I know that school would've been waaaaaaay boring without his randomness.

Kee Zhen
Kee Zhen is just really quiet but he's also really nice and quiet. (looks around) Yeah. Nice and quiet... *nods* What have I got to say about Kee Zhen? Kee Zhen's cute? I don't fancy him or anything don't get me wrong.. but he is kind of cute? I mean to me? I just hope that it wouldn't be awkward to talk to him after this. I don't think I talk to Kee Zhen much, just that he's always around and he's always there if you want to ask him some random questions.

Eu Wei
Lim said that he didn't like me when he first met me... I didn't even know who he was. *flips hair* I've never liked muscles.. but this one time I told him that it actually looks good and then he was flexing IDK purposely or not in front of me. And that just made everything awkward for me, so yeah. Lim, when we were in 5ST1, I thought that you know, the ST2s would stick together but then he started hanging out with the previous ST1s more than he did with me. Which got me upset. But then as it got nearer to SPM, he would sit in front on me while studying. But I was upset at first okay. And this kid, he has so many things going on in his head that I can't even keep up with.

Me, Nick and Jaja used to sit in the same row back in 4ST2, he talks a lot but he couldn't stand it when we talk a lot. I don't get him. Sometimes me and nick would make fun of Jaja and we'd have each other's back when we're against Syaza. It's not considered as bullying if she doesn't mind... right? When Jaja got Nick a birthday present, we were all calling him Calculator Boy. REMEMBER? No? Then that's too bad. (dissapointed face)

Am I missing anyone else? This group of people, I'd miss them when I get into college or university. I'm not sure if we're still gonna be 'close' and if we'll hang out with each other anymore later on but these people made school cool. They're so fun to be with and if we all went to the same college it'd be the coolest thing ever but we won't. Which is saddening.

Mich will be going to Brickfields while pursuing her dream of becoming a singer. Keeve will go to Sunway to do business. I'm not sure about the rest but I really hope that all of us will become successful so we can go on a holiday at some 5 star island staying in a 5 star hotel before we all get married and just bring back all the memories of talking about random things, annoying each other, annoying other people around us, playing truth or dare and everything else we did or going to do during the holidays.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


The blur adds more value to it
I think it's the second day in? Yeah, second day in to the holidays. How do I feel? I'm already bored. But I'm going out today with my mates, that's a plus I guess? Right, so today, my main objective is to talk about my mates... one... by... one.

Real to honest, honest to real... whut?

Bon Qui Qui 
As you all know or probably don't know, Bon Qui Qui left Malaysia for nearly a year and totally skipped the whole of Form 3 except for the PMR bit. During BQQ's depart, the Awesome Foursome basically stayed together through email, our blog and facebook. What I only realised afterwards is that our offline connection just wasn't there. When BQQ came back and we got in Form 4. One of the Awesome Foursome left school and that was when everything started coming back. The stories of this person doing this and that person finding out about this and this person did that. So many stories that made me (I think?) not want to even have this 'Awesome Foursome' bond so I stopped it. Cut the lines and everything. But then, BQQ came into my class. Hated ALL of the then-new-additions of the class. However, because of the 'new additions', me and BQQ stayed friends and it's cool you know. We did loads of crazy things in the past two years, that is if you include camping out on a hill, seeing shit in the toilet at the Camporee, cleaning a tiger's cage, rearranging a snakes home, feeding gigantic turtles and stalking a mega cute guy as crazy. All in all, Bon Qui Qui is someone who made my school 'phase' more exciting and I <3 her for that. 

You probably don't know this but Jaja has always been so freaking bloody annoying since the first time I met her.
"Do you speak English? We only speak English."  
But Jaja, there's just something about her that you can't not like her... JOKE! She's annoying, she wants to kill random people, she loves to sleep in her class, she says weird things, she speaks languages that I don't understand, she doesn't think before she says anything, she thinks the whole world is her world but she says that she doesn't, she treats her enemies as if they're her best friends, she takes things so lightly, she comes over to my house just for food, she'd randomly punch me and pinch me, she has a totally out of the box thoughts, she likes to back out from plans last minute, she doesn't dedicate herself into being my friend but in the end, she cares for me. If I were ever to hang myself in my room, she'd be the last one here and she'd probably just whack my body for being stupid. If I were ever to drown myself in water, she'd probably be the one who will take a picture of it. If I were ever to die because of starvation, she'd be the one who will cook for me. If I were ever to do anything stupid, she'd be the one to tell me to think about it again. If I were ever to run away from home, she'd tell my dad. Sometimes, I say stuff that would make people think that I hate her, truth is I do. And because of that, I can joke about it. Jaja, saranghae. 

About Jared, when I first met her, I didn't care about her. Who the hell she is, I didn't care? But then we started hanging out together and I realised her talent, she can do the bitchiest bitch face ever. That should be praised. She should get an award for that. But something about Jared is that she wouldn't lie to you. If she doesn't like you then she won't like you. If you did something retarded, she'll tell you that. If you make her mad, she'll be mad. If you piss her off, she'd be pissed off. She doesn't really filter her expressions... not sure if that's a good thing or bad but in the end, she's real, you know? She's just real. No fakeness, no cover. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Basically, SPM is over. Done with. A break from studying for 3 months. Planned to open up an online shop but that plan went down the drain when I asked for permission to. Which sucks. Where am I gonna get the money to buy more albums? Lee Seung Gi's mini album is waiting for me... at the shops. Oh well, lets learn some korean, watch Korean Dramas, eat Korean Food, bake and sleep. I feel lifeless. I don't know where I'm heading, what I'm going to do... I feel lost in this massive world of boredom. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

A week

Al-Andalus: The Art of Islamic Spain

A week of SPM has passed. Four subjects, 8 papers in a week. And I was able to stand it. Sejarah was surprisingly not filled with KBKK questions which made everything pretty saddening. But now, I shall put those stuff aside and get ready for the other 5 subjects... pretty heavy subjects too. They weigh tonnes compared to BM... haha joke. I'm going to eat some instant noodles now.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Eszter Burghardt

1 more day. In exactly 23 hours and 30 minutes, I'll be in the exam hall starting my BM paper. I can't wait and yet I'm scared. I'm scared that I might forget things like what my name is or something. If people read my blog, I'd ask you guys to pray for me but no one's reading this, so dear imaginary readers, please pray that I won't forget stuff and that what I've learnt for the past 11 years will just spill out on all the SPM papers I'll have to do. Thanks. 

Friday, November 2, 2012


Ben Giles
3 more days? Ya Allah. WHAT AM I DOING STILL BLOGGING?!?! 

Thursday, November 1, 2012



So I'm watching Woo Young's Making Film of Sexy Lady and it's buffering which I do not know why cos Unifi isn't supposed to let videos buffer. But anyway, today was officially the last day of school, I think? I mean after this, it'd be just straight out SPM nothing else so yeah, last day of school.

Today being the last day of school, we stayed at the hall for the whole day. Bushrah (?) came and stuff. Mohon restu was weird.
"Teacher, thank you and I'm sorry if I did anything wrong. And I'm sorry that I slept in your class."
"You slept in my class?"
"Oopss.. you didn't realise?"
"It was probably because you talked so much."
"Asma, I know you can do it."
"So ni lah Asma."
Did I miss something here?

We set our tables for SPM and I'm sitting next to Faqil and Aaron, behind Azurah and in front of Alex. Right at the back. I'm on the second row and second column from the back. Pengawas peperiksaan, please don't hang around at the back. Asma no likey. When Asma no likey, she no likey. Whut.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


of Tumblr

Didn't want to blog at first but then I have to wait for the flash player to load so what better way to waste time than blog? And it's done! How quick. Unifi. Go get yours quick so you can 'potong'. Did I get the right advert? Probably not. 

My classmates were super shocked when I asked them how many questions in Paper 1 Sejarah I need to get right in order to get an A+, with super shocked faces they asked me back "Kau target A+ ke?". I do not know whether to be offended or not. I want straight A+ but being able to get it and getting it is a totally different story. Which should not be thought now. I spend time humouring myself with stand up comedies these days.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012



The closer I get to SPM, the more questions I do, the more I realise that there are so many things that I haven't memorised yet. I don't even know. And here I am still blogging. I feel as if I've been at home and haven't been out at all. And I want to but I can't bring myself to ask... not because I'm scared that they wouldn't let me but because I know I shouldn't.

Monday, October 29, 2012


Perfect meme for me, right now

7 days from now, I will be doing my SPM. Exams that I studied 2 years for and my SPM results will be the answer to where I'll be and what I'll be doing in the future. Nervous? Not really. Alhamdulillah for that. I just hope that the nervousness is not building up in my body without myself knowing. Because I don't want to go sweating nervous sweats while doing my BM. Heck no. But I'm glad I'm not the only one. Susu and Momoi are in this with me... the only difference is that they're bloody smart and mega rajin and I'm not.

Thursday, October 25, 2012



Out. Out of ideas that is. Randomly posting something just because I feel like doing it. Sejarah is still on hold at the side. Don't feel like doing it to be honest but I know that I have to. Currently melting and crunching up Kinder Bueno in my mouth. I love it when the outside is cold and the inside is soft but that won't happen... which is upsetting. Puan Sharifah's favourite quote (?) sentence (?) compliment is "So cute~~~" Yeahhh... Muaz has been going up and down up and down. I don't think he knows what he's doing. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012



Something I hate, something I really really hate. Sellers who increase the price of the items they are selling after all the preorders have closed. That's what you call bullshitting your customers. You tell them that something is RM130 w/o postage at first while another shop is selling it for RM138 with postage so knowing that I'll buy two, ofcourse I ordered with the first shop. However, she suddenly messaged me saying that the price from the supplier is actually RM145 w/o postage after all the shops have closed their preorders. That's like RM15 difference. WHY?

I pledge that I will never ever cheat my customers and make them feel how I am feeling right now when/if I become a business woman.


The day has started. School hasn't. I should go to school. Hakim's back. He's a pain. He's reading this. Such a pain.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I don't

I Don't Need A Man; Miss A

Trying to finish everything non-SPM related by this week. Trying to finish Sejarah, Agama and all the science subjects by this week. Possibilities? Lets see... later. There's only 12 days left (I think?), I don't feel anything. No nervousness, I just know that I need to really study my ass off for it. Like trials. It feels as if I'm just taking a test not an exam that will probably be the reason of my success (or failure but lets not hope that) in the future. A post, no... a break after every chapter. Gonna try to finish off Sejarah Form 5 by today... oh and my BM tuition homework too.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


From disposable-herox
I wasted a whole day yesterday talking about the new age movement, freemasons, illuminatis and sleeping. Regrets? A whole load of them. Have you ever tried typing with a french keyboard. Mad tiring, mad annoying. Currently at Jaja's house: She slept on the floor last night to let me sleep on her bed. I'm feeling guilty so I'm letting her sleep on the bed right now - because she's still asleep.

It seems as if I can't wake up late these days and it feels awesome that I can't. I'm doing something right for once. It started of hard but then it got easier and now I just can't revert to my old habits of waking up at whatever time I want. The key to waking up early is showering or exercising straight after you wake up.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Have you ever disrespected a teacher that have taught you before? Have you ever chatted bad about a teacher that have taught you before? I have but I've reflected on myself and I've apologised. But never in my life have I ever said stuff like "Cikgu tu bodoh", "That teacher is dumb" or "The teacher's daft". But just recently, today actually, I heard a story from a friend of mine that a junior asked her "Macam mana kau boleh dengar dekat cikgu bodoh tu?" while an English teacher was telling her something. If this kid was good in English, I wouldn't mind but I can tell you that the kid probably couldn't even introduce her/himself in English without making a grammatical error. I don't want to see the kid succeed, I don't even think she/he can anyway. Not with an attitude like that. 

SPM starts in 17 days. 


Ernst Haeckel

Understanding something you thought you'd never understand. Feels nice don't it? Thought that school today would be like yesterday - boring but it wasn't. I was glad that I went. I finally understood about the hormones that gets excreted and bla bla bla. And it made my day. I think it rained early this morning. I hope it'll rain again. Will be going to Jaja's tomorrow until Sunday because Mami, Papa and Muaz are ditching me for Hakim. Kidding, they'd never do that. They love me too much (stayed at home the most). It's Hakim's convocation so they're flying off to Langkawi to bring his stuff back for the holidays so that Hakim wouldn't need to bring so much when he comes back home later. Lucky PMR kid. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Some Malaysians are lucky to have the chance to grow up overseas. Growing up overseas exposes us to so many different cultures and religions (especially if you're living in Cheetham Hill!). Back where I used to live, I had 3 best classmates. An English, an Indian and a Libyan. So I communicated daily with people of different races. Thinking back, there were never really any problem about racism in school except this one time when a dark skinned kid called a dark skinned teacher a 'nigger' but that was it. 

To say that there were many racism problems out of school would be a bit ... because at the place I used to live, it doesn't matter what race you are or who you are, if you pick a fight, shit will happen. The Pakistanis fought with the English, the English fought with the English, the Pakistanis fought with the Pakistanis, the mixed group fought with the mixed group. It's all the same.

But what I see in Malaysia is this culture (I don't know if it's just at the place I live at) where the Malays, Indians and Chinese just find each other racist. Even if you don't do anything, they'll still call you racist just because you're from a different race. When I'm in class, I see 4 different groups, a group of Malays, a group of Indians, a group of Chinese and a mix group. The mix group having a Chinese who doesn't enjoy being with his own race, a male Indian who is the only male Indian in the class and a whole bunch of Malays (including me). The only time you can see the whole class mixed together is when we're taking the class picture, when we're checking what number we got in class (imagine us crowding around a piece of paper) and that is basically it.

For once, I just want everyone to put aside their race and just become Malaysians. 

I've never been a fan of rainbows but I've never hated it but isn't this pretty.

I've always loved the rain and BM tuition. The rain, even though it's annoying sometimes (couldn't go out, gets the shoes wet, drenches me and my clothes) makes me smile. I don't run around in the rain, instead I shelter from it but the sound, the smell (of polluted rain) and the wet grounds that come with it magically calms me down. When I'm sad, the rain makes me happy. I'm not sure if I'm just the opposite of everyone but the rain has always been my best friend, back in Manchester and now here in Malaysia. I don't like it when it's warm... therefore I don't like it when the sun's out. What am I doing in Malaysia?!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012



I get jealous of people who can go to any random shop and just get anything they want because they can fit in them. I want to wear nice clothes too. I want to look nice too. I want to be thin too. I want to wear heels too. I want to wear cute dresses and jeans too. I want to wear really nice scarves too. I want to have those fashion blogs too. Don't you?


Nicked it of Tumblr with wishes that mornings in Malaysia would be the same

Reading gave me this massive urge to blog. It has been a few months since I last did this and now SPM is so near. So why exactly am I blogging? With Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang, Milo from the fridge next to me and Play's I Must Not Chase The Boys playing, I'm chilling in front of the laptop with no thoughts of SPM. Just kidding. With just 20+ days (?) until SPM, you really just can't ignore it. My Nasi Lemak is currently my inspiration source so lets have some carbs, proteins and some other things I don't know that are in my Nasi Lemak. Or not. 

Sometimes, I feel so lazy to study that I don't and I actually wonder why. But just then, while waiting for the Mak Cik in front of KFC to pack my Nasi Lemak, I concluded that I am not lazy. I'm just so stressed out that SPM is near that my head is going to burst if I study. Of course, that's not true at all. If I was in a boarding school right now, I'd probably be doing some other states' trial papers but I'm not and that is why I'm doing this.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


End of year trip will be to Langkawi. A scout trip with my mates. 


Don't think about it anymore. It's in the past.
I've grown up from that phase. It's not a problem to me anymore.
So don't worry. My thoughts has matured and I now understand. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Unforgettable experience got me missing it. 

Thanks to Q's "abang" who drives this thing

Another volunteer who volunteered with us

Family potrait

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


De: You know that new girl's a pro.
Dz: Yeah, she's a pro. Ace-uh.
De: She got 90+ for her (something)
Me: Kay then, *nods* go marry her.
De: I rejected her already.
Dz: Me too.
As if she wanted you guys in the first place. -.-'

Saturday, March 3, 2012


부디 사랑이 아니길 부디 그대만 아니길
손톱만한 마음마저 허락치 않기를

I miss this girl too.

Dad's telling me to send an email to KAIST asking if I can get in with my SPM results. I'll get Mami to send it. I have 2 camping trips coming up. One in March and a Camporee in April. I honestly couldn't wait.

Mak left for Holland yesterday. KLIA reminded me so much of my first time going down that escalator. Made me feel like going back to Manchester.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Showing your backside to people is awkward.

These girls, I miss them.

Had to take pictures of today's event. I had to stand up, my backside facing the sitting audience, taking pictures. Super duper awkward. But it was nothing. I just realised that I don't sleep in class anymore. Asma is proud of Asma. Civics was super weird. All the groups had to go up and perform but three of us didn't. One of them being me. Teacher only realised 2 people who didn't go up aka me and this one other guy. So the class ended with the repetition of the word "DUET!"

Duet kepala otak hang.

Monday, February 27, 2012


What I am : A bad daughter and a bad sister

Without realizing, I make my parents upset. A while later, when I've realised, I would regret what I did. Then that's that. I don't say sorry neither do I ask for forgiveness. I get mad at my parents for no valid reason, usually just because I'm not in the mood. I wish I had my own psychologist.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Sundown, Friday twilight in the big town.

No, I'm not going to say who 'this friend' is. I don't think I want this friend to know that I miss this friend. WTH am I saying. LOL.

They had this badminton thing yesterday, I didn't go. Going would make me feel so left out. So I didn't go. It's just so hard trying to fit in with my classmates. I feel lonely in class, I swear. Sometimes I would go to the back of the class because at least, I'd feel less lonely there with those ST2s that moved to ST1. I don't really do much when I'm with them but sitting with them, it just brings back the feeling of actually having classmates who knows you.

And I regret doing something last year. I regret studying for my end of year exams, last year. I swear. I don't know about my future but the present, right now, I wish I didn't study. At least, I could be with S, Q and Z.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


난 난 꿈이 있었죠

So I have this one friend. We used to smile at each other and say hi and talk to each other every time we see each other. We fought and we picked on each other most of the time but we were still friends. Well this friend, when we moved class, stopped saying hi to me and stopped talking to me unless I start the whole thing first. This friend used to be the one that started all the fights, conversations and hi's but now, if I want to talk to this friend, I'll have to be the one that starts the conversation. This friend used to come and sit behind me and pick on me but now, I have to go sit with this friend of mine as this friend wouldn't come and sit next to me or behind me anymore. I don't know, it might be just me but this friend is trying to avoid me. I don't know what I did but I miss the old days. I'm not expecting this friend to change back though.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Noreul joahae

I don't know what I'm doing with my life. I can no longer see my future. I don't know what I'll be 10 years from now. I can't see where I'll be 10 years from now. I am lost and I can't find my way out. Everything I do now is a waste of time. Doing this is a waste of time. Sleeping is a waste of time. Thinking is a waste of time. The only thing that isn't is memorizing. All I need to do now is memorize everything that is in my Form 4 and Form 5 text books. That is all there is to it now but even if I do that, I still don't know what is waiting for me in the future.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


"Asma, the MC! You were great up there. Teachers were asking me who you were so I said that you're Asma and that I am your teacher. I was so proud."
"Okay, so Mr President has given his answer, now... Mrs President."
a. I'm not a president
b. I'm not a presiden't wife
c. I'm not married yet

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Won MBLAQ 100% ver from GO Msia KMusic Store. Got to love online shops like those.

Told Papa in January that I wouldn't enter competitions anymore but I cannot resist. If someone offers you RM100 for free, would you take it? You obviously would and so would I. So these are what competitions are to me. My effort to win competitions are less than RM1 of an album that costs RM40 because they usually just tell us to give them a phrase and stuff like that. And those stuff are easy... if you have a heart that truly loves that specific band or singer... or if you're good at lying... which I am not. Anyway, I won with:
I deserve to win MBLAQ 100% ver album because I fell for them after they impressed me with their vocals, dance and personalities. They don't just capture my heart but also my ears, my eyes and my mouth because I honestly could not keep my eyes shut, ears deaf or mouth close while watching their performances from way back then.
Went to Taylor's Sri Hartamas and met Khadijah. I miss her and I miss scouts. The college was epic. I would like to say that. It looks so nice and the design was just so comfortable that I wouldn't mind living there. Played games and stuff, it was super cool. But I am a tad bit jealous of the people that got to do some experiments in the lab but I had fun, that's all that matters right?
"Who's this?"
"I've heard a lot about you guys"
"About who?"

Monday, February 13, 2012


I had to be the MC for today's assembly.

I was told that my English is too 'fasih' making me speak too fast. I don't really know if that's supposed to be a compliment or an insult. I was also told that my accent (which I don't have) slipped out. I was nervous. But Chen Yik stayed with me all through the assembly which he wasn't supposed to do. And when I told him to get off, he still stayed and said that it doesn't matter. My Ketua Kumpulan is better than yours. Damn right, he's better than yours. LOL.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


I haven't updated for ages but who the hell cares.

"Truth or dare?"
"Dance Gee in front of..."
"Tak best ah, dia rapat kot dengan Derek."
Rapat my arse.
Oh &