Won MBLAQ 100% ver from GO Msia KMusic Store. Got to love online shops like those.

Told Papa in January that I wouldn't enter competitions anymore but I cannot resist. If someone offers you RM100 for free, would you take it? You obviously would and so would I. So these are what competitions are to me. My effort to win competitions are less than RM1 of an album that costs RM40 because they usually just tell us to give them a phrase and stuff like that. And those stuff are easy... if you have a heart that truly loves that specific band or singer... or if you're good at lying... which I am not. Anyway, I won with:
I deserve to win MBLAQ 100% ver album because I fell for them after they impressed me with their vocals, dance and personalities. They don't just capture my heart but also my ears, my eyes and my mouth because I honestly could not keep my eyes shut, ears deaf or mouth close while watching their performances from way back then.
Went to Taylor's Sri Hartamas and met Khadijah. I miss her and I miss scouts. The college was epic. I would like to say that. It looks so nice and the design was just so comfortable that I wouldn't mind living there. Played games and stuff, it was super cool. But I am a tad bit jealous of the people that got to do some experiments in the lab but I had fun, that's all that matters right?
"Who's this?"
"I've heard a lot about you guys"
"About who?"


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