Sundown, Friday twilight in the big town.

No, I'm not going to say who 'this friend' is. I don't think I want this friend to know that I miss this friend. WTH am I saying. LOL.

They had this badminton thing yesterday, I didn't go. Going would make me feel so left out. So I didn't go. It's just so hard trying to fit in with my classmates. I feel lonely in class, I swear. Sometimes I would go to the back of the class because at least, I'd feel less lonely there with those ST2s that moved to ST1. I don't really do much when I'm with them but sitting with them, it just brings back the feeling of actually having classmates who knows you.

And I regret doing something last year. I regret studying for my end of year exams, last year. I swear. I don't know about my future but the present, right now, I wish I didn't study. At least, I could be with S, Q and Z.


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