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Roommate left

It's Saturday evening and I'm on the couch with Vagabond playing on the tv. I have spring rolls in the oven to be eaten with the sambal Aisyah made a batch of before she left. I'm deciding whether to steam some buns but I think I've over eaten during lunch. Aisyah's gone home and Laura's moved to her mum's. There were a lot of boxes around the house for a while; it was clear that people were moving out. There are actually still a lot of boxes in the house waiting to be shipped to Malaysia just that the shipping company hasn't texted to come yet. It had been a while since I had a roommate before Aisyah moved in. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be just that there were a lot of things in the room. We had to buy a bedside table and a clothing rack just to keep everything neat. While she was around, the house was sparkling clean because she vacuumed and polished the whole house nearly every day! In addition to that, the plants in the b