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4 to the S to the T to the 2

DEREK-ah! lolmyclassmatesarefunny


I miss everyone. I miss my sisters. I miss my homies. I miss my mates. So today, my cousins came. Papa: Tak boleh tunggu kita orang ajak ke? Not in a rude way. It's cos we do this buka puasa thing for the everyone from my mum's side of the family and pak ngah from my dad's side of the family (cos everyone else is in Johor except for pan ngah) every year. But yeah, they came. At 2 somin? we went to Tesco to get stuff. I bought a BB Cream, gonna try it out tomorrow. But even if it works. If I go to hong kong, which I hope i will, I'll buy Dr Jart's. So anyway.. on the way home, Iman called me while i was sleeping. So I obviously had to answer. :P and I did. Then I arrived home and it was raining. I wanted to play in the rain but I had no friends. After a few, I went to buy food. So I did. Came back home and helped me mum up in the kitchen. My aunts, uncles and cousins came. (2 families) Kak Iqa helped out so I didn't have to do


NEO EOBSI IJE NAN EOTTEOKE SARA Why do you like to kacau me? Huh? What did I do to you? Huh? Macam cacat je marah blog. LOL. So you see, today was fun. School was fun. I don't know if it's because of Sejarah, Breaktime >< or English. But something today made it fun. I wish everyday in the future would be like today. Life would be nice. I think I'm going to Penang this weekend. I'm always going on last minute planned trips. Oh. I applied for PRS. I have to go for an interview but I dont know when. Have I posted this already? Sorry if I did. lol.

Fact #9

Hakim looks like a monk. Honestly, I'm tired of having our weekly walks at the park. Where's the challenge? I want to go hiking. (Missing the old days)


GEUJEO CHINGUROMAN NIGA JAHASSEO Baru tiga hari, I lost 2kg. Lulz. For buka, I only eat kuih. I only eat rice when I sahur in the morning. It's good for me. Tomorrow, I'll go on the treadmill. Tomorrow, I have a presentation. T.T .15% of my end of year history marks. O0. And I still can't get the right feelings from Septic. Otteokaji?