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SKY 2017 I

That's everyone pointing at the 'SKY', by the way.  I won't lie, I regret not blogging about SKY continuously whilst my team and I were working on it. It makes reflecting on myself and my team harder as there's nothing that I can look back to.  When I took up SKY, I told Syafiq all this BS on how I'm going to do this and that, not even convinced that I was going to actually do it. But I worked on it nonetheless. The first thing I did was I recruited the foundation of my team. People I knew who wanted to work with SKY. At this part, I asked around who wanted to be part of it.  It was difficult finding people. I dismissed the ones who said they wanted to think about it. I dismissed the ones who were deciding between two flagship events. I dismissed the ones who I thought I couldn't get along with. I dismissed the ones who wanted more than what they were offered. Don't get me wrong, I didn't do it because I wanted to. I did it because I had