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Eid is what Eid is

I had spoilt myself last year by going back to Malaysia for Eid. Then came this year, I had somewhat of a reality check... the reality of living abroad. I was hoping that Eid would've fallen on Saturday so that I could spend the day out in London. But it didn't. It fell on Friday which meant it was a working day.  As Eid starts getting closer to Christmas, it's difficult to justify going to Malaysia for both holidays. Naturally, there are more public holidays during Christmas than Eid hence it'll be awhile until I get to celebrate Eid in Malaysia. That said, I think I made the best out of Eid as I could. I had invited friends over for an 'open house' on Sunday which I prepped for well ahead. I spent the whole weekend earlier making tofu bergedil and frying things that required frying such as tofu. Throughout the week coming to Eid, I was prepping every afternoon and by the time it was Sunday, all I had to do was make lodeh.  I spent Saturday in London at Abang L


I thought it would be a good time to sneak at least a short draft for continuation over the weekend when I'll be able to get around to finishing this post. I have just come out of what was a horrible week and I'm pleased to say that I came out through the tunnel in one piece. I have realised that I function quite well despite being in a bad place mentally. I'm able to take care of myself, go to work and talk to people but it all takes so much effort. Waking up and getting out of bed had been incredibly difficult. I only realised that I'm now ok when I was able get up this morning without much persuasion from myself. But I appreciate how I'm now more aware of my feelings, my emotions and know when I'm not ok. Going back to a year ago, I used to beat myself up whenever I felt like this and it didn't help. I would get angry at myself for being tired, weak, lazy and unable to do work.  Now, however, I know when I'm unwell and I acknowledge it. I did think I

I know, Scotland again?!

This week has been hectic but thank goodness it's only a 3 day week. That said, by the time it was Wednesday, I just had it with the work week. On Monday, I was busy getting a coordinated drawing out - it still isn't solved.  On Tuesday, I was sitting in for a meeting on a project that I hardly touched, I was mentally tired following it. On Wednesday, I was on site to see another consultants' design. By the end of it, I was rushing to see Munirah because I made her wait that long! The 1 hour site meeting turned out to be 2.5 hours (although very useful). Munirah and I decided to meet up because we wanted to plan our Disneyland trip. We walked through Hyde Park from the science museum, it started drizzling but we were all fine because we're used to it. Her husband then left for Malaysian Hall whilst we headed to Bonda's kitchen for some dimsum and to continue the discussion. We ended up talking about finding partners and having relationships. Mainly because I've

Maybe People Make Me Happy

I feel like I need to start figuring out a better way of titling my posts because at this rate, I'd be spending half the time it takes me to write a whole blog post on figuring out a title.  My thoughts hasn't quieten down but as we do, day in and day out, we figure out a way to deal with it. I've started to realise that I've been spending too much time on my own when in reality, I could go out more and spend time with people. I'd like to think that I'm more of an introvert than an extrovert but I actually feel so much better when I'm with people that I'm comfortable around. I had a meeting in London on Thursday, following that, I managed to get Faten to have dinner with me which was the highlight of my work week. As usual, we talked about life and we've concluded that I need to go out and meet more people. So I have a feeling that I'll be putting a bit more effort and money in that the next few months to make new friends or... I'll just cont