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Long Weekend 02

It was another busy weekend - I didn't have time/energy to write a post last week! I had half expected it to be a recovery weekend because I felt like I haven't been able to have a breather since Eid but it didn't go that way. On Friday, Auntie A came back from Switzerland and had dropped by my place to get her luggage. An Auntie who lives in Maidenhead picked her up and they dropped by mine for a bit. They invited me to a potluck picnic on Sunday that another Malaysian was organising. I wasn't feeling well on Saturday but pushed through anyway. I went out to the shops to get ingredients and spent the rest of the day preparing for Sunday. It was good that I was able to get myself busy! Sunday was the best. I initially intended to help Auntie M out with preparing but I got ready too late. Uncle picked me up from my flat, we went to their house and bungkus some nasi lemak. There was a lot of food and I'd like to believe that I tasted every single one of them because I

Long Weekend 01

I've had the busiest weekend since I've been back here and I'm not complaining. It's a long weekend, we love that. I had spent the whole weekend with family and friends and I can't think of a better way to have spent it. I just came back from London and I'm sat here on the balcony, keying this out because the weather is too nice to call it a day. If it wasn't 8PM already, I would've walked over to M&D's.  Friday was spent with the London/Maidenhead gang. It has been so long since I last saw everyone! It's sad thinking how at one point of our lives, we were spending every week together and now we only see each other when someone's visiting or leaving. That said, the feelings hasn't changed and they still feel like home. It was the recharge I've been needing after a few weeks of not feeling the best. Conversations are different this time around though because everyone's suddenly single and we're all talking about who and how