Long Weekend 01

I've had the busiest weekend since I've been back here and I'm not complaining. It's a long weekend, we love that. I had spent the whole weekend with family and friends and I can't think of a better way to have spent it. I just came back from London and I'm sat here on the balcony, keying this out because the weather is too nice to call it a day. If it wasn't 8PM already, I would've walked over to M&D's. 

Friday was spent with the London/Maidenhead gang. It has been so long since I last saw everyone! It's sad thinking how at one point of our lives, we were spending every week together and now we only see each other when someone's visiting or leaving. That said, the feelings hasn't changed and they still feel like home. It was the recharge I've been needing after a few weeks of not feeling the best. Conversations are different this time around though because everyone's suddenly single and we're all talking about who and how to date. Sarah has always been advocating people to try out dating but when asked for tips this time around, she said "Don't." That said, everyone's doing good and we were all laughing and enjoying ourselves up on the rooftop of somewhere in Elephant & Castle. The fact that our team won code names against Trev, Oussama and Akil made it so much better too. After I managed to run away from Nerd Central, I headed to Edgware Road where Auntie Ana was staying. We talked a lot about her life and about my life and it felt quite nice. I've always seen her as Mami's friend but now I've realised that I'm at that point in life where she could also be a friend too. 

I spent Sunday morning cleaning up the house & talking to friends and then headed off to London running around for Buns from Home and some limited edition coronation Whittard bag. I then headed to Wembley Park to see Along, Kak Cat, Rania, Raees and Riyadh. It was such good quality time spent with them, and it was something that we probably wouldn't get in Malaysia. I've seen Riyadh in Malaysia plenty of times, but it was that Sunday that I became a person to him because he now knows my actual name. I loved it. I love how we were able to reconnect and I know that in some ways, this is exactly the benefit of being abroad and having family travel to where you live. 

Monday came and I made nasi goreng (it didn't have enough salt in it). Nadhirah, knowing me, wasn't surprised when I told her on our call. I then got ready for another day in London. This time, it was to meet up with Faten. We called the whole gang but people were busy. We went to Camden to pick up some food and then walked to Regent's Park to have a picnic. We talked about life, life is feeling odd for both of us and as it is with Faten, time just moved so fast and suddenly it was nearly 7 and tomorrow's a working day. 

All of this came at such a nice timing because I have been struggling and it feels as if God is looking out for me. I know that there are people out there praying for me and I feel so blessed. Thank you, please keep on praying for me because I really need it.


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