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Fact #14

itsvixx I can't cut my nails right I hope Taekwoon would know how to

UTP's Educamp

Early this morning, at 3.30 to be precise, I woke up to get ready to go to UTP. Papa drove there and I fell asleep when we were in Ipoh (I think). Sorry Papa! We got there, surprised by the number of people that were already lining up. It was only 7 o'clock! Waited in line and got a little bit pissed by the people who came late but went to the front. Typical Malaysians, glad I'm not one. 0:-) UTP looked awesome. I just don't know how to describe it. I'd go to their library every single day if I could. Plus, the whole campus had wifi all around. It was... just... great. Got into the hall and it was massive. Going up the stairs, a girl turned around and asked if I (and another girl) came alone and I obviously did so we sat together! And we were buddies all through the day. Puteri and I got along pretty well. It started with just a random conversation of what we were taking and then it felt as if I've known her for a long time. It got really comfort


This song's on repeat


From  starlight1001 I would like a guy best friend. Someone who I could just basically dump my problems on. Someone who I could talk to about my best friends when I need to complain about them. Because guys don't chat as much as girls and guys don't judge and guys don't add fuel to the fire. I actually do have a friend who I can chat to like that but you know, not a best friend. I sometimes just wish that I have one.  I'm jealous of I and A. Why? Uh why? Because they're like besties. What do we have that you don't. It's like u hav a guy to tell everything to u know. Like when ure upset with us, u can mengadu to someone that is not a girl cos guys don't chat. Jap Asma, how'd you know I complain to A? HAHAHAHAHA. A bagitahu ehhhhh. Tak sebab thats what i do when i chat to D but he's not a best friend u know. how can D not be a bestfriend? i thought? D tells you stuff? He doesn't really, u know... talk. hahaha. cause D doesn


Today's adventure started with my difficulty of choosing whether to take either Electrical Engineering or Petroleum Engineering. So yesterday, Papa asked me to watch documentaries on Engineering and then he was like "Fuzah, pergi Petrosains to see if you want to take Petroleum Engineering." And that was exactly what I did. Asked Susu and Iman if they wanted to go but Susu's been. So Iman decided to invite Amar, I didn't want to feel left out so I told Dzaf and then we invited Marina and it became this one little trip.  I didn't sleep after Subuh to get ready and at around 8:45 (blame the late people) we were on our way to KLCC. I was happy enough that I didn't need to drive. Hung in front of Petrosains 15 minutes before the opening time and then went in. We were all a little bit excited. Being the first there, there were all these volunteers chatting to us and guiding us around so it was well fun!  Best bit of the whole trip has got to be at the


Imaginary readers, this is a present for you. Without Taekwoon , I think I would've already died of boredom. I would just like to say that I didn't give a crap about Taekwoon when I started watching VIXX DIARY and VIXX TV. I watched them because of N but then suddenly, I found myself replaying the videos just to see Taekwoon. And after that, the reason I watch them is because of Taekwoon. Now, I'm even watching the unsubbed version. Imagine watching a movie in a language that you don't understand, you'd most probably just stop watching it. Can you feel my pain? But I can't seem to stop. Because I know that somewhere in the video, Taekwoon will make an appearance.  I'll be talking about Sasaeng Fans after this post. Like why aren't all of them mental kfans in jail yet?