Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fact #14

I can't cut my nails right
I hope Taekwoon would know how to

Monday, April 15, 2013

UTP's Educamp

Early this morning, at 3.30 to be precise, I woke up to get ready to go to UTP. Papa drove there and I fell asleep when we were in Ipoh (I think). Sorry Papa! We got there, surprised by the number of people that were already lining up. It was only 7 o'clock! Waited in line and got a little bit pissed by the people who came late but went to the front. Typical Malaysians, glad I'm not one. 0:-)

UTP looked awesome. I just don't know how to describe it. I'd go to their library every single day if I could. Plus, the whole campus had wifi all around. It was... just... great. Got into the hall and it was massive. Going up the stairs, a girl turned around and asked if I (and another girl) came alone and I obviously did so we sat together! And we were buddies all through the day.

Puteri and I got along pretty well. It started with just a random conversation of what we were taking and then it felt as if I've known her for a long time. It got really comfortable. And and and and and the exciting bit about Puteri is that she learns korean so she subs videos... VIXX videos to be exact. It's like... I can't even describe. If both of us do end up in UTP, I'd like us to be roommates. This may be one sided though... hur hur.

Listened to the talk and speeches given while Whatsapping people (might aswell use the free wifi, right?) and at around 11 o'clock, we went out to the mosque for lunch. We rode on the bus and the bus driver started talking to us... awkward. Haha. Met Puteri's schoolmate who'll be going to the MARA interview this Thursday. I can't remember his name, have to ask Puteri later but he was tall. That was random. Started feeling insecure when Puteri got us to arrange our certificates. At that time, in my head it was all "How the heck did she get all of those certificates?" It was tough on me.

We then went to the holding room where we waited for about an hour, got me feeling all nervous. We were then called into the preparation room and we had to just find a seat so I went to the nearest table.

Do you mind if we sit here? Yes. Please sit.

Got me a bit shocked when he said yes. Thought he didn't want me to sit there. There was a cute guy in my group and I only realised after I sat. *claps* Puteri's really talkative so she was able to make everyone comfortable and Asma being Asma, had to be Asma.

Punjabi eh? Yeh. Melayu eh? Huh? Ye

That question caught him offguard. We were then told about our case study and what we had to do. Basically, we were given a sheet of paper about a certain topic, with a problem, the public's opinion and a suggestion to solve it. We had to define the problem, summarize the public's opinion and agree or disagree with the suggestion given. We were given about 20 minutes to puke out our ideas (we weren't allowed to discuss it with our team mates) but then we had +++minutes while we were waiting.

After those 20 minutes were up, we were called to the waiting room where we waited for our numbers to be called out. The interviewer basically asked me about myself (achievements, basically), what course I picked and why I picked it. After talking and all, (not gonna talk about what actually happened cos I'd get all moody) he asked about the case study that I was given. He told me to stop just as I was about get to my points and told me to talk about it later in the the group interview.

Waited again and was finally called in. We were asked to sit in a semi circle and basically just discuss on what would be the best possible solution. And the interviewer was just there... listening. It was mega hard for me. Because everyone's suggested suggestions were really different. In the end, we managed to combine everything up together... not really. Took a few words from everyone's suggestion and managed to find a conclusion which is "The government's new policy should focus on exposing drugs in a good way to the community through the media and something something." Can't really remember what I blabbered about. 

We got out of the room and started chatting... and then everyone parted to leave. 

It was tiring for me, probably more for Papa cos he drove there and back. So thank you Papa. :D

Saturday, April 13, 2013


I would like a guy best friend. Someone who I could just basically dump my problems on. Someone who I could talk to about my best friends when I need to complain about them. Because guys don't chat as much as girls and guys don't judge and guys don't add fuel to the fire. I actually do have a friend who I can chat to like that but you know, not a best friend. I sometimes just wish that I have one. 

I'm jealous of I and A. Why? Uh why? Because they're like besties. What do we have that you don't. It's like u hav a guy to tell everything to u know. Like when ure upset with us, u can mengadu to someone that is not a girl cos guys don't chat. Jap Asma, how'd you know I complain to A? HAHAHAHAHA. A bagitahu ehhhhh. Tak sebab thats what i do when i chat to D but he's not a best friend u know. how can D not be a bestfriend? i thought? D tells you stuff? He doesn't really, u know... talk. hahaha. cause D doesn't talk. lol. read your mind. neither do A entah. He keeps telling me that he's more of a listener. He comments but he doens't talk. But we complain each other on our life and we'll get a pep talk from each other in return. Haha. Oh? So comment is not a talk? D doesn't do that. See. Not a best friend u know. hahaha entah. but I feel very awkward arnd him when we meet. 

Loads of sentences missing because we were talking about two different topics at the same time... which is what we usually do.  

Anyway, I talked to Ana today. I miss Ana. 

Friday, April 12, 2013


Today's adventure started with my difficulty of choosing whether to take either Electrical Engineering or Petroleum Engineering. So yesterday, Papa asked me to watch documentaries on Engineering and then he was like "Fuzah, pergi Petrosains to see if you want to take Petroleum Engineering." And that was exactly what I did. Asked Susu and Iman if they wanted to go but Susu's been. So Iman decided to invite Amar, I didn't want to feel left out so I told Dzaf and then we invited Marina and it became this one little trip. 

I didn't sleep after Subuh to get ready and at around 8:45 (blame the late people) we were on our way to KLCC. I was happy enough that I didn't need to drive. Hung in front of Petrosains 15 minutes before the opening time and then went in. We were all a little bit excited. Being the first there, there were all these volunteers chatting to us and guiding us around so it was well fun! 

Best bit of the whole trip has got to be at the dinosaur place though. Hehe.
Iman, do you know what this means? No... tanya lah the guy there. Can you call him for me. (called the guy) What does this mean? I dont know. But how can you not know? I'm only a volunteer. But shouldn't you know? (awkward laugh) OH OH! I get it now. Should've read it from the beginning. -.-' 
And so this guy started following us around. At one point Iman was mentioning about how I have to read all about those stuff when I'm studying and this guy overheard. He then asked me if I wanted to take engineering and so I said that I did. So the guy was like where? And I told him that I have a UTP interview on Monday and so he told me how the interview is really easy so I should just chill out and all. He then walked around the exhibition explaining everything to us and telling me random things that I would probably learn if I study PE. And he would ask me some random questions about Petroleum and all and the fact that I was able to answer them surprised me. It was probably because of the documentaries I watched yesterday. I considered asking the guy to just be our tour guide for our day in Petrosains but that wouldn't be nice. 

We then went to the next area and they had a Maths show. Having only 5 of us there, I obviously just decided to chill and speak out whatever I wanted to say. I mean, my friends know how I am and so I didn't care. I participated a lot... I think. But then the guy kept saying that he doesn't understand me. (makes a face) Brought back home a 3D dinosaur kit for Muaz though. It's something. We then basically went around stopping at random places. Played some games at the kids place. A child at heart, I am. We went into the simulator... twice. The screen didn't work the first time so yeah. Iman belanjaed us it too!

At the Oil Rig, I basically went around reading and listening, having my main intention of going to Petrosains in my head. I guess I spent too long there that the other kids left me. Tsk. Sat at the place where the oil rig workers would sleep at, to watch a guy talking about his life there (on the telly). Went out and the fun those kids were having, I couldn't even explain. 

I skipped all the games because the other reason why I wanted to go to Petrosains was to race. So I was in the middle of a race and then this kid came and switched off the main switch. WTH. Got well mad and complained and this guy came so that I could play it again but I wasn't able to play it. I wanted to idk, whack the kid or something.  Letting it go, I went down the slide twice with Amar taking a picture at the bottom of the slide. Problematic. Went back to play and those kids were there. They were well short and they couldn't reach the pedal and I told them that they had to be a certain height but they didn't understand. This woman came to tell them to get out after that. Problematic kids. 

We continued to the next part and played again. Petrosains staffs/volunteers are really friendly. I'd visit everyday if I could. I mean it's not even expensive. The parking is... however. We then went to the other exhibition they had Sultan something something which was pretty cool. Rushed through it though because the guys had to pray and we had to too. 

Had sushi king for lunch and there was this one woman who took our orders and dayyum was she rude. I asked her whether she can take our order after she's done cleaning, NICELY. And she was all looking at me with this look saying "I'm busy", I was nice enough to ask her to take our order after she was done cleaning but she had to look at me like that. Jeling-ing at me and all. I ordered something and it didn't come so I was asking her where it was and she was saying how I didn't even order it but I told her I did and there she was staring at me. WTH, it was her problem innit, go tell the kitchen to get it for me then. Seriously man. And then she's like bloody lembab I can't even stand. I don't even know why I didn't complain. *sigh*

I wish to have more exciting days. Will next Monday and Thursday be interesting? Hur hur. 

I'll be talking about Sasaeng Fans after this post. Like why aren't all of them mental kfans in jail yet? Couldn't be bothered to talk about them mental people tbh. So lets skip that.

Monday, April 1, 2013


Imaginary readers, this is a present for you.

Without Taekwoon, I think I would've already died of boredom.

I would just like to say that I didn't give a crap about Taekwoon when I started watching VIXX DIARY and VIXX TV. I watched them because of N but then suddenly, I found myself replaying the videos just to see Taekwoon. And after that, the reason I watch them is because of Taekwoon. Now, I'm even watching the unsubbed version. Imagine watching a movie in a language that you don't understand, you'd most probably just stop watching it. Can you feel my pain? But I can't seem to stop. Because I know that somewhere in the video, Taekwoon will make an appearance. 

I'll be talking about Sasaeng Fans after this post. Like why aren't all of them mental kfans in jail yet?