I would like a guy best friend. Someone who I could just basically dump my problems on. Someone who I could talk to about my best friends when I need to complain about them. Because guys don't chat as much as girls and guys don't judge and guys don't add fuel to the fire. I actually do have a friend who I can chat to like that but you know, not a best friend. I sometimes just wish that I have one. 

I'm jealous of I and A. Why? Uh why? Because they're like besties. What do we have that you don't. It's like u hav a guy to tell everything to u know. Like when ure upset with us, u can mengadu to someone that is not a girl cos guys don't chat. Jap Asma, how'd you know I complain to A? HAHAHAHAHA. A bagitahu ehhhhh. Tak sebab thats what i do when i chat to D but he's not a best friend u know. how can D not be a bestfriend? i thought? D tells you stuff? He doesn't really, u know... talk. hahaha. cause D doesn't talk. lol. read your mind. neither do A entah. He keeps telling me that he's more of a listener. He comments but he doens't talk. But we complain each other on our life and we'll get a pep talk from each other in return. Haha. Oh? So comment is not a talk? D doesn't do that. See. Not a best friend u know. hahaha entah. but I feel very awkward arnd him when we meet. 

Loads of sentences missing because we were talking about two different topics at the same time... which is what we usually do.  

Anyway, I talked to Ana today. I miss Ana. 


Guy friends'll end up falling for them.
Asma Hamid said…
Then it'd get all tough right? But I'm strong. Hur hur. I don't fall for my mates. ㅋㅋㅋ But my mum's always going "A girl should and could not have a guy friend." Lolololo.

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