Thursday, January 31, 2013


It has been 17 years and 3 months since the time when I was brought into this world and the fact that I'm still alive just got to me. So many people couldn't live past one hour in this world and I got to live for 17 years and 3 months surrounded by great people. Do you know how amazing that is and yet, I'm still not satisfied. It's hard to be satisfied with what you have in front of you because there's always something that you want. And however you try, if Allah is not in your thoughts you'll never even be close to being satisfied because satisfaction is being ready for Akhirat. 

الحمد لله

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Speak how you want to speak

From Tumblr

I usually speak in English when I'm not bothered to think and when I do speak Malay, I jumble it up with english words and add the -ed and the -ing. It's not that I don't like speaking in Malay because believe me, only Allah knows how much I wish I could speak both English and Malay fluently. It's just that it's really hard for me to think of words when I am actually speaking in Malay. I'll get stuck sometimes and when I do, I'll start speaking in English. And sometimes I go blank and no malay words would come into my head when I'm nervous.

So, whenever I am in one of these blank situations, all my questions and answers would instantly be in English. The other day, I was learning how to drive with my instructor and I came to a roundabout... before this, I never had to stop and every time I did, I was on the first gear so it was easy. At that time there was a car going in the roundabout so the first thing I did was I stepped on my brakes. The engine went off (because I didn't press the clutch), as if I knew I had to then. So I asked my instructor who before this only conversed with me in Malay...
Me: Did the engine go off? Is it because I didn't tekan the clutch?
In: Yes, you should tekan your clutch. You nampak the car in the roundabout so you have to stop.
She continued to nag (lol soz teach) in english and on the next turn, she started to nag in Malay again.

So what I've realised is that Malays (I don't know about the others) have this tendency of following the way a person speaks when they're talking to someone... especially the females. It's like when a woman from KL goes to Kelantan and wants to buy Nasi Dagang, the 'KL' woman will instantly start speaking in a Kelantanese accent or lorat (loghat?).

Honestly, people out there would think that it's good because we'd be able to mix well with others and all but personally, I think it'd be really hard for us. I feel as if when we can follow another person so quick, we'll be easily manipulated and we won't be able to stand by our own stand. However, it's not that bad because Allah gave us Malays, incredibly flexible tongues and we should be thankful for that. I mean, I can sing in Chinese and not sound like a Malay. And I can pronounce Korean words and letters pretty well (Korean classes). See, I just contradicted myself, I'm even easily swayed by my own opinions but that's probably just me.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hansel & Gretel Review

Hansel & Gretel Premiere
TGV One Utama

That would sum it up. Went to the Hansel & Gretel : Witch Hunters Screening Premiere at TGV One Utama courtesy of HYPE and UIP. The twin seatings we got plainly made the whole experience better.

Hansel & Gretel is categorised as an action/horror movie. It's more of an action movie than it is of a horror one. Honestly, I don't even think it should be categorised as horror because a few cracked faces doesn't make things any scary. I'm not so much of a movie person so these are all based on my own inexperienced recall.

Hansel & Gretel were witch hunters because of their immunity to witch spells (SPOILER: They were half human & half witch). The movie went around basically about them hunting witches who were out kidnapping kids for their sabbath and for a spell that could make them invincible. Gretel was caught as her heart was needed. There was a troll, who helped Gretel out and his name was Edward... cue some chuckles!

Hansel went out to search for Gretel with a good witch who he fancied. In the end, the witch died for Hansel. Hansel, Gretel, Edward and H&G's fan went out to hunt witches and that was how it ended. The graphics were great, Hansel looked good, the ideas that spilled out of the movie were generally just great.

I think I've missed some good parts but as I said, I'm inexperienced.

Monday, January 21, 2013

JPJ Test

I'll pick you up with this song on.

If you dream of becoming a driver, your first step would be getting a driver's license. So to turn my lifelong dream into a reality, that is what I did. Passed my computer test with one wrong and went through hours of driving lessons which made my legs ache. QTI went well too. 

On the day of my JPJ test, of course I was nervous, who wouldn't be ey? Talked to Azurah and Affandy (is that how you spell his name?) to calm it down. But it was no use since my in-circuit car was crap. Had to start the engine multiple times because it kept going off. Before the hill, after the hill, getting out of the parking space, from the parking space to the 3 point turn and from the 3 point turn back to the hill. Thank Allah for not making it go off while I was doing the 3 point turn. 

All the teachers were there and they gave me the moral support I needed. On the hill, I stared at the JPJ to see if my tyres were in the yellow box and he gave me a nudge, I didn't even need to check but I still did. At the parking place, I didn't know if I was close enough to the side but then the teacher that came to my car to take the paper that needed to be signed said "Dah, undur masuk parking.". Harmony has such supportive teachers.

During my road test, the car was well nice that I was happy. JPJ guy nagged a bit but he was nice too. I think I should've failed or something. At one point on the road, I didn't change to the 3rd gear and looked down to my gear box, when I looked back up I nearly crossed the line but I didn't. JPJ guy then nagged a bit "Kenapa memandu tengok depan, belakang, kiri, kanan? Tengok depan." The only thing I replied with was sorry and continued. On our way back, I forgot to release my hand brake after I stopped at the traffic light and so the JPJ guy did it for me. For that came another sorry and a thank you. 

Overall, I passed and that's what matters. Thanks to the JPJ guy and to the Harmony teachers. Now, all you need to do is get me a car and money for fuel then I can drive you around. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thank you and sorry

You know you've started taking things for granted when you stop saying thank you and sorry. 

From Tumblr

Most of the time, when we're used to someone being there and doing things for us we automatically will stop saying please, thanking them and apologizing if we've done something wrong. We expect them to know that we're thankful and that we're sorry and sometimes we don't even care because we think that it's their responsibility. 

However, what we can't see is that one day, those people might not be there anymore and when the time comes, we'll regret because we know that we've taken them for granted. Saying thank you makes people feel better and every time we say thank you, we'll be reminded by the fact that we can thank them now but one day, they won't be there for us to say thank you to. 

And it's the same when it comes to Allah. Allah has allowed us to do so many things but yet, we fail to say thank you every single time. We don't say Alhamdulillah, we don't sujud syukur and that's because we've taken Allah for granted. We keep forgetting that one day, Allah might not even let us breathe and at that moment, we won't even be able to say thank you for everything Allah has done to us. 

And sometimes, when we do something wrong, we don't even apologise to Allah. We might have slipped and left our prayers or didn't cover ourselves up properly and taking Allah for granted, we don't apologise. No taubats, no nothing. We keep saying "I can do that later" but what we don't realise is that we're taking that 'later' for granted. As if there will be a 'later'.

Therefore, what I'm saying is thank Allah more, thank your parents more, thank your siblings more, thank me more, thank your friends more and thank the people around you more. And if you did something wrong or if you tripped someone over, say sorry. Your saliva won't dry up.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


JFJ, too obvious huh? JJ? Still obvious?

Back in Form 2, I think I've blogged about it in my previous blog, I had to do a folio about a person I look up to. At that point, I has a crush on someone, a racer to be exact. So I wanted him to be that person but then it'd be so obvious why I chose him... "Asma pilih dia sebab dia handsome," Faris said that. At that time he was only in Formula BMW Asia, he wasn't really that big.

However, he really liked Ayrton Senna. Therefore I stayed up late translating an English biography to Malay just because I wanted to know why exactly does he like Ayrton Senna... stayed up late mainly because I did it last minute, though.

And so, at first I decided to do Ayrton Senna plainly because JJ liked him but when I completed my folio, I seemed to have gained respect for this guy whose contribution was only known to the world after his death. But now, even though JJ apparently has a girlfriend (buckets of tears), I wish that he, who I had a crush on would do what Senna did.

The trip (1)

Recently, ages ago actually, my soul, my heart, my spirit and myself travelled somewhere far. To a holy place where my Aqidah and my Iman became stronger. A place where my stressful, busy and complicated life was forgotten and came to a pause. For two weeks, not even one thought about my actual life passed through my mind except when asking for forgiveness, asking for my du'a to be granted and asking for myself to become a better Muslim from Allah.

MashaAllah, I cannot deny how beautiful Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi is. That was where we started off our trip. Our Mutawwif, Ustaz Meor lead us and showed us around Madinah and Makkah. He indeed did a very great job as he never once forgotten to give us a Tazkirah whether it's in the bus or at the hotel's restaurant and let's not forget... even early in the morning. So in Madinah, we basically just went to Al-Masjib Al-Nabawi every time we had to pray. Even though it was filled with people from different countries, cultures and branches of Islam, everyone still prayed together, under the same roof, following the same Imam and that is just something so magnificent and wonderful. There were nights, or should I say mornings that we didn't get any sleep but I could tell you that it was all worth it because it all paid off once I got the tingles when I stepped into Ar-Rawdah. It's not a feeling that I can explain since it probably came from within me but it was special. (The first trip to Ar-Rawdah was lead by a former malay student of one of the universities there)

In Madinah, we visited a few mosques, the ones with a history behind it and we even visited some of the historical sites like Mount Uhud. It was honestly very hot there and vaseline was my friend but most of the time, the weather was last in my thoughts. Looking at those sites made me reflect on myself. What our Prophet, his companions and the muslims went through at that time was way more challenging that what I'm going through now. Now, it'd be a lie if I say that all we did in Madinah was pray and read the Quran. We did some shopping too. We got some jubahs and some sejadahs and let me tell you something, they are incredibly cheap.

Typed in July 2012

Friday, January 11, 2013

Dear future Asma

Dear future Asma,

If you're having a dinner party, a holiday trip with your friends, an event, a bridal shower, a wedding, a private wedding, a house warming, a baby shower or anything like that; invite these friends. If your event has a VIP section, that is where these friends go. If there are people at the event who are getting special treatment, it should be these guys. They were once (hoping that they are still) precious to you. If you've failed to invite them, just know that this Asma here will be very disappointed in you. If you can't remember your memories with these friends, Asma here will be very furious with you. And lets say you haven't contacted these friends for ages, please do so now. If they too, aren't bothered, it's the thought that counts. I want to see your efforts Asma. I'm only 17 and I can be so mature, you better read this letter maturely. 

So Asma, please take some time off your busy life and try to talk to all these friends of yours, okay? You better. Nina, Munirah, Nurul Nazihah, Naimi, Iman, Susu, Ana, Syaza, Qamaryna, Hana, Michelle, Marina and Z. There aren't many right? It won't be that hard. I have high expectations!

From  you

Saturday, January 5, 2013

TBL #2 ?

Nicked it off tumblr

"Updates on THE BIGGEST LOSER will be posted every Sunday with the updates of what I'm doing to win this game." Heh. Didn't even happen and that's mainly because I didn't do anything. I just halved what I ate and nothing else for the effort. 

Honestly, when I saw Iman, I freaked because I started losing confidence in myself but then I was all "YOU CAN DO IT ASMA!" and so... I've started goinh on the treadmill again.. FINALLY and every other day, I learn to dance (which I am horrible at) B2ST's Beautiful Night.