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I usually speak in English when I'm not bothered to think and when I do speak Malay, I jumble it up with english words and add the -ed and the -ing. It's not that I don't like speaking in Malay because believe me, only Allah knows how much I wish I could speak both English and Malay fluently. It's just that it's really hard for me to think of words when I am actually speaking in Malay. I'll get stuck sometimes and when I do, I'll start speaking in English. And sometimes I go blank and no malay words would come into my head when I'm nervous.

So, whenever I am in one of these blank situations, all my questions and answers would instantly be in English. The other day, I was learning how to drive with my instructor and I came to a roundabout... before this, I never had to stop and every time I did, I was on the first gear so it was easy. At that time there was a car going in the roundabout so the first thing I did was I stepped on my brakes. The engine went off (because I didn't press the clutch), as if I knew I had to then. So I asked my instructor who before this only conversed with me in Malay...
Me: Did the engine go off? Is it because I didn't tekan the clutch?
In: Yes, you should tekan your clutch. You nampak the car in the roundabout so you have to stop.
She continued to nag (lol soz teach) in english and on the next turn, she started to nag in Malay again.

So what I've realised is that Malays (I don't know about the others) have this tendency of following the way a person speaks when they're talking to someone... especially the females. It's like when a woman from KL goes to Kelantan and wants to buy Nasi Dagang, the 'KL' woman will instantly start speaking in a Kelantanese accent or lorat (loghat?).

Honestly, people out there would think that it's good because we'd be able to mix well with others and all but personally, I think it'd be really hard for us. I feel as if when we can follow another person so quick, we'll be easily manipulated and we won't be able to stand by our own stand. However, it's not that bad because Allah gave us Malays, incredibly flexible tongues and we should be thankful for that. I mean, I can sing in Chinese and not sound like a Malay. And I can pronounce Korean words and letters pretty well (Korean classes). See, I just contradicted myself, I'm even easily swayed by my own opinions but that's probably just me.


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