JFJ, too obvious huh? JJ? Still obvious?

Back in Form 2, I think I've blogged about it in my previous blog, I had to do a folio about a person I look up to. At that point, I has a crush on someone, a racer to be exact. So I wanted him to be that person but then it'd be so obvious why I chose him... "Asma pilih dia sebab dia handsome," Faris said that. At that time he was only in Formula BMW Asia, he wasn't really that big.

However, he really liked Ayrton Senna. Therefore I stayed up late translating an English biography to Malay just because I wanted to know why exactly does he like Ayrton Senna... stayed up late mainly because I did it last minute, though.

And so, at first I decided to do Ayrton Senna plainly because JJ liked him but when I completed my folio, I seemed to have gained respect for this guy whose contribution was only known to the world after his death. But now, even though JJ apparently has a girlfriend (buckets of tears), I wish that he, who I had a crush on would do what Senna did.


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