Dear future Asma

Dear future Asma,

If you're having a dinner party, a holiday trip with your friends, an event, a bridal shower, a wedding, a private wedding, a house warming, a baby shower or anything like that; invite these friends. If your event has a VIP section, that is where these friends go. If there are people at the event who are getting special treatment, it should be these guys. They were once (hoping that they are still) precious to you. If you've failed to invite them, just know that this Asma here will be very disappointed in you. If you can't remember your memories with these friends, Asma here will be very furious with you. And lets say you haven't contacted these friends for ages, please do so now. If they too, aren't bothered, it's the thought that counts. I want to see your efforts Asma. I'm only 17 and I can be so mature, you better read this letter maturely. 

So Asma, please take some time off your busy life and try to talk to all these friends of yours, okay? You better. Nina, Munirah, Nurul Nazihah, Naimi, Iman, Susu, Ana, Syaza, Qamaryna, Hana, Michelle, Marina and Z. There aren't many right? It won't be that hard. I have high expectations!

From  you


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