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De: You know that new girl's a pro. Dz: Yeah, she's a pro. Ace-uh. De: She got 90+ for her (something) Me: Kay then, *nods* go marry her. De: I rejected her already. Dz: Me too. As if she wanted you guys in the first place. -.-'


부디 사랑이 아니길 부디 그대만 아니길 손톱만한 마음마저 허락치 않기를 I miss this girl too. Dad's telling me to send an email to KAIST asking if I can get in with my SPM results. I'll get Mami to send it. I have 2 camping trips coming up. One in March and a Camporee in April. I honestly couldn't wait. Mak left for Holland yesterday. KLIA reminded me so much of my first time going down that escalator. Made me feel like going back to Manchester.


Showing your backside to people is awkward. These girls, I miss them. Had to take pictures of today's event. I had to stand up, my backside facing the sitting audience, taking pictures. Super duper awkward. But it was nothing. I just realised that I don't sleep in class anymore. Asma is proud of Asma. Civics was super weird. All the groups had to go up and perform but three of us didn't. One of them being me. Teacher only realised 2 people who didn't go up aka me and this one other guy. So the class ended with the repetition of the word "DUET!" Duet kepala otak hang.