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Friends and a Walk

My thoughts has been a bit too loud lately and sometimes, my brain gets tired trying to convince myself that no, I'm not shit. At times like this, I wish Jess was around because she'd usually know what to say. But I'm blessed, I have the best people around me and to be completely honest, there's really nothing to moan about.  I was out in London for work on Wednesday. I met one of my favourite colleagues and we had lunch together. Honestly, I'd go to the London office if it was a bit nicer and less crowded just to hang out with them but it's not - at least not yet. Had a project meeting and finally met people that I've worked with for the past 2 years for the first time. Following that, Yen and I met up for dinner and had ice cream (which wasn't as good as Bilmonte). We had a graduate assessment day on Thursday and I was quite thankful that I got to be part of it. I had to bring them around the office so that took quite a bit of my social energy. The wea

The Cycle

Picture this - it's raining, the sky is bright and it's covered with clouds. The temperature is 11℃ so you put on your hoody, make coffee and head out onto the balcony. You can hear birds chirping through your earphones where you are playing songs from a new playlist that Spotify has made for you called R&B Soul Mix. Your sister called and she's holding your niece, talking about how they need to skip out on some family day activities because your niece had been crying.  You've always wished that your family would hold one... and when they do, you're not there. You don't feel sad, you just wish that you were closer to home so that you could be there for that. You know they'll plan one in the coming years - and maybe by then, you'd be able to join. But that's too far ahead in the future for you to think about so you stop dwelling on it. Your sister then tells you how you could make your niece smile.. and you're making funny faces until she star

Why Is It Getting Cold Again?

It's crazy how fast time flies sometimes... I've been back for a month and I'm all settled down getting back to the life that I'm used to. We've now passed the days where the temperature would drop below 0°C and instead I'm struggling to figure out whether it'd be too hot if I wore a jumper and a coat out. I've also stopped wearing my hoodie and have swapped my fluffy slippers to my bright yellow sandals. Soon, I'll be sitting on the balcony with a cup of coffee, tomato soup and a book that I've recently bought from the charity shop. I think that has illustrated enough how the season is changing, we're headed into spring and I haven't seen a single piece of snow... yet. I do need to plan a trip for the end of March so I could see snow, otherwise, it'd be another winter wasted.  Right hold on, this has been in my drafts and we're now two weeks on. The temperature has dropped again to below 0°C and it snowed a bit earlier this week.