Friends and a Walk

My thoughts has been a bit too loud lately and sometimes, my brain gets tired trying to convince myself that no, I'm not shit. At times like this, I wish Jess was around because she'd usually know what to say. But I'm blessed, I have the best people around me and to be completely honest, there's really nothing to moan about. 

I was out in London for work on Wednesday. I met one of my favourite colleagues and we had lunch together. Honestly, I'd go to the London office if it was a bit nicer and less crowded just to hang out with them but it's not - at least not yet. Had a project meeting and finally met people that I've worked with for the past 2 years for the first time. Following that, Yen and I met up for dinner and had ice cream (which wasn't as good as Bilmonte).

We had a graduate assessment day on Thursday and I was quite thankful that I got to be part of it. I had to bring them around the office so that took quite a bit of my social energy. The weather on Friday was shocking - it was pouring one minute, sunny the next, we had the sky bright and blue on one side and dark and gloomy on the other throughout the day. I was telling N about the weather and she called it the 'Asma weather'. ok. 

KI and I was in a meeting together where I had raised something - I then started overthinking about how I feel like I didn't make sense. Then he told me to shut up because I did fine. I'm so thankful for people like him sometimes. I spent half the day on Friday in the office and headed home at lunch because I had to babysit a 21 year old.

We went out for dinner with my work friends, it was quite good. I remember when we started this whole after work hang out group, I was always the one planning the outings. I got tired and decided that I didn't want to do it anymore. And since then... we haven't had any. But KI is going back home for Eid so he decided to catch up with everyone before he leaves. It's been awhile since we all got together like that and I enjoyed it. To be fair, I don't usually feel the void because I'm always over at M & D's. But we have collectively agreed with the team that we'd do a monthly meet up at least. 

Saturday was great!

It didn't start off so well because I was really missing my Scotland trip. It was this day last year when we were up at the Isle of Skye. I didn't dwell on it too much because mum called. Argued with her for a bit about how no one should be embarrassed to eat or drink if they're not fasting. We all know that there are circumstances where you wouldn't need to fast. That's all there is to it. But it didn't go any further because we laughed it off instead of bickering about it.

I was meant to go to H, J and B's to pick up something in the morning but they were off early so I knocked at M & D's door instead. K didn't shut up the whole day about how I woke him up too early. We had breakfast that D made and he whined about how if M was around, I would be so quick to help out in the kitchen but when she isn't, I'd let D do everything. 

By 12, we were all ready to set off on a walk for our boys day out whilst M was on a ladies day out. The walk was 11km, my legs ached a bit towards the end (it was really muddy!) but I felt so content. It's been awhile since I've gone on a long walk with people! And it has also been awhile since I was just in a really good mood so every little joke became the funniest thing to me. K and I argued the whole way, it's now safe to say that he's familiar with what having an older sister feels like. Iman and Nurul vid called me on my walk, and it made me so happy how they were out together and thought of me - I mean obviously they would.

We did the Maidenhead to Bourne End walk. I would usually stop at Cookham and would take the train back from there but this time, our end goal was Wimpy. On the way, we did think we would go all the way to Marlow but M called and said she was done by the time we got to Bourne End. 

M picked us up from Bourne End and then I went to H, J and B's for a cup of tea. I didn't realise how much I missed them until I got there. So I told them that I think I need to post more things to theirs so I could see them more. But B's grown so tall and it's only been a year. It was such a nice catch up, I'm feeling sentimental now.

I went back to M & D's to plan our Scotland road trip (I'm soooo excited). It concluded the day so well with how I woke up missing Scotland. So there's that to look forward to.

Now - I have clothes in the wash, a lego set to do and a whole day of recovering from the walk yesterday. The weather's not looking good so I'm quite pleased that I won't need to go out just for the sake of making full use of the weather.


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