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Back in the UK

It has been so long hasn't it - nearly 3 months! I was lying in bed, knowing that I couldn't stand not doing anything but at the same time, no one's awake for me to text so I thought I might as well get on this. It's a way for me to procrastinate (or resist) from doing work over the weekends.  A lot has happened over the past 3 months, I'm now back in the UK. My new room here feels like my own and I start going to the office tomorrow, so that's a one hour walk (return) every day to look forward to. Being back here feels a lot different than it was last year. I don't hate it neither do I cry every morning wanting to leave anymore. I think the whole Malaysia trip, the length of it and the things I did there had definitely allowed me to feel content and I hope it stays like this for a while.  I quarantined for 10 days when I got back, did a swab test twice and then was able to carry out what still feels like a very restricted life. We essentially still wouldn&#