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Failed effort

Waking up early is a pain in the back side so there goes one of my paths on becoming successful. But you know what they say, everyone has a different path. Just because one person can become successful by waking up early, it doesn't mean that by not doing so, you can't be successful. If only i thought of that from the start. Really, waking up early was easy during my holidays but that was only because I didn't stay up late at night to do my assignments. You can call me an owl, I wouldn't mind, they're cute anyway. But maybe I'd resume this challenge when I'm on a long holiday. Maybe. Just recently, Nina picked me up from university and took me around for a drive. It was fun just because I haven't seen her for ages and it was nice to catch up with her. Though I didn't want the night to end, it did but a sleepover is a definite need right now. We were talking about 'friendzone and being friendzoned'. Summarising Nina's thoughts, she ba