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Continuation... Michelle Michelle, she came this year. She moved here from Kedah. I didn't like her at first, I didn't know her and I didn't like her. And that was because everyone started talking about her. Being in 5ST1, all I heard about her was from the mouth of others... it was all "She's more pro than you Asma." "Her chemistry's better than you." and all of that. How can I like her when the way people described her was by comparing her to me.. if you know what I mean. But then, she started going to our tuition AND I SWEAR, SHE'S LIKE THE (INSERT EVERYTHING NICE) GIRL EVER. She was a sweetheart. She's well nice, friendly and she just fit perfectly. I really can't imagine the whole group without her in it anymore. It would've been better if she was with us in 4ST2 and the years before that, we could've had waaaaaaay more fun. Plus, she keeps the guys controlled (random slaps and all). She was like the missing piec


The blur adds more value to it I think it's the second day in? Yeah, second day in to the holidays. How do I feel? I'm already bored. But I'm going out today with my mates, that's a plus I guess? Right, so today, my main objective is to talk about my mates... one... by... one. Real to honest, honest to real... whut? Bon Qui Qui  As you all know or probably don't know, Bon Qui Qui left Malaysia for nearly a year and totally skipped the whole of Form 3 except for the PMR bit. During BQQ's depart, the Awesome Foursome basically stayed together through email, our blog and facebook. What I only realised afterwards is that our offline connection just wasn't there. When BQQ came back and we got in Form 4. One of the Awesome Foursome left school and that was when everything started coming back. The stories of this person doing this and that person finding out about this and this person did that. So many stories that made me (I think?) not want to even hav


Basically, SPM is over. Done with. A break from studying for 3 months. Planned to open up an online shop but that plan went down the drain when I asked for permission to. Which sucks. Where am I gonna get the money to buy more albums? Lee Seung Gi's mini album is waiting for me... at the shops. Oh well, lets learn some korean, watch Korean Dramas, eat Korean Food, bake and sleep. I feel lifeless. I don't know where I'm heading, what I'm going to do... I feel lost in this massive world of boredom. 

Mami's Birthday

Happy Birthday Mami.

A week

Al-Andalus: The Art of Islamic Spain A week of SPM has passed. Four subjects, 8 papers in a week. And I was able to stand it. Sejarah was surprisingly not filled with KBKK questions which made everything pretty saddening. But now, I shall put those stuff aside and get ready for the other 5 subjects... pretty heavy subjects too. They weigh tonnes compared to BM... haha joke. I'm going to eat some instant noodles now.


Eszter Burghardt 1 more day. In exactly 23 hours and 30 minutes, I'll be in the exam hall starting my BM paper. I can't wait and yet I'm scared. I'm scared that I might forget things like what my name is or something. If people read my blog, I'd ask you guys to pray for me but no one's reading this, so dear imaginary readers, please pray that I won't forget stuff and that what I've learnt for the past 11 years will just spill out on all the SPM papers I'll have to do. Thanks. 


Ben Giles 3 more days? Ya Allah. WHAT AM I DOING STILL BLOGGING?!?! 


patperry So I'm watching Woo Young's Making Film of Sexy Lady and it's buffering which I do not know why cos Unifi isn't supposed to let videos buffer. But anyway, today was officially the last day of school, I think? I mean after this, it'd be just straight out SPM nothing else so yeah, last day of school. Today being the last day of school, we stayed at the hall for the whole day. Bushrah (?) came and stuff. Mohon restu was weird. "Teacher, thank you and I'm sorry if I did anything wrong. And I'm sorry that I slept in your class." "You slept in my class?" "Oopss.. you didn't realise?" "It was probably because you talked so much." and "Asma, I know you can do it." "So ni lah Asma." Did I miss something here? We set our tables for SPM and I'm sitting next to Faqil and Aaron, behind Azurah and in front of Alex. Right at the back. I'm on the second row and second c