The blur adds more value to it
I think it's the second day in? Yeah, second day in to the holidays. How do I feel? I'm already bored. But I'm going out today with my mates, that's a plus I guess? Right, so today, my main objective is to talk about my mates... one... by... one.

Real to honest, honest to real... whut?

Bon Qui Qui 
As you all know or probably don't know, Bon Qui Qui left Malaysia for nearly a year and totally skipped the whole of Form 3 except for the PMR bit. During BQQ's depart, the Awesome Foursome basically stayed together through email, our blog and facebook. What I only realised afterwards is that our offline connection just wasn't there. When BQQ came back and we got in Form 4. One of the Awesome Foursome left school and that was when everything started coming back. The stories of this person doing this and that person finding out about this and this person did that. So many stories that made me (I think?) not want to even have this 'Awesome Foursome' bond so I stopped it. Cut the lines and everything. But then, BQQ came into my class. Hated ALL of the then-new-additions of the class. However, because of the 'new additions', me and BQQ stayed friends and it's cool you know. We did loads of crazy things in the past two years, that is if you include camping out on a hill, seeing shit in the toilet at the Camporee, cleaning a tiger's cage, rearranging a snakes home, feeding gigantic turtles and stalking a mega cute guy as crazy. All in all, Bon Qui Qui is someone who made my school 'phase' more exciting and I <3 her for that. 

You probably don't know this but Jaja has always been so freaking bloody annoying since the first time I met her.
"Do you speak English? We only speak English."  
But Jaja, there's just something about her that you can't not like her... JOKE! She's annoying, she wants to kill random people, she loves to sleep in her class, she says weird things, she speaks languages that I don't understand, she doesn't think before she says anything, she thinks the whole world is her world but she says that she doesn't, she treats her enemies as if they're her best friends, she takes things so lightly, she comes over to my house just for food, she'd randomly punch me and pinch me, she has a totally out of the box thoughts, she likes to back out from plans last minute, she doesn't dedicate herself into being my friend but in the end, she cares for me. If I were ever to hang myself in my room, she'd be the last one here and she'd probably just whack my body for being stupid. If I were ever to drown myself in water, she'd probably be the one who will take a picture of it. If I were ever to die because of starvation, she'd be the one who will cook for me. If I were ever to do anything stupid, she'd be the one to tell me to think about it again. If I were ever to run away from home, she'd tell my dad. Sometimes, I say stuff that would make people think that I hate her, truth is I do. And because of that, I can joke about it. Jaja, saranghae. 

About Jared, when I first met her, I didn't care about her. Who the hell she is, I didn't care? But then we started hanging out together and I realised her talent, she can do the bitchiest bitch face ever. That should be praised. She should get an award for that. But something about Jared is that she wouldn't lie to you. If she doesn't like you then she won't like you. If you did something retarded, she'll tell you that. If you make her mad, she'll be mad. If you piss her off, she'd be pissed off. She doesn't really filter her expressions... not sure if that's a good thing or bad but in the end, she's real, you know? She's just real. No fakeness, no cover. 


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