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Pre-lockdown Trip to PD

We knew it was coming but it was Monday last week when they had announced that Selangor will be in full lockdown for two weeks - and I was gutted. I had planned for Jared's birthday staycation and Kee Zhen's birthday day out. Fortunately enough, I hadn't booked anything for both.  We had gone for a trip to PD the previous weekend. Mainly because we wanted to go to the beach and kayak. It was meant to be a complete family trip but Aisyah and Syameem had decided to stay home last minute because they became close contact.  I've seen a pattern when it comes to weekend trips and it's the fact that I would only start packing in the morning because of work. So, it gets a bit hectic especially because we tend to leave right after Subuh and would end up with everyone waiting for me. Because I had stayed up the night before to finish up a thermal model for work, I was extremely hungry throughout the journey. Luckily, the two hour drive didn't feel too long and I had a goo