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What I am : A bad daughter and a bad sister Without realizing, I make my parents upset. A while later, when I've realised, I would regret what I did. Then that's that. I don't say sorry neither do I ask for forgiveness. I get mad at my parents for no valid reason, usually just because I'm not in the mood. I wish I had my own psychologist.


Sundown, Friday twilight in the big town. No, I'm not going to say who 'this friend' is. I don't think I want this friend to know that I miss this friend. WTH am I saying. LOL. They had this badminton thing yesterday, I didn't go. Going would make me feel so left out. So I didn't go. It's just so hard trying to fit in with my classmates. I feel lonely in class, I swear. Sometimes I would go to the back of the class because at least, I'd feel less lonely there with those ST2s that moved to ST1. I don't really do much when I'm with them but sitting with them, it just brings back the feeling of actually having classmates who knows you. And I regret doing something last year. I regret studying for my end of year exams, last year. I swear. I don't know about my future but the present, right now, I wish I didn't study. At least, I could be with S, Q and Z.


난 난 꿈이 있었죠 So I have this one friend. We used to smile at each other and say hi and talk to each other every time we see each other. We fought and we picked on each other most of the time but we were still friends. Well this friend, when we moved class, stopped saying hi to me and stopped talking to me unless I start the whole thing first. This friend used to be the one that started all the fights, conversations and hi's but now, if I want to talk to this friend, I'll have to be the one that starts the conversation. This friend used to come and sit behind me and pick on me but now, I have to go sit with this friend of mine as this friend wouldn't come and sit next to me or behind me anymore. I don't know, it might be just me but this friend is trying to avoid me. I don't know what I did but I miss the old days. I'm not expecting this friend to change back though.


Noreul joahae I don't know what I'm doing with my life. I can no longer see my future. I don't know what I'll be 10 years from now. I can't see where I'll be 10 years from now. I am lost and I can't find my way out. Everything I do now is a waste of time. Doing this is a waste of time. Sleeping is a waste of time. Thinking is a waste of time. The only thing that isn't is memorizing. All I need to do now is memorize everything that is in my Form 4 and Form 5 text books. That is all there is to it now but even if I do that, I still don't know what is waiting for me in the future.


"Asma, the MC! You were great up there. Teachers were asking me who you were so I said that you're Asma and that I am your teacher. I was so proud." O.o "Okay, so Mr President has given his answer, now... Mrs President." Mwohya? a. I'm not a president b. I'm not a presiden't wife c. I'm not married yet


Won MBLAQ 100% ver from GO Msia KMusic Store . Got to love online shops like those. Told Papa in January that I wouldn't enter competitions anymore but I cannot resist. If someone offers you RM100 for free, would you take it? You obviously would and so would I. So these are what competitions are to me. My effort to win competitions are less than RM1 of an album that costs RM40 because they usually just tell us to give them a phrase and stuff like that. And those stuff are easy... if you have a heart that truly loves that specific band or singer... or if you're good at lying... which I am not. Anyway, I won with: I deserve to win MBLAQ 100% ver album because I fell for them after they impressed me with their vocals, dance and personalities. They don't just capture my heart but also my ears, my eyes and my mouth because I honestly could not keep my eyes shut, ears deaf or mouth close while watching their performances from way back then. Went to Taylor's Sri H


I had to be the MC for today's assembly. I was told that my English is too 'fasih' making me speak too fast. I don't really know if that's supposed to be a compliment or an insult. I was also told that my accent (which I don't have) slipped out. I was nervous. But Chen Yik stayed with me all through the assembly which he wasn't supposed to do. And when I told him to get off, he still stayed and said that it doesn't matter. My Ketua Kumpulan is better than yours. Damn right, he's better than yours. LOL.


I haven't updated for ages but who the hell cares. "Truth or dare?" "Dare." "Dance Gee in front of..." "Derek." "Tak best ah, dia rapat kot dengan Derek." Rapat my arse. Oh & HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANA!