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Still 2013

idayumumtaz It's New Year's Eve and it honestly doesn't mean anything special to me. With my bladder full and JRabbit playing in the background, I'm keying this out not as a celebration (because logically, I'd be out partying instead if it was) but as a reflection for this year.  The year started out great! My really long holiday that I wished and still wish would never end was filled with so much fun stuff. Started driving, learnt korean, hung out with my mates, got accepted, went and dropped out of UTP, met Jong Kook, was left unsupervised for 2 whole weeks while my parents were in the UK and my application for MARA's loan to study abroad was accepted. Keying this all down just made me realise how productive my year has been.  However, I was then sent to Kolej MARA Kuala Nerang, Kedah (which was my own choice) to start studying again; as if 6 years of studying wasn't enough (I never really studied back in primary). And in KMKN was where I fina

Project week

This week was filled with head-cracking thoughts of how to complete my foundation project successfully, annoying people who kept on telling me how I wouldn't be a good wife, babysitting immature 18 year olds and tiring days. I thank God for giving me a dad who was willing to help me and my group mates from step 0 til the end, one who took a break from work to check on us and our project without asking for anything back (except for a 4 flat from me, I bet).  We started the week with complications, unsolved problems, questions with no answers and ended it with a complete project, new skills, less money, confirmation about Zafran's gender and so many more. I found out how hard it is to read circuit diagrams, how soldering needs practice and how I don't think I'd be able to live with any other guy other than my dad and my brothers. It seems as if I have to start with the preparations of my wedding with engineering.  Semester 2 is coming up prit soon and I'm not


When my parents sent me to KMKN in July, they told me that the next time they'd be back is at the end of Semester 2. But then, yesterday, they were waiting for me downstairs at my block's parking lot to bring me home. Feeling touched and loved. And I'm thankful. May they send me to the UK next and visit me every half a year or even stay there with me. Mak also came along and we stayed at Darulaman, Jitra for a night.  Went to Kuala Perlis for dinner because there's nothing in Jitra.   Had a nice time there. It seems as if Papa knows that sometimes, the littlest thing after something stressful could make you feel so much better.  I'm nearly half way into my semester break. Can I just extend the break please. I've forgotten about the existence of my blog for a while but that's only because I had to study for my finals and once I got home, I had to catch up doing things that I wasn't able to do back in college. But those are all excuses. Plus I have a j