When my parents sent me to KMKN in July, they told me that the next time they'd be back is at the end of Semester 2. But then, yesterday, they were waiting for me downstairs at my block's parking lot to bring me home. Feeling touched and loved. And I'm thankful. May they send me to the UK next and visit me every half a year or even stay there with me. Mak also came along and we stayed at Darulaman, Jitra for a night. Went to Kuala Perlis for dinner because there's nothing in Jitra. Had a nice time there. It seems as if Papa knows that sometimes, the littlest thing after something stressful could make you feel so much better. 

I'm nearly half way into my semester break. Can I just extend the break please. I've forgotten about the existence of my blog for a while but that's only because I had to study for my finals and once I got home, I had to catch up doing things that I wasn't able to do back in college. But those are all excuses. Plus I have a journal/diary that I write stuff in. Mostly, when I'm angry, pissed, happy and/or upset. I really couldn't rant much on this blog. Too many imaginary readers are going to read it and they might use it against me when I'm older. 

Everyone's stressing about when the results are going to come out. I want to know my results, sure, but  it hasn't been on my mind. Not because I'm confident with my results but because I know I worked hard, I have nothing to regret and lets say it doesn't turn out the way I want it to, I'll make myself believe that every cloud has a silver lining because I believe in Allah. 

My girl Susu is leaving to Madinah and then to Makkah soon for one unforgettable holiday. I sure will miss her noisiness on Whatsapp but there's WIFI in every hotel there, I have a feeling I wouldn't be missing her much! Talking about Whatsapp, us girls have been planning our future sleepover in Hilton. Marry some rich guy and make them pay for our sleepover. We were saying how Iman wouldn't have a problem cos she has already found a rich guy. However, I think I'd end up using my own money to pay for it (I don't like people paying for me, closies would know). Lets pray for Asma's health and wealth to do good deeds and to have that sleepover. 

Before the finals, I had to organize the SPCs' annual dinner and was put under protocol. I would love to talk more about it but I was too upset and pissed with a certain person then to continue.


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