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Week 2

Lets start off with last Sunday. My crew and I went to the Peak District for a walk in the morning, we took the bus (which has usb ports and free wifi) all the way to Bakewell. Arriving there, we walked through a small town before going on a random trail. We crossed a few fields, avoided a lot of cow poo and jumped over a wired fence. When we felt like we had gone far enough, we headed back to town where we walked around for awhile before heading back. I was expecting the walk to clear my mind but it honestly didn't. However, I did talk to my mum and my sister after that and it made me the happiest person on earth. I think I went from near depression to mega happy. That was when I realised that I may have been homesick and because of that, all of my upset feelings over things that I shouldn't be that sad about escalated. I have a journal/diary that I express my feelings in and when I read back my entry from when I was proper upset, I couldn't get why I felt so upset be

Week 1

Interacting with lecturers using a response system on our devices, having an updated electronic timetable, using apps to access our course, being provided with freaking cool labs, classes starting after 9am and ending before 6pm... I am honestly enjoying my student life here. I have never enjoyed labs but a few days ago, I had a lab session and it was so fun! We were allowed to use anything that was on our worktable without being afraid of doing things wrong. It takes 10 minutes to get to class but every morning, my homie and I would leave the house half an hour before so that when we get into the lecture hall, we would be able to pick our seats. As our building is kind of in town, we would sometimes detour before heading back home. That would mean going to Tesco or going all the way to Primark. I have also been playing basketball nearly every afternoon with the crew. Kema being our coach and there we'd be running around trying to dribble the ball, with me getting everyone dis