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Growing apart

Ustazah saw how tight me, Jaja, Q and Jared were and so she shared with us her experience of/in/on (?) friendship. She told us, back in the 'days', she had a best friend. You know how you have best friends and then you have like this one ultimate best friend. A best friend that you're the closest too, spend the most of your time with, the one that's like your own sister... Well her ultimate best friend and her basically just grew apart from each other. They hardly see each other and even when they do it's because of marriage or a new baby. And she also said that it wasn't like 'long time ago' anymore every time they met. And that's because after high school, both of them went to different colleges, different universities and they had different jobs. They hardly had anything in common anymore and so they naturally just grew apart. And she said to us... or was it to me? But she said, as you grow older, there will be a time when you


We're always sitting around doing nothing. After getting bored of 'doing nothing', we go tweeting about how bored we are of doing nothing. And after waiting for retweets and mentions that we're not even going to get, we'll go on Facebook and post it up there. A friend recently said to me "If you're bored, it means that you're not doing something that is beneficial,"... it went something along those lines.  And so I gave it a little thought. A list of things came up in my head Clean your room Make your bed Wipe the windows Distribute the clothes Wash the plates Sweep the floor My reaction to that was  So I realised what my problem was. It wasn't that I had nothing to do. It wasn't that there was nothing for me to do. It's just that I was lazy. And then when people go around calling me lazy, devils around me would put suggestions up in my head of ways to batter those people up. That made me think again. Is it

Graduation cake in 2018 please?

Sometimes, out of nowhere, something would pop up in my head... So yesterday, while chatting with my mates something suddenly popped up in my head. And it was of something I wanted and I don't usually ask for stuff... unless it has something to do with Taekwoon.  But this time, what I wanted was a graduation cake for my graduation... in 2018? And no, I dont want an expensive fondant covered cake. I just want a normal failed cake. A cake that has been purposely made to look as if something bad has happened to it. One with a visible failed structure. But the thing is, the key point of the cake should be a banner or anything really that says "Trust me, I'm an engineer".  And that is what I want as a graduation cake. Susu said that she'd get it for me. Yeay me? 


UTP MAS MAY 13 I walked into the Chancellor Hall and suddenly, my phone rang. Rock Ur Body. Can you imagine how panicked I was. I didn't know where the heck my phone was and I was just very serabut. Registered with Puteri and we ended up being roommates. Which was good. The new room was cool, with a separator in the middle so Puteri wouldn't need to see my annoying face 24/7. Lucky her.  Orientation was tiring. We had to pray Maghrib and Isyak at the mosque. And Subuh in the surau. Not complaining. However, every single day the activities ended after 12. And we had to walk all the way from our room to wherever our activity was held and back. Bless the facilitators though, it was raining pretty heavily on one of the days and they provided us a bus.  Became friends with some cool people. Husna, Ely, Puteri and Qis who we met later. Husna started hanging out with us when she asked Puteri if they could walk back together. And later on I met Husna and you kno