Growing apart

Ustazah saw how tight me, Jaja, Q and Jared were and so she shared with us her experience of/in/on (?) friendship. She told us, back in the 'days', she had a best friend. You know how you have best friends and then you have like this one ultimate best friend. A best friend that you're the closest too, spend the most of your time with, the one that's like your own sister...

Well her ultimate best friend and her basically just grew apart from each other. They hardly see each other and even when they do it's because of marriage or a new baby. And she also said that it wasn't like 'long time ago' anymore every time they met. And that's because after high school, both of them went to different colleges, different universities and they had different jobs. They hardly had anything in common anymore and so they naturally just grew apart.

And she said to us... or was it to me? But she said, as you grow older, there will be a time when you will slowly just grow apart from each other. All the fun times that you had would just be memories. So she was telling us that one day, there might be a time when we just won't talk to each other like how we do now. 

Honestly, I personally feel that growing apart from a best friend or a group of best friends would come one day for me. And it won't be because we stopped caring about each other but because that's just the way life is. 

However, I'm not planning on 'growing apart' from my best friends any time soon. And I'm hoping that when I do grow apart from them it would be because I died. So lets keep our friendship real tight forever... 


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