Graduation cake in 2018 please?

Sometimes, out of nowhere, something would pop up in my head... So yesterday, while chatting with my mates something suddenly popped up in my head. And it was of something I wanted and I don't usually ask for stuff... unless it has something to do with Taekwoon. 

But this time, what I wanted was a graduation cake for my graduation... in 2018? And no, I dont want an expensive fondant covered cake. I just want a normal failed cake. A cake that has been purposely made to look as if something bad has happened to it. One with a visible failed structure. But the thing is, the key point of the cake should be a banner or anything really that says "Trust me, I'm an engineer". 

And that is what I want as a graduation cake. Susu said that she'd get it for me. Yeay me? 


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