Wednesday, October 31, 2012


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Didn't want to blog at first but then I have to wait for the flash player to load so what better way to waste time than blog? And it's done! How quick. Unifi. Go get yours quick so you can 'potong'. Did I get the right advert? Probably not. 

My classmates were super shocked when I asked them how many questions in Paper 1 Sejarah I need to get right in order to get an A+, with super shocked faces they asked me back "Kau target A+ ke?". I do not know whether to be offended or not. I want straight A+ but being able to get it and getting it is a totally different story. Which should not be thought now. I spend time humouring myself with stand up comedies these days.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012



The closer I get to SPM, the more questions I do, the more I realise that there are so many things that I haven't memorised yet. I don't even know. And here I am still blogging. I feel as if I've been at home and haven't been out at all. And I want to but I can't bring myself to ask... not because I'm scared that they wouldn't let me but because I know I shouldn't.

Monday, October 29, 2012


Perfect meme for me, right now

7 days from now, I will be doing my SPM. Exams that I studied 2 years for and my SPM results will be the answer to where I'll be and what I'll be doing in the future. Nervous? Not really. Alhamdulillah for that. I just hope that the nervousness is not building up in my body without myself knowing. Because I don't want to go sweating nervous sweats while doing my BM. Heck no. But I'm glad I'm not the only one. Susu and Momoi are in this with me... the only difference is that they're bloody smart and mega rajin and I'm not.

Thursday, October 25, 2012



Out. Out of ideas that is. Randomly posting something just because I feel like doing it. Sejarah is still on hold at the side. Don't feel like doing it to be honest but I know that I have to. Currently melting and crunching up Kinder Bueno in my mouth. I love it when the outside is cold and the inside is soft but that won't happen... which is upsetting. Puan Sharifah's favourite quote (?) sentence (?) compliment is "So cute~~~" Yeahhh... Muaz has been going up and down up and down. I don't think he knows what he's doing. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012



Something I hate, something I really really hate. Sellers who increase the price of the items they are selling after all the preorders have closed. That's what you call bullshitting your customers. You tell them that something is RM130 w/o postage at first while another shop is selling it for RM138 with postage so knowing that I'll buy two, ofcourse I ordered with the first shop. However, she suddenly messaged me saying that the price from the supplier is actually RM145 w/o postage after all the shops have closed their preorders. That's like RM15 difference. WHY?

I pledge that I will never ever cheat my customers and make them feel how I am feeling right now when/if I become a business woman.


The day has started. School hasn't. I should go to school. Hakim's back. He's a pain. He's reading this. Such a pain.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I don't

I Don't Need A Man; Miss A

Trying to finish everything non-SPM related by this week. Trying to finish Sejarah, Agama and all the science subjects by this week. Possibilities? Lets see... later. There's only 12 days left (I think?), I don't feel anything. No nervousness, I just know that I need to really study my ass off for it. Like trials. It feels as if I'm just taking a test not an exam that will probably be the reason of my success (or failure but lets not hope that) in the future. A post, no... a break after every chapter. Gonna try to finish off Sejarah Form 5 by today... oh and my BM tuition homework too.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


From disposable-herox
I wasted a whole day yesterday talking about the new age movement, freemasons, illuminatis and sleeping. Regrets? A whole load of them. Have you ever tried typing with a french keyboard. Mad tiring, mad annoying. Currently at Jaja's house: She slept on the floor last night to let me sleep on her bed. I'm feeling guilty so I'm letting her sleep on the bed right now - because she's still asleep.

It seems as if I can't wake up late these days and it feels awesome that I can't. I'm doing something right for once. It started of hard but then it got easier and now I just can't revert to my old habits of waking up at whatever time I want. The key to waking up early is showering or exercising straight after you wake up.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Have you ever disrespected a teacher that have taught you before? Have you ever chatted bad about a teacher that have taught you before? I have but I've reflected on myself and I've apologised. But never in my life have I ever said stuff like "Cikgu tu bodoh", "That teacher is dumb" or "The teacher's daft". But just recently, today actually, I heard a story from a friend of mine that a junior asked her "Macam mana kau boleh dengar dekat cikgu bodoh tu?" while an English teacher was telling her something. If this kid was good in English, I wouldn't mind but I can tell you that the kid probably couldn't even introduce her/himself in English without making a grammatical error. I don't want to see the kid succeed, I don't even think she/he can anyway. Not with an attitude like that. 

SPM starts in 17 days. 


Ernst Haeckel

Understanding something you thought you'd never understand. Feels nice don't it? Thought that school today would be like yesterday - boring but it wasn't. I was glad that I went. I finally understood about the hormones that gets excreted and bla bla bla. And it made my day. I think it rained early this morning. I hope it'll rain again. Will be going to Jaja's tomorrow until Sunday because Mami, Papa and Muaz are ditching me for Hakim. Kidding, they'd never do that. They love me too much (stayed at home the most). It's Hakim's convocation so they're flying off to Langkawi to bring his stuff back for the holidays so that Hakim wouldn't need to bring so much when he comes back home later. Lucky PMR kid. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Some Malaysians are lucky to have the chance to grow up overseas. Growing up overseas exposes us to so many different cultures and religions (especially if you're living in Cheetham Hill!). Back where I used to live, I had 3 best classmates. An English, an Indian and a Libyan. So I communicated daily with people of different races. Thinking back, there were never really any problem about racism in school except this one time when a dark skinned kid called a dark skinned teacher a 'nigger' but that was it. 

To say that there were many racism problems out of school would be a bit ... because at the place I used to live, it doesn't matter what race you are or who you are, if you pick a fight, shit will happen. The Pakistanis fought with the English, the English fought with the English, the Pakistanis fought with the Pakistanis, the mixed group fought with the mixed group. It's all the same.

But what I see in Malaysia is this culture (I don't know if it's just at the place I live at) where the Malays, Indians and Chinese just find each other racist. Even if you don't do anything, they'll still call you racist just because you're from a different race. When I'm in class, I see 4 different groups, a group of Malays, a group of Indians, a group of Chinese and a mix group. The mix group having a Chinese who doesn't enjoy being with his own race, a male Indian who is the only male Indian in the class and a whole bunch of Malays (including me). The only time you can see the whole class mixed together is when we're taking the class picture, when we're checking what number we got in class (imagine us crowding around a piece of paper) and that is basically it.

For once, I just want everyone to put aside their race and just become Malaysians. 

I've never been a fan of rainbows but I've never hated it but isn't this pretty.

I've always loved the rain and BM tuition. The rain, even though it's annoying sometimes (couldn't go out, gets the shoes wet, drenches me and my clothes) makes me smile. I don't run around in the rain, instead I shelter from it but the sound, the smell (of polluted rain) and the wet grounds that come with it magically calms me down. When I'm sad, the rain makes me happy. I'm not sure if I'm just the opposite of everyone but the rain has always been my best friend, back in Manchester and now here in Malaysia. I don't like it when it's warm... therefore I don't like it when the sun's out. What am I doing in Malaysia?!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012



I get jealous of people who can go to any random shop and just get anything they want because they can fit in them. I want to wear nice clothes too. I want to look nice too. I want to be thin too. I want to wear heels too. I want to wear cute dresses and jeans too. I want to wear really nice scarves too. I want to have those fashion blogs too. Don't you?


Nicked it of Tumblr with wishes that mornings in Malaysia would be the same

Reading gave me this massive urge to blog. It has been a few months since I last did this and now SPM is so near. So why exactly am I blogging? With Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang, Milo from the fridge next to me and Play's I Must Not Chase The Boys playing, I'm chilling in front of the laptop with no thoughts of SPM. Just kidding. With just 20+ days (?) until SPM, you really just can't ignore it. My Nasi Lemak is currently my inspiration source so lets have some carbs, proteins and some other things I don't know that are in my Nasi Lemak. Or not. 

Sometimes, I feel so lazy to study that I don't and I actually wonder why. But just then, while waiting for the Mak Cik in front of KFC to pack my Nasi Lemak, I concluded that I am not lazy. I'm just so stressed out that SPM is near that my head is going to burst if I study. Of course, that's not true at all. If I was in a boarding school right now, I'd probably be doing some other states' trial papers but I'm not and that is why I'm doing this.