Some Malaysians are lucky to have the chance to grow up overseas. Growing up overseas exposes us to so many different cultures and religions (especially if you're living in Cheetham Hill!). Back where I used to live, I had 3 best classmates. An English, an Indian and a Libyan. So I communicated daily with people of different races. Thinking back, there were never really any problem about racism in school except this one time when a dark skinned kid called a dark skinned teacher a 'nigger' but that was it. 

To say that there were many racism problems out of school would be a bit ... because at the place I used to live, it doesn't matter what race you are or who you are, if you pick a fight, shit will happen. The Pakistanis fought with the English, the English fought with the English, the Pakistanis fought with the Pakistanis, the mixed group fought with the mixed group. It's all the same.

But what I see in Malaysia is this culture (I don't know if it's just at the place I live at) where the Malays, Indians and Chinese just find each other racist. Even if you don't do anything, they'll still call you racist just because you're from a different race. When I'm in class, I see 4 different groups, a group of Malays, a group of Indians, a group of Chinese and a mix group. The mix group having a Chinese who doesn't enjoy being with his own race, a male Indian who is the only male Indian in the class and a whole bunch of Malays (including me). The only time you can see the whole class mixed together is when we're taking the class picture, when we're checking what number we got in class (imagine us crowding around a piece of paper) and that is basically it.

For once, I just want everyone to put aside their race and just become Malaysians. 


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