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Early Challenge: Day 2

For a self-help book that has yet to be launched by Jeff Finley titled Wake Up,  click here . Waking up was so hard today, I wanted to quit the whole Early Challenge and it's only the second day! Giving myself some pep talk in my head about how this is going to make me become successful and everything, I woke up and that was after reading some pre-sleep surah; don't even ask why; I am not sure why myself. But at least it made all the devils run away so that I could actually get up.  My blog will be filled with stories about my wake up stories. Even so, I'm doing this for my own good. Soon I'll get to blog about how great my business is going and have posts that will motivate the youth because you know what they say, you have to dream big! Imagine posts with my OOTDs taken during my recent business trip to the Grand Canyon and London. I don't think people go on business trips to Grand Canyon but what the heck. I don't think I would mind waking up ear

Early Challenge: Day 1

For a self-help book that has yet to be launched by Jeff Finley titled Wake Up, click here . It's day 1 of the 21 days of waking up early challenge. I should make a shorter label for this. The Early Challenge it is. 21 days only because I want to believe the "21 Days" myth - a myth for a reason. Lets just say that the 21 days is to just so that I have something going on because expecting me to just suddenly start waking up early is close to impossible. But maybe, I might do it until it becomes a proper habit which would need me to continue for 1-2 more months . And why, really why do I want to do this, you would ask. Many successful people become successful because they wake up early; I too, would like to be successful. It's as simple as that. I do not know when exactly will my career start, it might be while I'm doing my degree and because it's never too early to start, I might as well. And I'd like to sneak in some exercising before class bu