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Being in UTP was honestly a great experience. I loved the surroundings, I loved the IRC and I loved the mosque. I met a group of people who made my moments there fun. Wifi everywhere, LAN in my room, clean toilets, it's honestly an environment where I would love to stay at. Except the fact that it's located in a forest and I had no car.  Being in there, I felt as if I had no connection to the outside world. Even with the internet. If there was a war going on, I wouldn't know. Or it may have just been me. I might have disconnected myself. I didn't keep track of the days or even the dates. This one time, a friend of mine went "Asma, UTP's in Malaysia." because I didn't realise that it was already Friday. I went to the MAS activities, went back to my hostel, showered, slept, woke up, to the surau, MAS activities again and it just kept on repeating and repeating. I went along with everything.  However, what I realised was that every single d

My BM teacher.

I was going through my old blogs. It's nice to reminisce sometimes and I came across a blog post. Don't judge my grammar because I used to not reread my posts to see if I made any mistakes. 020910 Because of her, I enjoy my Malay lessons. Because of her, I speak more Malay. Because of her, I understand more Malay now. Because of her, I look forward to going to school. Because of her, I look forward of getting my mistakes pointed out. Because of her, I enjoy standing up to answer questions. Because of her, I know how much a teacher should care for their students. Because of her, my Malay isn't that bad any more. Because of her, I learnt how to appreciate a teacher. Because of her, my ideas pop up in Malay. Because of her, I have learnt many guides to life. Because of her, I know what type of husband to search for. Because of her, when I go out, I can laugh at a sign that says ''Kedai Menjahit Pakaian Perempuan''. Because of her, I have tried dancing

KVD: Johor

It was last week, last Saturday. Woke up pretty late, since we slept after Subuh and got ready to go to Johor. Stopped at rest areas every hour (haha!) and headed to Kolej Vokasional Kluang. Arrived at around 1 o'clock or was it 11? I really couldn't remember. Met everyone there. KVP's teachers were really nice. They accepted my help with an open heart and didn't find me annoying eventhough I'm not the person they wanted at first. Met Balqis and Bie, I honestly couldn't remember the others.  After they won the 2nd round, we did some discussion about the finals and then went to Rail Hotel to shower and pray. Didn't shower though. Peace to the out. Brought an 'assignment' back to the hotel too. The teachers belanja-ed us bread for lunch and McD for dinner. It was good. Went back to the school and Iman and Balqis were checking this one guy out. HAHAHA. It's because he's cute. Stayed there until 12 something I think. Asking questions just to