KVD: Johor

It was last week, last Saturday. Woke up pretty late, since we slept after Subuh and got ready to go to Johor. Stopped at rest areas every hour (haha!) and headed to Kolej Vokasional Kluang. Arrived at around 1 o'clock or was it 11? I really couldn't remember. Met everyone there. KVP's teachers were really nice. They accepted my help with an open heart and didn't find me annoying eventhough I'm not the person they wanted at first. Met Balqis and Bie, I honestly couldn't remember the others. 

After they won the 2nd round, we did some discussion about the finals and then went to Rail Hotel to shower and pray. Didn't shower though. Peace to the out. Brought an 'assignment' back to the hotel too. The teachers belanja-ed us bread for lunch and McD for dinner. It was good. Went back to the school and Iman and Balqis were checking this one guy out. HAHAHA. It's because he's cute. Stayed there until 12 something I think. Asking questions just to answer it myself was what happened throughout the night. 

The kids, they will stay as kids. I gave one of them an extra point (in points) and she didn't put it in her script. She's a debater and she has a whole SCRIPT. I can't even explain. The next day in the morning, the kids came late saying that they woke up late because they slept late. What kind of crappy excuse is that? I slept bloody late and I was still able to wake up early. Had to add the point that wasn't in the script that morning. 

Going into the hall, I was confident with the points but bloody hell, the speakers weren't even sure with their own point. Saddened me like mad. The government's points could have gone down with just the elaboration from ours'. One of the speakers from the government was a laugh though. A day before, I heard her debate and she was like "Someone someone sed, it's betteuh teuh tuhrai, than naut teuh tuhrai at aul." Not dissing just saying because after the debate, I asked her where she used to live and she was able to answer without the annoying accent. London apparently. Thank God I didn't live in London, imagine how annoying it would be for everybody. 

Balqis said that she wondered how I was able to speak Malay the way I speak Malay. BM A okay, markah lisan tinggi juga. *flips hair* And one of the speakers asked me why I say 'and' weirdly. Who is the one pronouncing 'and' as 'end', now? Tsk. 

Loads of praises to the teachers and the third speaker. Their teachers were working harder than they were and the third speaker had to cover up the other speakers' mistakes. It was a good experience and it was nice seeing how supportive their teachers were. 


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