Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fact #13

I am thankful for everything Allah has given me. A life, my family, my friends and Taekwoon.
Yeah but I dont actually have Taekwoon but I'm still thankful cos he exists.

Fact #13.5

택운오빠 좋아해
So now I have to convert him into a Muslim so that I can marry him.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


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To Susu, Ana and Iman. We believed in each other and we believed in ourselves. We got what we wanted and it may have disappointed some of us a bit, just a tiny bit (Me, ehem) but going through it with you guys was the best.

To Q, Syaza, Zarith and Hana. You guys have done your best and you guys may be a bit upset but it was still good. Just know that there's a bright future for you guys ahead. Believe in Allah and believe in yourself.

To Michelle and Derek, I wasn't surprised at all. I just wished that I could have gotten... urmm.. the same. (looks around awkwardly)

And to everyone else, there's no point of regretting. Be upset if you want to and if people are judging you, ignore them. There's a path out there for everyone and you won't become a hobo so don't worry. And for the people who have done extremely well, congratulations and I'd like to say that it doesn't stop at SPM, we have a long way to go.

Double congratulations to Susu who got Straight A+.


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No, I didn't get straight As but I got an A for my BM so I'm happy enough.  From failing BM back in Year 6, now I got an A, look at how much I've improved and it happened mainly because of this one teacher who believed in me. A few tears and I was over it unlike last two years. I honestly think that what I got is the best for me and I have done the best to get that. I pray for a brighter future from Allah.

But the main reason of my blog post for today is to thank the people that supported me and taught me throughout the years I was in school. My parents have been great, occasionally telling me that I wasn't working hard enough, pissing me off making me want to prove them wrong. I'm not sure if I've proved them wrong, though. I think I've asked them more than a million questions on subjects that they learnt years ago and they still managed to answer (google search and all) them. But I do know that they've supported me the most. And my sister would keep telling me to study and she used to basically pull me into her room to teach me but Asma is Asma and Asma doesn't listen. And my brother, Hakim, he's so clever that he made me so jealous of him making me work more. Mak also supported me, reminding me to study and do well every time she sees me.

Lets not forget about Mak Tok and Pak Tok who would let me study at kampung while they do all the work. And my Aunts and Uncles who kept telling me to do well. Those few aunties who had doubt in me. And Arwah Wak Umi for the comforting words that she left me with. Kak Lang, Kak Ngah and Kak Nor too who believed in me.

My teachers from school and tuition has also helped me so much. From my BM teacher to my Biology teacher. All of them taught me and tried to make me understand the concept which I usually don't. The questions I asked were always answered and I couldn't have gotten those letters on my slip without them. I mean, who else do you expect to teach you about imbuhan, some random poem, Newton's law, physical properties of chemicals, microorganisms, PBB, jawi, unknowns and numbers? The teachers that have supported me although they didn't teach me also have contributed to my results. I do study by myself and I do believe that it was my effort that got me my results but without them, those efforts would have been nothing. They never gave up on teaching me and on supporting me and that's something.

I also have the greatest friends. We used to study together, do our homeworks together, stay up together and hang out together. They taught me so many things as well and there are so many things that I wouldn't understand without their explanations. Those clever people around me also got me challenged which just made me work harder. And I used to play a lot but that just released all the stress I got from studying. So thank you aswell to my play buddies.

Lastly, this might be a bit retarded but 2PM and Shinhwa has helped me aswell. Their songs were what made me stay up til morning. Jazeman's "Nothing is impossible," pushed me a bit. And all those other idols who made me happy. I went through it without wanting to suicide, that's something right? And Leo, I have to thank Leo for being so attractive, he helped me get through this morning.

Overall, I'm thankful. Thankful to Allah who gave me so many precious people who supported me all the way. Lets succeed in life and prepare ourselves well for afterlife.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fact #12

I am attracted to people who are passionate about what they do. 
aka Taekwoon

Sunday, March 17, 2013


for nothing
I think it's the end. It's over. It has been 3 years and 10 months and I finally feel as if it's time to stop hoping. 

Your website is not on my top sites anymore. But then it doesn't mean that I'm gonna stop supporting. I still hope to become an aeronautical engineer, not because of you but because of myself. However, if I don't become one, I'll still be cool about it because that's what I am, cool. 

I kept getting mad at all them fangirls who kept throwing themselves at you without knowing that you have a girlfriend. Making me, as a female, feel embarrassed and humiliated. And I've always declared myself as your #1 fan making myself become one of them. And it makes me feel pathetic. This post is making me feel pathetic but I'd like to have a commemoration for finally ending the 3 years and 10 months crush I had on you; the 'buddy' who doesn't even know that I exist. 

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Man, this is hard. And apparently, some things are impossible.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

My driving experience.

Not sure if I'm a 'typical female driver' or if I'm just a pro. Probably not the latter.
1. I passed the red lights. 
2. I turned left from the right-most lane. Lucky me, the bus on the left lane was a bit slow.
3. I u-turned where I wasn't supposed to. A person has got to do what a person has got to do. 
4. I went into a space which cars under 1.8M could only enter (Dad's triton is bit taller) but I didn't scrape the car because I went out the way I went in. Which was actually the wrong way. 
5. I scraped my dad's car against a wall. Can't really blame me on this one because the parking place was dead tiny. 
6. Once had to park at a different parking space because I didn't know how to park the car at that time. It was embarrassing. 
7. Drove at the wrong side of the road. I think that was my second time driving but there were no cars then... thank God. Thought I was in Europe for a second. 
8. Bumped onto a railing while trying to get out of a parking space. No scratches though... gotta love the back bumper. 
I think I should get an invincible car or something seeing how bad I've driven. But I mean, I'm not that bad. Contradicting yourself, huh Asma? I can park a car straight, I can get through the guards without opening the door (to scan the card) and I don't suck at go karting.

But how am I supposed to buy a sports car when I grow up cos I seriously can't stand driving a low car. Mum's car is already too low for me. I think I'll just get a Range Rover when I grow up. Or a GMC. Muahahaha. As if I'll have enough money to buy them.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fact #11

Kylie Woon Photography

I can't sleep with the lights off and without my back facing the wall when I'm sleeping alone. I can't sleep with the wardrobe open and I can't sleep if the chair in my room is not facing me.

Lovelies Whatsapp

Them lovely people and I would usually merepek on Whatsapp. Being there 24 hours a day keeps our friendship strong and it brings us closer. We're never out of things to say and that's because we will basically merepek and steer from a topic to another random one without any warning. We'd be chatting about a drama and the next we'll be talking about our cravings.

Just then, I posted a picture of a wedding dress that I found on on the chat... and this is how the conversation went on from there.
S: Camana nak pilih baju kahwin nanti. Omggggg. Nak colour apaaaa  
A: Earth colour/pastel. Kita ah
M: I think im gonna make mine pastel
A: Haha
M: Hehehehehe. With a winter theme.
S: Kita rasa kita kena pakai pastel
M: The room's gonna be freezin
A: Salji
S: Letak stalactites. Ice ones.
M: If that's possible. What's that S?
S: Yang tajam tu, dalam gua ada lol
A: Dalam gua
M: Oo
A: Then kena ada racing car kan
M: Is that what they're called
A: Hua hua
M: Kalau jazeman nak. Hahahahah what even.
S: Stalagmites yang from the ground. I think.
M: Merepek doh
S: Hahahahaha
A: Sedapnya garlic bread

S: Weh asal maru jahat
A: Dia tak jahat T.T
M: Dia baik doh
S: Haha
A: Dia sayang gila bapak ah kat eungi. Dis cakap eungi reason dia senyum kan?
S: Belum

That's how we keep our conversations going. The downside about group Whatsapping is when I sleep early and/or wake up late, I'd wake up to 150++ notifications and I'd end up reading them before I even get up from bed.

Soon Ana will be going to PLKN. So we'll be Ana-less for a while. Which is saddening... surprise visit(s), we'll definitely do that.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Genting Trip

Despite the complications while planning our trip, we finally went to Genting Highlands yesterday. It started with only a few people going with the final confirmed total of 6, we came back with 8.

Started getting ready at 7AM and was surprised to see everyone so punctual, it was the first in Malaysia. It proves that we can still have faith in Malaysians. Michelle and I basically talked non stop inside the bus until we reached Genting and the ride felt so short. We rode on the cable car up to Genting and it was very nerve wrecking with Syaza chatting about what will happen if the cable car suddenly snaps. Great woman, that girl is.

The weather up there was something I was yearning for... only if I could live there. We did some touristy things with Michelle being our tour guide (Genting is like her second home). Started with Cockscrew and I really wasn't expecting the ride to be so... scary... eh no, fun. After the ride Michelle was saying how I was all "I swear to Goddddd, I wasn't expecting it to be like this," during the ride so her WHOAAAAAAAAHHH became WHOOAHAHAHAHAHA.

Next was the Space Shot and that ride has got to be the best ride in the whole park. I would go on that infinite times because the scenery from the top was magnificent and where else can you feel your bum lifting off the seat while you are metres from the ground? We walked around the park and ended up queuing for Pirate's Train. I went in alone but Mich and Syaza were in front of me. It was so dark in there that I started getting all paranoid.
Me: You guys, scream if there's something freaky over there.
M&S: Aaaaaaaahhhhh!
They were messing with me. -.-' We then went on Pirate's Boat with Mich, Diyana and I on one side and Syaza and Farah on the other. Decided to have a 'Who Can Scream The Loudest' competition... obviously suggested by our personal tour guide. But then our ride was cut short because someone decided that it'd be fun to ruin everyone else's fun by snapping pics. Our side won though... I think. Headache came when we were about to stop... imagining it is making my head hurt.

We then met up with Lim Eu Wei and Dzaf but then separated again because they wanted to go somewhere else. Got a little girl to snap a pic of us on our way to Rolling Thunder Mine Train. And someone confessed something on the way there which just gave everyone a shock. The feelingless Rolling Thunder Mine Train became more fun with Michelle going WOOOOOO for no reason... (everyone else did too after she did that) and then we had lunch at McDonalds. Taking my wudhu felt nice because of the ice cold water. Everyone then met again and Keeve arrived. He bought the ticket... which to him was a waste.

We went out but it was raining and so we went back in and went to the Arcade. Cool stuff up there and Michelle totally killed it at this one racing game. She's so pro she can beat Jazeman fosho. We went back out after we ran out of credits and went on the Flying Coaster. That ride is a must. We started screaming even before the ride started. It was just too cool.

We then went back in because it started raining... again and just walked around indoor. Planned to go bowling but then didn't. So we ended up watching a dance group dancing to I Got A Boy, Ice Cream, Bubble Pop (I think) and HIGH HIGH. We then decided to go on one last ride and went on the  Sungai Rejang Flume Ride. We took a few pictures on the ride... hehehe. We were stopped while going up, twice which made us scream. But we got out soaked so it was cool. Thank God I brought extra clothes to change into. Derek texted us saying "See you there," but that was all crap cos he was at OU buying stuff (I guess?) for college.

Seeing how late it was, we went up to the Skyway and I asked if we wanted to hang out first or go down straight away. But then Lim asked me if I checked the line and it was so bloody long. So we joined the line and Michelle spotted a photoshopped Gwangsoo in line. Tried to snap a few pics but it all turned out blur.

Getting in the cable car, this random woman suddenly barged into it and we were all "THERE ARE 8 OF US", "GET OUT!" We didn't actually say get out... cos that's just harsh but we didn't want to leave someone behind so the worker helped us kick that woman out and we were all safe inside. But that was until Michelle, Diyana, Farah and I looked ahead. Screams were definitely heard. It was mega scary and Michelle's scared of height. I wonder how she felt. A quarter way down, Dzaf waved at the 'car' going the opposite way so all of us decided to do that. It made the whole trip down fun. Keeve had a bit of a problem with the bus but that was sorted out and all 8 of us ended up going down the bus sitting next to each other even though we went up separately. It was all a coincidence but a nice one.

I had fun. Other people had fun. However, it could have been better. Now, I'm looking forward for our next trip... an overnight stay I hope!

And thank you PAPA for driving us to OU and picking us up. :D

Oh and you... yes you... the one who confessed, we're watching you. Don't go around kacau-ing my husband alright?