Lovelies Whatsapp

Them lovely people and I would usually merepek on Whatsapp. Being there 24 hours a day keeps our friendship strong and it brings us closer. We're never out of things to say and that's because we will basically merepek and steer from a topic to another random one without any warning. We'd be chatting about a drama and the next we'll be talking about our cravings.

Just then, I posted a picture of a wedding dress that I found on on the chat... and this is how the conversation went on from there.
S: Camana nak pilih baju kahwin nanti. Omggggg. Nak colour apaaaa  
A: Earth colour/pastel. Kita ah
M: I think im gonna make mine pastel
A: Haha
M: Hehehehehe. With a winter theme.
S: Kita rasa kita kena pakai pastel
M: The room's gonna be freezin
A: Salji
S: Letak stalactites. Ice ones.
M: If that's possible. What's that S?
S: Yang tajam tu, dalam gua ada lol
A: Dalam gua
M: Oo
A: Then kena ada racing car kan
M: Is that what they're called
A: Hua hua
M: Kalau jazeman nak. Hahahahah what even.
S: Stalagmites yang from the ground. I think.
M: Merepek doh
S: Hahahahaha
A: Sedapnya garlic bread

S: Weh asal maru jahat
A: Dia tak jahat T.T
M: Dia baik doh
S: Haha
A: Dia sayang gila bapak ah kat eungi. Dis cakap eungi reason dia senyum kan?
S: Belum

That's how we keep our conversations going. The downside about group Whatsapping is when I sleep early and/or wake up late, I'd wake up to 150++ notifications and I'd end up reading them before I even get up from bed.

Soon Ana will be going to PLKN. So we'll be Ana-less for a while. Which is saddening... surprise visit(s), we'll definitely do that.


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