My driving experience.

Not sure if I'm a 'typical female driver' or if I'm just a pro. Probably not the latter.
1. I passed the red lights. 
2. I turned left from the right-most lane. Lucky me, the bus on the left lane was a bit slow.
3. I u-turned where I wasn't supposed to. A person has got to do what a person has got to do. 
4. I went into a space which cars under 1.8M could only enter (Dad's triton is bit taller) but I didn't scrape the car because I went out the way I went in. Which was actually the wrong way. 
5. I scraped my dad's car against a wall. Can't really blame me on this one because the parking place was dead tiny. 
6. Once had to park at a different parking space because I didn't know how to park the car at that time. It was embarrassing. 
7. Drove at the wrong side of the road. I think that was my second time driving but there were no cars then... thank God. Thought I was in Europe for a second. 
8. Bumped onto a railing while trying to get out of a parking space. No scratches though... gotta love the back bumper. 
I think I should get an invincible car or something seeing how bad I've driven. But I mean, I'm not that bad. Contradicting yourself, huh Asma? I can park a car straight, I can get through the guards without opening the door (to scan the card) and I don't suck at go karting.

But how am I supposed to buy a sports car when I grow up cos I seriously can't stand driving a low car. Mum's car is already too low for me. I think I'll just get a Range Rover when I grow up. Or a GMC. Muahahaha. As if I'll have enough money to buy them.


Anonymous said…
Practise more ;D eventhough I still suck on the parking lol

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