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No, I didn't get straight As but I got an A for my BM so I'm happy enough.  From failing BM back in Year 6, now I got an A, look at how much I've improved and it happened mainly because of this one teacher who believed in me. A few tears and I was over it unlike last two years. I honestly think that what I got is the best for me and I have done the best to get that. I pray for a brighter future from Allah.

But the main reason of my blog post for today is to thank the people that supported me and taught me throughout the years I was in school. My parents have been great, occasionally telling me that I wasn't working hard enough, pissing me off making me want to prove them wrong. I'm not sure if I've proved them wrong, though. I think I've asked them more than a million questions on subjects that they learnt years ago and they still managed to answer (google search and all) them. But I do know that they've supported me the most. And my sister would keep telling me to study and she used to basically pull me into her room to teach me but Asma is Asma and Asma doesn't listen. And my brother, Hakim, he's so clever that he made me so jealous of him making me work more. Mak also supported me, reminding me to study and do well every time she sees me.

Lets not forget about Mak Tok and Pak Tok who would let me study at kampung while they do all the work. And my Aunts and Uncles who kept telling me to do well. Those few aunties who had doubt in me. And Arwah Wak Umi for the comforting words that she left me with. Kak Lang, Kak Ngah and Kak Nor too who believed in me.

My teachers from school and tuition has also helped me so much. From my BM teacher to my Biology teacher. All of them taught me and tried to make me understand the concept which I usually don't. The questions I asked were always answered and I couldn't have gotten those letters on my slip without them. I mean, who else do you expect to teach you about imbuhan, some random poem, Newton's law, physical properties of chemicals, microorganisms, PBB, jawi, unknowns and numbers? The teachers that have supported me although they didn't teach me also have contributed to my results. I do study by myself and I do believe that it was my effort that got me my results but without them, those efforts would have been nothing. They never gave up on teaching me and on supporting me and that's something.

I also have the greatest friends. We used to study together, do our homeworks together, stay up together and hang out together. They taught me so many things as well and there are so many things that I wouldn't understand without their explanations. Those clever people around me also got me challenged which just made me work harder. And I used to play a lot but that just released all the stress I got from studying. So thank you aswell to my play buddies.

Lastly, this might be a bit retarded but 2PM and Shinhwa has helped me aswell. Their songs were what made me stay up til morning. Jazeman's "Nothing is impossible," pushed me a bit. And all those other idols who made me happy. I went through it without wanting to suicide, that's something right? And Leo, I have to thank Leo for being so attractive, he helped me get through this morning.

Overall, I'm thankful. Thankful to Allah who gave me so many precious people who supported me all the way. Lets succeed in life and prepare ourselves well for afterlife.


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